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Everyone knew what was going to happen, and yet none of them agreed on exactly what that was. To wit:

Donald Trump will never run for president.

Then we got this:

Hey everyone - I'm running!

Hey everyone – I’m running!

Then there was this stunningly inaccurate  prediction – a favorite amongst MSM talking heads:

Trump will never win the Republican nomination.

And we instead got this:

"Wrong again!"

“Wrong again!”

Finally, the most arrogant claim of all, even expressed by failed lame-duck, now ex-president Obummer:

Trump will never be president.

And then we get trump’s acceptance speech for winning the run for president:

"You knuckleheads just don't get it!"

“You knuckleheads just don’t get it!”


When will the enemies of humanity  (i.e. the salt of the earth) – ever get it? I think never. The globalists have been winning for so long that they can’t even process a defeat. And they’ve just been defeated. SOUNDLY! And Trump even had the cajones to scorch them for their treachery to the American people right there as they sat behind him on the center stage of the inauguration. The look on Obummer’s face was priceless!

The man is fearless, fearless because, as he said, “…we are protected and will always be protected by the great men and women of our military and most importantly we will be protected by God.”

As Rev Franklin Graham pointed out at the inauguration, “In the Bible, rain is a sign of God’s blessing, and it started to rain Mr. President, when you came to the platform.”

If God is with him (and how couldn’t he have been – look at the odds this man overcame to be where he is today)… If God is with him, who can be against him?

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Liberals, what do you stand for?

I think I know what they’d say. Social Justice. Inclusivity. Diversity.

But I know the real answer.


They stand for nothing, because they go for anything. Everything is included in their world – except the ones who stand for something. They don’t include those people.


But they are gung ho for everything else. Gay marriage? You bet! Higher taxes? Always, and the more the better. Transgender bathrooms? Well, absolutely! Nothing is too depraved or perverted for these amoral degenerates.

I call them “amoral” because of what the definition of amoral states:

– lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.

To be moral, you need to differentiate – right from wrong, good from evil. That ability to make discernments has been washed from their minds. They literally have lost the ability to make moral distinctions from the mind control they’ve been subjected to. They’ve become amoral degenerates, because that is what the controllers want our population to be. It’s as simple as that.

As I’ve said before, the place this mind control happens most effectively is at universities. Liberal ideology is cemented into the heads of most students before graduation, and most will never reverse that mind control ever for the rest of their lives. They learn their liberalism BS, they learn to be good corporate slaves, and then they go off to one or another city to work for these corporations, because that’s where the corporations live as well. Parasites, working for bigger parasites – it’s a match made in hell.

Other’s become liberals by watching the mind control that Hollyweird produces. Hollyweird is like the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda. They are the ones that subtly introduce liberal core concepts way before those concepts actually manifest in society. They’ve been showing gay households as being normal for decades. Political correctness has been a core in Hellywood for a long time as well, as has been the concept of broken families. Christians are portrayed as either mentally retarded, or as crazed lunatics. They portray women as smart and strong while showing men (especially white men) as being effeminate, stupid, and weak. That’s Hollyweird’s idea of “normal,” and they’re hoping it will become your idea of normal too.

So, why do the elite want everyone to become a liberal idiot? Go back to the title of this post – If You Go For ANYTHING, You Stand For NOTHING. It’s really just that simple.

The elites don’t want strong minded, independent people in society. They don’t want people who retain the ability to discern right from wrong. They don’t want people who have bullshit detection intact. And they certainly don’t want people growing up in strong, intact, heterosexual families. They want weak, sobbing, effeminate liberals, who will go for ANYTHING, no matter how idiotic, nonsensical, or harmful it will end up being for everyone but the elite. They want individuals who will swallow everything that’s forced down their throats as long as it is sold to them as being hip, progressive, radical, or just “in.”

15135751_1241671195880089_9216463038142193399_nThey want open borders for illegals to enter, and who cares how many hoards come in. They welcome young adult Muslim men from war torn countries, and, aww hell, no need for background checks. Everyone loves us liberals, because we love EVERYONE (except non-liberals, of course). White people are evil and privileged, but minorities are ‘Da Bomb! They pretend to be anti-corporation, but as we have already well established, most liberals are corporate slaves, so we can’t take them seriously on that issue. And the thing the liberals love to do the most is correctly recite the alphabet-soup acronym for gay rights that is ever growing, so no one really knows at what point a new letter has been added: LGBTQ…I…ABCDEFGHI, you get the drift. Please, for the love of God, enough with that.


Liberals love to show how “open” they are to any new concept or behavior. They call it being “progressive.” I call it being stupid. There’s nothing wrong with considering a new concept or behavior – for considering is discerning the merits of it. But that’s not what liberals do – because they can’t. That ability has been erased from their minds through conditioning. They’ve drunk the kool aid, so to speak. Now all they can do is shout the liberal slogans that have been drilled into their head:

  1. “Your rights end where my feelings begin!”
  2. “Diversity is strength!”
  3. “Build mosques, not bombs!”
  4. “Not my president!”


The overlords couldn’t be happier with their agenda to spread the cancer of liberalism far and wide. I’m sure they laugh from their ivory towers as they watch these liberal sheep bleating their way to their own destruction. They run like lemmings to the cliff’s edge, checking with each other to make sure that no one is offended, totally oblivious that reality is about to snatch them right out of existence.

They’ve been separated not only from their own mental faculties of moral reasoning, but they’ve been cut off from a connection to God. No person that truly believes in the existence of God would act and think like liberals do. That particular truth is what pleases the overlords most of all. When they’ve separated you from your creator, that’s when they have you. You’ve lost your only defense.

Tick tock, liberals. The clock is running out.

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The Final Act Will Be World War

by Bill Holter, jsmineset.com

Sadly, I must write what follows and do not do it lightly. Over the years when writing, I have held little back. Nothing will be held back in this missive as we are on the brink of war because apparently we have lunatics in Washington (and elsewhere) far more insane than the inmates they oversee.

This past week has seen the lunacy shift several gears in only days. We see the U.S. pushing Russia for war everywhere. We recently stationed and commissioned live nuclear missiles in both Poland and Romania …along Russia border. I can only imagine the response were Russian missiles stationed in Cuba or even Mexico? Russia has taken this (and other moves) very seriously as their population of 40 million drilled last week for a nuclear attack. They have also stationed their S300 and S400 missiles in Syria, U.S. warplanes will be on suicide missions should they aggress.

This is not “gut feel” or hunch, my conclusions are a result of actions. Yesterday we learned the RAF (British air force) instructed their pilots to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. We also know the U.S. recently painted several planes in Russian colors. Do you really believe this is for a drill? Or more likely some sort of false flag where eyewitnesses swear they saw MIGs with their own eyes attack some target?

We also learned yesterday that Philippine president Duterte has ordered the U.S. out and off their islands. In what world could this ever happen? He knows history and knows Marcos was killed for far less. Why is he emboldened? Simply because he has cut a deal with China/Russia for his protection and that of the Philippines.

Other pieces to the puzzle include Russia calling for the return of their school children in foreign lands, Yemen recalling all of their worldwide ambassadors, and diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia are now dark. We also know “today is the day” that “military options” in Syria will be discussed by Obama and his advisors in Washington. I would first ask, why are we even in or around Syria? There has been no declaration of war by Congress, Syria has not “invited” us as they have the Russians, and there is no (bogus) U.N. resolution calling for our military intervention. On what grounds are we even in Syria?

I have said for quite a while, the odds of us having an election have been getting slimmer and slimmer. What would a hot war with a nuclear exchange do to the odds? Please understand this, for all of Donald Trump’s bad points, he has now taken on the both the Dems and Repubs as a “system”. For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same. He cannot be allowed to win because both the Clinton and Bush crime families will be exposed. Much of the crime has been financial and why our economy and markets are on the verge of collapse.

A war will serve to postpone/prevent an election so Trump nor anyone else will be able to move us back toward the rule of law. A war will also be blamed as the reason our economy and markets fall apart and completely seize up. It will be said, “our policies were working and would have worked …except for the war”. Unfortunately, I believe kicking the table over is THE only option left.

I have had several readers write in to me after my last interviews and admonish me for not thinking this through correctly. They have chided me and I paraphrase, “they are not crazy and will not opt for war because no one wants to kill themselves or commit suicide. A nuclear war is suicide.” To this I would respond, desperate people do desperate things. They cannot allow their criminal activities to be exposed and will do anything to stop the truth from coming out. These people are so narcissistic they probably believe (and have prepared for) they can survive a nuclear war because they are such “superior human beings”. We are dealing with absolute delusion here folks, DO NOT underestimate the evil, nor the lengths these people will go to cover their tracks.

Others have chided me for talking about “war” yet not spelling out what it really means. War, and any nuclear exchange will mean your “life is over”. Americans located at ground zero will be the lucky ones as the survivors will die a slow death either from radiation or starvation. Do not fool yourself, the U.S. is broke, the aftermath of any exchange will leave the U.S. isolated and shut off from credit. The world will no longer accept dollars for trade and our trade deficit will no longer see containers of goods dropped off in exchange for dollars. “Distribution” will also break down with our financial markets, “goods” will not make it to store shelves and banks holding worthless dollars will not allow you access as their doors will be shut. Simply put, unless you can survive a world that goes back to 1900 and earlier, you will not survive. Ask yourself this, can today’s pampered population survive if I-phones and internet do not exist? It is a very hard hitting realism but understanding how far we have strayed from “self sufficiency” is an important concept to understand.

To finish, I believe there is still a chance to avoid global war …but will result in U.S. civil war. Even though the press is refusing to report on the Wiki dumps, I believe Mr. Putin (as demonized as he is) has the ability to stop the madness with a “truth bomb”. If Mr. Putin drops a gigantic truth bomb with absolute and incontrovertible proof, maybe war can be avoided. His truth

bomb(s) will need to include everything from a to z. It must include proof of the rigging of markets, stolen and embezzled funds, stolen and rigged elections, drug running, illegal arms sales, and of course murder and assassinations.

Many of these truths are currently being revealed by WikiLeaks but not reported by any mainstream press and of course the dots not being connected by a very dumbed down public. We even learned of Justice Scalia’s “wet works” (assassination) yesterday via the e-mail dump …not even a Supreme Court Justice’s assassination warrants MSM coverage? In my opinion, Mr. Putin must dump what truth they have amassed and do so globally and as loud and flamboyantly as possible. Somehow, the information must be forced to be seen by an American public with blinders on. I believe the only way that war is avoided will be from a mass uprising and gross civil unrest of the U.S. population screaming ENOUGH!

Praying God’s mercy for us all,

Bill Holter

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This brand of vile filth is allowed, even encouraged, in this country under Obama’s mismanagement, but don’t dare let a christian student pray in a public school. That’s not allowed. But if you’re Muslim, praying is fine. Unbelievable.

Vote Trump, or you can kiss this sad sack country goodbye forever, because it’s going to become more and more full of the kind of garbage you see below in this despicable video.


Mark Dice

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What a giant Douche

What a giant Douche


Once again, to beat a dead horse, the man cannot leave office soon enough!

From the New York Post

It’s been a productive presidency for Barack Obama.

On Sunday, President Obama notched his 300th round of golf, according to presidential historian Mark Knoller, a reporter for CBS.

The milestone was marked with Chris Paul, Cy Walker and Joe Paulsen, rounding out the presidential foursome.

The round took place at Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard, where the First Family is taking its annual summer vacation.

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It’s time for Wisconsin voters to get out there this August 9th and vote globalist-turd Paul Ryan out of office. He supports Obama’s amnesty plans for illegals, including Syrian Muslims. Remember those? Do you want this country to become like France? No? Then vote for Nehlen and give Lyin’ Paul Ryan the boot!

By Leo Hohmann



An immigration watchdog group hopes to repeat the successful campaign that helped unseat Eric Cantor in 2014 by launching a similar ad targeting House Speaker Paul Ryan, highlighting his support for President Obama’s executive amnesty decrees, sanctuary cities for illegals and Syrian refugee resettlement programs.

The ad by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC hammers “Lyin Paul Ryan” for his leading role in negotiating a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that fully funded Obama’s amnesty plans, sanctuary cities, and expanded refugee program.

While at the same time he was talking publicly against Syrian refugees, Ryan was working behind the scenes to round up the votes to fully fund Obama’s plans to increase the total influx of refugees from 70,000 to 85,000 this year and 100,000 next year. The refugees will come from countries throughout the Third World, including 10,000 this year from Syria, a country infested with jihadists fighting for ISIS, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida and other religious fanatics trying to bring down secular dictator Bashar Assad. Another 7,500 or more will come from the America-hating Somalia, about 5,000 more from Afghanistan and at least 10,000 from Iraq. Even the Buddhist-majority country of Burma is offloading its Muslim population to the United States, with thousands per year coming from that country.

The ALIPAC ad campaign is modeled after its “Thank Eric Cantor” automated call campaign in 2014 that was broadcast into GOP households via automated calls and radio ads. ALIPAC’s messages and efforts were part of the historic defeat of Cantor, the former Republican House majority leader from Virginia who supported amnesty for illegals. Cantor was defeated in the GOP primary by Dave Brat, R-Va.

ALIPAC launched the campaign against Ryan Friday via automated calls, radio ads planned for talk radio stations in Wisconsin and a YouTube video that activists are being asked to watch and circulate.

The Wisconsin primary is Aug. 9 with Ryan squaring off against businessman Paul Nehlen.
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Surely the stench of their corruption reaches heaven, and yet God allows them to prosper. I guess he is using people like them to test his righteous. But one day, oh baby, one fine day…

Note that Obama was ONSTAGE at one of Hillary’s rallies in support of her candidacy only two hours after Comey made his announcement of no recommendation of indictment, and yet Comey insisted that what he was going to announce at that press conference was so secret that even the White House didn’t know what he was going to say. Um, yeah right. They think we’re all fools. The only fools are the ones that support this witch’s candidacy.


Mary Greeley



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