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So Michelle Obama, oops, I mean Michael Obama (sorry Barry, no offence intended – I prefer to use your name for that thing, whatever it actually is), has been on the rag as of late over release of Trump’s taped faux pas.

Michael waxed dramatic over Trump’s grievous offense, which was doing essentially what men do – all men – at one time or another. His mistake was that he did it over a hot mic. Locker room talk about women. Yeah, that’s what men do. Sorry libtards. Get used to it.

So essentially what these ignorant liberals are telling you is that men being men is unacceptable. Intolerable. Men being men is natural, so what they prefer would be ‘unnatural.’ Yes, I think I’m starting to understand these weirdos. I think what they mean is that they prefer this:



To this:

A Real Man

A Real Man


Michael Obama called Trump’s taped comments about women “shocking,” “demeaning,” and below “basic standards of human decency.”

That’s funny, Michael. Ironic, actually, because I would say the same thing about a man that pretends to be a woman – going so far as even to lie about it. To me, that is shocking, demeaning, and below the basic standards of human decency.

But I would be remiss to expect your average Godless liberal pervert to understand simple common sense such as that. And that is exactly what you represent, Michael Obama. You, your “husband,” Hillary Clinton, and all the rest that have been at the helm of power in this country as far back as living memory allows. Every last one of you disgusting, anti-God, anti-human filth that America is at last waking up to and pushing back against by supporting Donald Trump, even in the face of never-before-seen slander and unending attacks. You perverts are desperate and panicking, and your desperation is showing – not the least of which in Michael’s latest pathetic attempt at character assassination discussed here in this post.

“I can’t believe I’m saying a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women,” Michael said.

Well I can’t believe the First Lady is not a lady at all.

Also, he wasn’t admitting to sexual assault, Michael. As stated before, he was just doing what men do. C’mon, you probably remember doing the same yourself when you were playing football as Michael Robinson in high school:

The following excerpt is the true biographical information of Michelle Obama, given to me on June 25, 2011 by a former member of the First Lady’s personal staff. He shall remain anonymous for the time being to protect his life as well as the lives of his family:
“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964. He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers [that’s apropos].
After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school. Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”. Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of “Michelle’s” true identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.” – usapoliticstoday.com
So that’s who you are and you have the cajones (well, you once did) to levy such vitriol against Donald Trump?
Sling your dirt, perverts. None are dirtier than you.

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More gems from the wicked witch of Little Rock, that master criminal and irredeemable liar, Hitlery Clinton. Alex Jones is the one with a black heart? Yeah, riiiiiiigggghhhtttt…


Paul Joseph Watson


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Trump recently said what a good number of Americans have already been thinking, and the PC Lame-Stream Media are crucifying him for it. They can’t stand the fact that their daily attempts at character assassination aren’t working. Well boo friggin’ hoo.

I’ll do what the MSM don’t – I’ll quote the full statement from Trump’s campaign website:

(New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, — Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population. Most recently, a poll from the Center for Security Policy released data showing “25% of those polled agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad” and 51% of those polled, “agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.” Shariah authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women.
Mr. Trump stated, “Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again.” – Donald J. Trump

25% of Muslims polled think that “violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as part of the global Jihad.” But Trump is the crazy one in saying that maybe – just maybe – we should put the brakes on Muslims entering the country temporarily, until our representatives can start doing their jobs by representing us.  Seems entirely reasonable to me, and also to the majority of conservatives out there who think Trump should be the Republican nominee.

Know this – if Trump truly is independent and speaks his own mind, then he will never be president because only those who serve the top can enter that office. Whether Trump is legit or not is yet to be seen, but the fact remains that what he says at least is mirrored in the unspoken opinions of many in this country, and that’s why regardless of how much dirt the media slings at him, he still ranks highest in the polls. Go Trump.

Liberal-IdiotMeanwhile the PC liberal idiots are pulling their hair out over Trump’s uncanny resilience in the polls, despite their constant diatribes against him. He seems to be the MSM’s new Teflon Don, and I can’t get enough of it.

They’re mad because Trump just isn’t going along with the “program,” which apparently is to allow ISIS carte blanche to enter the country freely and carry out their attacks at will. The MSM has been all over the Syrian refugee crisis like white on rice. Have you ever asked why? I mean, there is so much world news that the MSM never covers. Why are they so concerned about that particular issue?

Even Obama spoke about this topic in his latest address from the White House. Maybe he feels some personal responsibility for those Syrian refugees – after all, he is the one most responsible for the current mess in that country. Are you surprised, Mr. Obama? Refugees are typically the result of nation destabilization and attempted regime change. But so far Assad is holding strong, and is likely to stay just where he is thanks to Russia’s help.

But Obama, like all the MSM outlets, thinks that it’s our duty to ship thousands of these refugees from war torn Syria straight to America, and this just days after what everyone admits was an Isis related attack in San Bernardino. Theirs doesn’t seem like a very wise policy, does it? Seems like Trump is the one banging on all cylinders, not them.

But today took the cake. Today I witnessed the most open, unvarnished piece of propaganda filth I think I’ve ever seen.

mandyCBS This Morning aired a mind control piece that would have made Joseph Goebbels green with envy. It was titled “Mandy on a mission,” and you can watch it below.

Here’s the summary: Hollyweird actor Mandy Patinkin goes to Lesbos, Greece to wait for days on a beach until a boat with Syrian refugees shows up so he can do a photo op with them to propagandize their suffering and further politicize the muslim immigration debate. “And cut!”

But that’s not how the lying whore news anchors depicted it. No. They called it “his own personal rescue mission.” Really. I’m not making this up.

Patinkin was there only to serve his owners and capitalize on the refugees’s suffering (if they were truly refugees and not paid crisis actors – you can never be too certain anymore, especially with these lying bastards).  He was there to film so he could later come back to a studio and say this: “I went to Greece because I needed to reconnect with reality. I needed to meet a family that was struggling in this real crisis. I needed to hold a baby in my arms.” Oh boy.

Patinkin, if you need “reality,” then stay away from propaganda pieces. By definition, it’s all lies.

So he keeps checking the beach until a boatload of refugees pulls up, and good ‘ol crisis actor Mandy rushes in to “rescue” them. Buahahahaha! Yeah, right. What a douche.

All he does is pick up a couple of kids from the boat and carry them to the shore. That’s it. What a humanitarian. Do people really buy this crap? I hope not. This is what counts for “news” in this country. We are the laughing stock of the world.

And then, right at the end, Mandy delivers the clincher, the reason they make psyop BS like this in the first place – to control opinion and open the door for the public policy they want to introduce: “Our humanity is at risk if we don’t take care of these people. Our right to exist is at risk. If you don’t help these people [that’s YOU viewer – Mandy points at the camera here], when you are in need, there will be no one, I guarantee you, there will be no one to help you.”

Hate to break it to you Mandy, but I guarantee YOU that some of “these people” will be looking to kill Americans, just like at San Bernardino (if that was a real attack and not a hoax, of course). Many experts have exposed Islam for the threat it truly is – and even though most Muslims don’t kill as their Quran commands them to, that doesn’t mean all of them don’t. Some do.

I’ll be siding with Trump on this one – shut it down until the morons in Washington can find their spines and figure out a viable solution to this mess they’ve helped to create in Syria. Enjoy the video below, if you can stomach watching it.





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These liars will not only lie in your face boldly – in a medium that is supposed to be nothing more than the simple reporting of “facts” – but then they will turn around and capitalize on your sympathies through money raised from sites like gofundme. Nothing is too low for a snake that crawls around in the dust on its belly all day.  But don’t worry – the fires of Judgement are reserved for the likes of these. The truth will always have out.

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Video is by KijaniAmariAK

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Like I’ve been saying – they’re coming for your guns. In this instance, it seems like they are playing the “mental competency” angle.  Supposedly the shooter owned his guns legally, but then later experienced some mental issues and now the media whores are squawking about how it was overlooked and “Why weren’t his guns taken away?”  Why would they play this angle? Because then they can control who has guns by defining who is mentally sound and who is not. Who fits the definition of being “mentally unstable”? Anyone they say it is.

Even the shooter’s name is patently ridiculous. John Russell Houser. If that’s his name, why does the media insist on calling him “Rusty.” Do they want us all to warm up to him by giving him an endearing nickname? He’s the killer, for crying out loud!

No, they call him that because they’re pulling our chain. Literally.

Because a “rusty howser” is a nautical reference:

Howser – chain pipe that anchor rode feeds through into locker. – http://www.windlass-anchor.com/glossary.html

Here is a picture of a “rusty howser”:

Bow of ship showing [rusty anchor howser] waterline and depth markings

And here is a picture of a “Rusty Houser”:


Anyone that’s familiar with Ed Chiarini’s work (A.K.A. DallasGoldBug) will understand that when the media whores fake a news story for a greater agenda, they like to play games with names, just like in this instance. They do it to mock you. Are you enjoying it yet?

Not me – I’m getting sick and tired of this dog and pony show. But until people wake up, they will continue getting away with this bullcrap. I say it’s time to wake up, sleeping giant. Wake up and stomp these liars into dust.

Vid is by The Vigilant Christian

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Video is by Edifying Others

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