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Well, if the noose fits…

Bill Still

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I have very little regard for most of the “stars” in Hollywood, which has become a rat’s nest of liberalism. Most Hollywood actors are nothing more than cheap sell-outs to the anti-human globalist agenda and the gun-confiscation that must go with it. Most of them sold their souls long ago for fame and fortune. But Jon Voight appears to have escaped that fate, and considering what he is saying here in this video, he is welcome on my page anytime.



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Youtuber 9nania does an interesting investigation into some of the correlations between these two recent events and how they fit into a bigger timeline that she has been tracking, and ends by showing how she thinks they are pointing towards an imminent east coast mega-tsunami event for the USA.

Don’t forget – this Youtuber was the one that predicted the 3/11 Japanese tsunami event. Will she be right again? Who knows, but we can’t ignore that a large number of Christians have been given dreams about exactly this scenario. If they are correct, then the east coast will be devastated, and Florida completely destroyed.



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They’re at it again, this time in Britain.

I thought something seemed fishy about this one as soon as I heard the claim that a witness to the incident said that the attacker shouted “Britain First!” That sounded just too convenient for those who would like to demonize the group – essentially, the PTB in Britain. The witness later claimed he never heard anything shouted about Britain First by the attacker. No matter – the damage is done.

Britain First is a group I highly admire – they’re the only ones standing up against unchecked immigration and the Islamisation of England. The rest of the naive liberals are all sitting on their arses while their country is being subverted by their own disgusting leaders – one of which I assume to have been Jo Cox. Or was she?

I’m getting a little deja vu here… Cox is reminding me of that other politician here that was supposedly shot in an attack – oh, what’s her name…

Oh yeah! Gabby – you know, the one that went full retard? The one who fakes her head injury (not convincingly, unfortunately for her and the liars behind her ruse). The head injury is not all that she faked – turns out, she’s faking the persona too.

DallasGoldBug did a very interesting analysis of her – even checked into the congressional records on her. Turned out, there were none. At least, not more than a few. A person with a career behind them would have more than a few simple records on them. But a fake person wouldn’t. I think this Jo Cox woman is probably exactly the same kind of liar – and don’t worry, she’s not dead, I’m sure. She just retired the “persona.” Look at the faces of her family and friends in the video below. I would expect tears and sobs, not the smirks and bitten lips of duping delight.

So this is warning going out to the brave people of Britain First: the scumbag elite are coming for you. They will use this false flag to demonize you. This is only the beginning. Do not trust the press – this case should prove why not. Grins instead of tears from grieving family. Just like the filthy liars of the Sandy Hook false flag shooting. I hate them all.


Spudgy Pang



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Have you heard the news? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing – Gays were gunned down in a gay nightclub in Orlando, and here’s  the kicker: the shooter was identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen…

So what you have right here are two of Obama’s favorite groups of people – Muslims and gays. Crazy, right? I mean, what are the odds of that happening? A Muslim mowing down dancing gays. I thought Islam was a religion of peace, ain’t that right Mr. Obama? Yeah, right.

Then you have brilliant Hillary in the video below, repeating Obama’s lies about how Islam is a “religion of peace.” And people believe that crap. Not only do they believe it, but they are willing to vote for that liar. That’s how dumb some people are. I don’t think that people that ignorant should be allowed to vote at all – they should be protected from their own ignorance by being barred from the electoral process altogether. Or maybe the Muslims will take care of the ignorant liberals who have so happily welcomed them into this Christian nation. Oh well, either way works for me.


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You have to watch until the end to hear it. At the start it shows another low-class protester giving the whole room the middle finger. Nothing new there. But at the end Donald has two supporters get on stage to give their message – that’s worth waiting for, believe me.

Dear Americans: if you think that this country can survive another leader operating under the failed ideology of liberalism, then think again. After 8 years of that socialist Muslim in office now, it might be too late anyway. However, the only candidate right now that can give this country any hope of survival at all is Donald Trump, doubt it not. He’s by no means a perfect man, and certainly not a perfect Christian, but he absolutely is America’s only chance of getting out of this mess we’re currently in, and the only candidate that – so far, at least – seems to have the will to stand against the globalists.



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