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It was a day like any other.

A day filled with the business of life – tasks that kept me running all day long.

I was enjoying a short break from these tasks while sitting, waiting for a bus at the terminal. This was in Albuquerque in September, and the terminal was open air, so I was enjoying a smoke while I waited.

As was common in this city, a young man came up and asked to bum a smoke. I obliged, and as he began rolling a cigarette I struck up a friendly conversation about mundane things – the weather, if I remember correctly. I loved to talk about the weather in Albuquerque because the weather there was almost always perfect.

Talk then turned from weather to the natural landscape. He commented that he never used to give litter a second thought, but lately he had changed and adopted a certain stretch of outlying road as his own to tend and keep free from litter, a job he said he did for “him.”

I had concluded that this man was Native American – his new predilection reminded me of that old commercial of the crying Indian, made distraught from the pollution of modern society.

“Him?” I asked.

“Yes” he answered, simply. “My Majesty.”

My Majesty? What on earth did that mean?

“I saw him, you know” he said. “I took his hand.”

Then understanding flooded in. This sounded familiar. This had the ring of the supernatural to it. Was he talking about Christ, I wondered?

“You mean Christ?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes” he said. “I saw him.”

Wow. I didn’t see that one coming. Especially from a Native American. Aren’t they supposed to be animistic in belief? Shows how much I know.

He went on to explain how this supernatural encounter came about.

A car accident – a bad one – left him in a coma for about 90 days, each day of which he assured me he was fully conscious and awake, but in a different realm. He was most definitely not on earth. Where he was could not be comprehended by an earthly mind.

There were fires burning everywhere, and bodies crawling past him, some complete, most partial. And there was a material he could only describe as lava, but it wasn’t lava. It was something else. This he dared not even look at, because, as he said, “I knew that if I looked at it I would never leave that place.”

Then he came. “My Majesty.” This being offered a hand to the young man, but he hesitated to take it. “I didn’t feel… worthy.” But, overcome by fear and a desire to be rescued from that awful place, he did take it. He took the hand of Christ himself.


He then asked Jesus where they were, and his response was, for me at least, a confirmation of the authenticity of this man’s story. Christ told him that this was the “underworld.”

I had expected him to say Hell, or Sheol, the biblical terms for this place. Maybe even Tartarus. But the underworld? That was the mythological term, the ancient Egyptian and Grecian name. Did Native Americans also use the term underworld, I wondered? Probably, which was why Christ used that term in this instance – he met this man where he was at, and spoke the language he would understand.

In completing his account, the young man revealed that what transpired next was essentially a life review, whereby Christ allowed him to see key points in his past while pointing out the parts he approved of as well as those parts that still needed some work.

Then, without warning, Christ commanded, “Awake!”

Instantly he awoke from his 3 month coma to find himself in a hospital room. As was clear from talking to him on that day in Albuquerque, he has never been the same since.

This type of story is not new to me. Talking directly and in person to an experiencer is, though. Over the years I have read countless near death experiences from people all over the earth. I’m weird that way.

This account has all the classic characteristics of what is called a “negative” NDE. A “hell” experience, essentially. But I would say that the effects are anything but negative – which is typically the case.

These experiences have a transformational effect on those that have them, and none more so than those where the subject comes face to face with Christ at some point during the NDE. When that happens, that person will often become a dyed in the wool Christian then and there and will so be for the rest of their lives.

What is it about this being that simply standing in his presence can have that kind of effect on a person?

Christ Glorified

Christ Glorified

My Majesty….



1. impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty.

2. royal power.

I had never before heard anyone refer to Christ this way, but the guy absolutely hit the mark. It is perhaps the best descriptive title for Jesus there is.

The most amazing part of this story is this:

Although a true believer myself, my faith had really been flagging in the weeks before this encounter. I had been struggling in vain to secure employment and, with funds depleting and no prospects in the offing, I started to doubt that God cared about me anymore, or maybe had simply forgotten about me completely.

He hadn’t.

And in the most unlikely place, from the least likely candidate, God once again demonstrated that he is always faithful and true. Through this young Native American man, he proved yet again that there is absolutely nothing he cannot do and that he is ever watchful over all those who call upon his name.

God is so amazing.

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