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It’s time for Wisconsin voters to get out there this August 9th and vote globalist-turd Paul Ryan out of office. He supports Obama’s amnesty plans for illegals, including Syrian Muslims. Remember those? Do you want this country to become like France? No? Then vote for Nehlen and give Lyin’ Paul Ryan the boot!

By Leo Hohmann



An immigration watchdog group hopes to repeat the successful campaign that helped unseat Eric Cantor in 2014 by launching a similar ad targeting House Speaker Paul Ryan, highlighting his support for President Obama’s executive amnesty decrees, sanctuary cities for illegals and Syrian refugee resettlement programs.

The ad by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC hammers “Lyin Paul Ryan” for his leading role in negotiating a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that fully funded Obama’s amnesty plans, sanctuary cities, and expanded refugee program.

While at the same time he was talking publicly against Syrian refugees, Ryan was working behind the scenes to round up the votes to fully fund Obama’s plans to increase the total influx of refugees from 70,000 to 85,000 this year and 100,000 next year. The refugees will come from countries throughout the Third World, including 10,000 this year from Syria, a country infested with jihadists fighting for ISIS, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida and other religious fanatics trying to bring down secular dictator Bashar Assad. Another 7,500 or more will come from the America-hating Somalia, about 5,000 more from Afghanistan and at least 10,000 from Iraq. Even the Buddhist-majority country of Burma is offloading its Muslim population to the United States, with thousands per year coming from that country.

The ALIPAC ad campaign is modeled after its “Thank Eric Cantor” automated call campaign in 2014 that was broadcast into GOP households via automated calls and radio ads. ALIPAC’s messages and efforts were part of the historic defeat of Cantor, the former Republican House majority leader from Virginia who supported amnesty for illegals. Cantor was defeated in the GOP primary by Dave Brat, R-Va.

ALIPAC launched the campaign against Ryan Friday via automated calls, radio ads planned for talk radio stations in Wisconsin and a YouTube video that activists are being asked to watch and circulate.

The Wisconsin primary is Aug. 9 with Ryan squaring off against businessman Paul Nehlen.
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Paul Ryan is a Democrat in Republican clothing, and come this next election cycle in August, its time for the voters in Wisconsin’s first congressional district to vote that rat right out of office!

This is the same turncoat who continually refuses to back his own party’s presumptive nominee. The same rat who is against the building of Trump’s proposed wall, but whose own mansion in Janesville, WI is surrounded by a wall of its own.

He stands by Obama more than his own party.

This is a rat of a man whose “first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.” – http://www.breitbart.com

Which bill, you ask? Rat Ryan’s omnibus bill.

Though much of the public attention has surrounded the President’s 2014 executive amnesty, the President’s 2012 amnesty quietly continues to churn out work permits and federal benefits for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Paul Ryan’s bill funds entirely this 2012 executive amnesty for “DREAMers”—or illegal immigrants who came to the country as minors. – ibid

This man’s legislation takes money from hard working Americans to give to illegal aliens who have shown no loyalty whatsoever to this country. His bill is also in support of “sanctuary cities” for illegals, legislation that amounts to nothing less than treason.

So, come August, vote for the man that stands for America’s interests, and the interests of its citizens, NOT the interests of illegal aliens. Vote for Paul Nehlen – and in so doing, send a clear message to the dirty Rat that his time is over!




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