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The Final Act Will Be World War

by Bill Holter, jsmineset.com

Sadly, I must write what follows and do not do it lightly. Over the years when writing, I have held little back. Nothing will be held back in this missive as we are on the brink of war because apparently we have lunatics in Washington (and elsewhere) far more insane than the inmates they oversee.

This past week has seen the lunacy shift several gears in only days. We see the U.S. pushing Russia for war everywhere. We recently stationed and commissioned live nuclear missiles in both Poland and Romania …along Russia border. I can only imagine the response were Russian missiles stationed in Cuba or even Mexico? Russia has taken this (and other moves) very seriously as their population of 40 million drilled last week for a nuclear attack. They have also stationed their S300 and S400 missiles in Syria, U.S. warplanes will be on suicide missions should they aggress.

This is not “gut feel” or hunch, my conclusions are a result of actions. Yesterday we learned the RAF (British air force) instructed their pilots to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. We also know the U.S. recently painted several planes in Russian colors. Do you really believe this is for a drill? Or more likely some sort of false flag where eyewitnesses swear they saw MIGs with their own eyes attack some target?

We also learned yesterday that Philippine president Duterte has ordered the U.S. out and off their islands. In what world could this ever happen? He knows history and knows Marcos was killed for far less. Why is he emboldened? Simply because he has cut a deal with China/Russia for his protection and that of the Philippines.

Other pieces to the puzzle include Russia calling for the return of their school children in foreign lands, Yemen recalling all of their worldwide ambassadors, and diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia are now dark. We also know “today is the day” that “military options” in Syria will be discussed by Obama and his advisors in Washington. I would first ask, why are we even in or around Syria? There has been no declaration of war by Congress, Syria has not “invited” us as they have the Russians, and there is no (bogus) U.N. resolution calling for our military intervention. On what grounds are we even in Syria?

I have said for quite a while, the odds of us having an election have been getting slimmer and slimmer. What would a hot war with a nuclear exchange do to the odds? Please understand this, for all of Donald Trump’s bad points, he has now taken on the both the Dems and Repubs as a “system”. For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same. He cannot be allowed to win because both the Clinton and Bush crime families will be exposed. Much of the crime has been financial and why our economy and markets are on the verge of collapse.

A war will serve to postpone/prevent an election so Trump nor anyone else will be able to move us back toward the rule of law. A war will also be blamed as the reason our economy and markets fall apart and completely seize up. It will be said, “our policies were working and would have worked …except for the war”. Unfortunately, I believe kicking the table over is THE only option left.

I have had several readers write in to me after my last interviews and admonish me for not thinking this through correctly. They have chided me and I paraphrase, “they are not crazy and will not opt for war because no one wants to kill themselves or commit suicide. A nuclear war is suicide.” To this I would respond, desperate people do desperate things. They cannot allow their criminal activities to be exposed and will do anything to stop the truth from coming out. These people are so narcissistic they probably believe (and have prepared for) they can survive a nuclear war because they are such “superior human beings”. We are dealing with absolute delusion here folks, DO NOT underestimate the evil, nor the lengths these people will go to cover their tracks.

Others have chided me for talking about “war” yet not spelling out what it really means. War, and any nuclear exchange will mean your “life is over”. Americans located at ground zero will be the lucky ones as the survivors will die a slow death either from radiation or starvation. Do not fool yourself, the U.S. is broke, the aftermath of any exchange will leave the U.S. isolated and shut off from credit. The world will no longer accept dollars for trade and our trade deficit will no longer see containers of goods dropped off in exchange for dollars. “Distribution” will also break down with our financial markets, “goods” will not make it to store shelves and banks holding worthless dollars will not allow you access as their doors will be shut. Simply put, unless you can survive a world that goes back to 1900 and earlier, you will not survive. Ask yourself this, can today’s pampered population survive if I-phones and internet do not exist? It is a very hard hitting realism but understanding how far we have strayed from “self sufficiency” is an important concept to understand.

To finish, I believe there is still a chance to avoid global war …but will result in U.S. civil war. Even though the press is refusing to report on the Wiki dumps, I believe Mr. Putin (as demonized as he is) has the ability to stop the madness with a “truth bomb”. If Mr. Putin drops a gigantic truth bomb with absolute and incontrovertible proof, maybe war can be avoided. His truth

bomb(s) will need to include everything from a to z. It must include proof of the rigging of markets, stolen and embezzled funds, stolen and rigged elections, drug running, illegal arms sales, and of course murder and assassinations.

Many of these truths are currently being revealed by WikiLeaks but not reported by any mainstream press and of course the dots not being connected by a very dumbed down public. We even learned of Justice Scalia’s “wet works” (assassination) yesterday via the e-mail dump …not even a Supreme Court Justice’s assassination warrants MSM coverage? In my opinion, Mr. Putin must dump what truth they have amassed and do so globally and as loud and flamboyantly as possible. Somehow, the information must be forced to be seen by an American public with blinders on. I believe the only way that war is avoided will be from a mass uprising and gross civil unrest of the U.S. population screaming ENOUGH!

Praying God’s mercy for us all,

Bill Holter

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This expose on liberal ideology by Alexander Dugin is one of the most concise you will ever find. While his piece focuses on what liberalism has done to Europe (its original title is “What is Wrong with Europe?”), it’s just as pertinent to the destruction this ideology is doing here in America and elsewhere across the world. 

After first taking root in universities across America, it then metastasized across this nation until all levels of government and corporate offices were infected with this vile cancer, including of course every outlet of mainstream media.

What makes liberalism so vile is that it is so hypocritical: it lays claim to having tolerance for everything, while hiding the obvious fact that there is ONE thing it has no tolerance for whatsoever – any ideology that’s NOT liberal. Proof of this fact can be seen in the rabid zeal of recent anti-trump protesters. If THAT’S not religious fervor, I don’t know what is. In Trump they see a growing threat to their previously unchallenged position at the top of American politics, and they’re freaking out. Good, I say. Let the bell toll for the menace of liberalism once and for all. It’s produced nothing, but has nearly ruined this country. If liberalism has no tolerance for any ideology other than its own, then let’s adopt that same model. It’s time for liberalism, and the libtards that espouse it, to go.

What is Wrong with Europe?

by Alexander Dugin

Originally posted on Fort Russ

In order to correctly understand the nature of the present crisis, we need to briefly analyze the situation as a whole. I suggest three levels for this analysis: 
· the ideological
· the economic
· the geopolitical
Liberal ideology is the source of the problem
Ideologically, the problem is liberalism which is imposed on Europe and the rest of humanity by the Anglo-Saxon world as the only unique and official ideology. Liberalism affirms only the individual identity and prohibits any kind of collective or organic identities. Thus, step by step, liberalism refuses religion, nation, gender, and belongingness in general in order to set the individual completely free from any kind of holism. A core political manifestation of this problem is gender, as liberals insist on the “optional nature” of gender and present it as an individual choice. Before, the liberal struggle was centered around the individual choice of religion or nationality, but now it has reached the point of gender. Yet another crucial problem is immigration. Refusing to acknowledge religious or cultural identities, or even gender-based identity, an immigrant is not considered to be a bearer of a different identity. Rather, he is just another atomic individual. Thus, liberalism destroys any sense of collective identity and, as logically follows, liberalism destroys European identity (with so-called tolerance and theories of human rights). Together with the intensive destruction of sexual identity, it accelerates the end of society as such. The very fact of accepting liberalism as the mainstream ideology guarantees the end of Europe itself. 
The final step in the development of liberalism will be the negation of the human identity as a collective one at all. Thus, trans-humanism will be welcomed as part of the liberal agenda for tomorrow. 
Liberalism is a nihilistic ideology. It insists on liberty from any kind of collective identity, but never suggests anything positive. When in competition with the totalitarian ideologies of the past, communism and fascism, liberalism appeared to be concrete and attractive because it negated such totalitarianism while positing itself as a real alternative. But when the totalitarian competition was overcome, the nihilistic nature of liberalism came to be fully revealed. It can only negate things, and cannot affirm anything constructive. It is not the ideology of positive freedom, but of negative liberty. Although yesterday this might not have been so explicit, today it is clear. 
Liberalism has turned totalitarian. There is no liberty to not be a liberal. One must be a liberal. You can choose to be a left liberal, a right liberal, or a center liberal and, in the extreme case, you can be a far left or far right liberal, but you must always be a liberal. If you are judged to be illiberal by liberals, then you are finished, labelled as an extremist, terrorist, and so on. The liberals can only tolerate liberally tolerant people. If you are not tolerant in the liberal sense, you are intolerable. 
With what can we oppose liberalism? In the 20th century, there were two options: communism (socialism) and fascism. Both failed historically, i.e., politically, philosophically, militarily, and economically. They now exist only as simulacra. They are either hyper-marginal or are manipulated by liberalism. Hence the utilization by liberals of post-modernist liberal-communism, anarchism, Trotskyism, and liberal-fascists in the service of promoting their cause in exactly the same way that Islamic fundamentalism is used as a weapon of the US. Thus, my idea is opposing liberalism (the first political theory) not with the second political theory (Marxism) or the third one (fascism), but with a fourth. I have developed this idea in my book The Fourth Political Theory which has been translated into many languages, including German. We need to combat liberalism, refuse it, and deconstruct it entirely. At the same time, we need to do so not in the name of just class (as in Marxism) or in the name of the nation or race (as in fascism), but in the name of the organic unity of the people, social justice, and real democracy. Liberals interpret democracy as the rule of minorities. We need to restore the original meaning of the term in which democracy is the rule of the majority, the organic majority, the majority sharing a common identity, that is, the rule of the historically and culturally united people. 
Financial capitalism is a catastrophe
Economically, the problem is in financial capitalism pretending to have overcome the sector of productive industry in favor of stock market technology. Such capitalism is monopolistic and creates bubbles instead of developing economic infrastructure. Such an economy is based on financial speculation (of the G. Soros type) and clings to the illusion of infinite growth. This contradicts reality. The middle class is not growing any more and the growth of financial markets does not correspond to the growth of the actual productive sector. Giving all the attention to financial institutions and promoting the outsourcing of the productive sector to third world countries over the course of globalization is the way to the abyss. The first waves of the crisis have already passed, but new waves will be here soon. The economic collapse of the southern European countries like Greece and, in the near future Italy and Spain, is just the tip of the iceberg of an immense catastrophe. European unity is based on the full acceptance of this logic of financial capitalism. Yet now only Germany struggles to keep the economy in touch with industrial realities, refusing to embark on the train into nothingness. This is the reason for the anti-German hysterics in Europe and the US. The German economy may be the last productive economy, while the others are already virtual economies.
Thus, we need to reconstruct Europe on an alternative economic basis.
Infinite growth is but a liberal illusion. The fall of the middle class is the harsh reality at hand. The way out of this is a complete revision of the myths of financial capitalism.
Atlanticism is wrong
Geopolitically, today’s Europe is an Atlanticist entity. Geopolitics, as envisioned by the Englishman Sir H. Mackinder, asserts that there are two types of civilization – the civilization of Sea (Seapower) and the civilization of Land (Landpower). They are constructed on opposite systems of values. While Seapower is purely mercantile, modernist, and materialist, Landpower is traditionalist, spiritual, and heroic. This dualism corresponds to Werner Sombart’s conceptual pair of Händlres and Helden. Modern European society is fully integrated into the civilization of Sea which manifests itself in the strategic hegemony of North America and NATO. 
This situation prevents Europe from becoming an independent geopolitical entity. On a more profound level, it perverts the real geopolitical nature of Europe as a continental entity – Landpower.
Thus, this situation must be changed and the Landpower strategy based on real European sovereignty must be restored. Instead of Atlanticism, Europe needs to become a strategic continental power. 
Europe and Russia
In summarizing these points, we can logically deduce where we stand on European-Russian relations. 
Contemporary Russia is
·      relatively hostile towards liberalism (more traditionalist and conservatively inclined)
·      trying to economically free itself from the dictatorship of the World Bank and IMF
·      geopolitically continental and anti-Atlanticist
This is the reason why Russia is under attack – in Ukraine, in Moscow, everywhere. The recent killing of the liberal Boris Nemtsov was a provocation that serves to further demonize Russia in the eyes of the West. The liberals, the global financial oligarchy,  and the Atlanticists (the US and the financial elite) are trying to provoke hostility between Russia and Europe just as they are trying to save their shaking rule by promoting ethnic conflicts. The war in Ukraine is the first step in a series of ethnic conflicts on European soil. The global liberal elite is planning ethnic wars not only in Ukraine and Russia but in Germany, France, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere as well. The liberal empire is trying to save its crumbling hegemony by dividing us. 

We need to resist and construct a better Europe, a really European Europe. In such a situation, Russia is a friend and the US is the enemy. We have to work on a Russian-European alliance, not because Europeans love Russia or Russians love Europeans, but because we need to stand together in order to save each one of us in front of the danger that menaces us all.

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The sociopathic liars that rule Washington run themselves into corners that they can’t easily back out of again. “We’re against Isis” they say. “Assad must go” they say. We’ll, which is it?

Gabbard is right when she points out (as has Putin) that it is unlawful to oust the leader of a sovereign nation just because it’s your preference that they go. She is also correct when she claims that it is illogical to arm the group that you declare at the same time is your enemy. Oh, that’s right. When Washington arms them, they become “moderates.” Silly me.

Obama and his sicko administration are rushing to save face by ramping up strikes against ISIS in Syria since Russia stepped in, and exposing the world to a heightened risk of world war in the process. All it takes is one event to spark it off. That is the grave danger these infantile idiots are putting us all into. Gabbard is a refreshing drink of cool water in a desert of ignorance.

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As one Youtuber commented below the following video of Obama’s press conference on Friday, October 2:

Somewhere in Africa a village is missing its idiot. – lapamful

When Russia said that it was willing to work with all partners, including the U.S., to rout ISIS out of Syria, but that it would do it alone if need be, I knew that Putin had just handed Obama his hat and shown him the door.

If ISIS is a CIA asset (and it probably is), then Obama can oppose that organization in word only. Putin knows this – which is why he just thoroughly trumped Obama in Syria. Everyone understands that the U.S. military could wipe that band of bearded misfits from the face of the planet in days if it had the will of its Commander in Chief to do it. Now Putin will do it for us, and prove to the world what a two-faced liar Obama really is. Good on ya, Putin. Show us all what a real world leader worth his salt looks like. Obama is weaker than hospital coffee and speaks with all the authority of an entry level bureaucrat.

Video provided by jim hoft

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Well, here we go again.

It’s been since the spring of 2013 that we’ve heard the kind of rhetoric that’s now coming out of North Korea, and it’s all in time to coincide with all the other alerts and warnings impending for September of this year, not to mention the recent stock market losses.

As was said in the comments section of this video on Youtube:

Everything is by design guys, all these Nations are following a dangerous script and its ultimate goal is to create the WW3…..None of these Nations give a shit about their population! – Nelson Hernandez

Amen to that!

Video is by FreedomFighter2127

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Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the sheer gravity of events as they are unfolding, only to look back later and realize that those events were history in the making.

Such is the situation right now with Greece and it’s negotiations with the EU.

Immense pressure is being put onto Tsipras as he tries re-negotiating the onerous austerity measures placed upon his country, measures that are “non-negotiable” according to Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister.

Most economists are in agreement that were Greece to default and/or exit the EU, that union would fall like a house of cards.

Adding fuel to the fire is the offer extended by Russia to give much needed aid to economically faltering Greece, an offer that may extend even to admission to the BRICS union. Even China has invited Tsipras to visit for talks with their Premier, Li Keqiang. This would be a brilliant tactical move on two fronts for Russia and China – putting immense economic pressure onto the EU while also gaining an ally on European soil.

The European Central Bank has done to Greece what the IMF and World Bank has done to countless developing countries before them – offered loans promising to bring prosperity and economic development, but which only end up impoverishing that country and its people as they struggle to service an oppressive debt that will never be fully repaid, thanks to their draconian “terms & conditions.” Hence the institution of “austerity measures.” Their treachery would make the Devil himself proud – not surprising, considering they follow his playbook.





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BDI graph

The BDI doesn’t lie, but your politicians certainly will. They will tell you there is a recovery, when there is none.

The BDI is the fundamental indicator economists look at to determine the currrent health of the economy, and where it’s headed. That’s because it is a measure of what is probably the most tangible thing economists ever look at – “the price of moving the major raw materials by sea.” – Wikipedia

Real materials being transported in order to make real goods. That indicator is at almost the lowest point ever recorded, which means there is no recovery to speak of, regardless what the talking heads are saying.

Add to that the ‘history in the making’ movements taking place right now between Greece, the EU, and Russia, not to mention the cause of it – the biggest debt bubble in human history – and you have the ingredients for interesting times.

And don’t forget, when the Chinese coined the phrase “May you live in interesting times,” it was meant as a curse, not a blessing.

The video below is by Elite NWO Agenda.

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