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I’ve never seen such venal bias in the main stream media as we are seeing in these last days before the election. The MSM – who consistently tout that they are “fair…trustworthy…unbiased…,” are none of the above. In their desperation to maintain their grasp on power in Washington they’ve made a mockery of their own character claims. Regardless of who wins this election, people won’t forget their treachery for a long, long time. None dare call it conspiracy? What a joke.

Operation Destroy Trump: The Oligarchy’s Last Stand!

by Frank Brady, gatetoliberty.blogspot.com


Donald Trump is not a perfect human being or an ideal candidate. There are aspects of his personality and his past that are repellent. He is, however, America’s last best hope for peace and freedom at this critical moment in the nation’s history.

A corrupt gang of Establishment thugs is engaged in a coordinated campaign to destroy Trump and maintain control of official Washington. All mass media outlets have been deployed in the effort. Only the bipartisan coordination of the effort remains hidden from public view.

Active participants include Hillary Clinton and her campaign apparatus; Barack Obama, every agency of his administration (including the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Defense and State Departments); the entire national leadership of the Democrat Party; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, the entire national leadership of the Republican Party; and all national media outlets including the broadcast networks, FOX News, CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the remaining print “newspapers” of the nation’s largest urban centers.

The game plan is as simple as it is obvious. On the eve of a crtically important televised debate:

  1. Publicize Trump’s unsavory (but private) decade-old comments about women in an orchestrated full spectrm 24/7 media campaign of manufactured outrage.
  2. Hypocritically ignore Hillary Clinton’s support for her sexual predator husband’s serial molestations and her vicious personal attacks on his victims’ truthfulness and character.
  3. Divert public attention from Hillary’s unethical and criminal conduct by having the Obama administration blame “the Russians” for the leaks information damaging to her.
  4. Systematically bring forward prominent national Republican Politicians (many of whom were part of the “Never Trump” movement from the beginning) to loudly announce their withdrawal of support for Trump and demand that he step down.

How very desperate they must be! With the composition of the Supreme Court, the trajectory of the national economy, and the very survival of the nation at stake, any politician who believes that Trump’s off-color comments made 11 years ago are important enough that Hillary Clinton should be awarded the Presidency is far too stupid to hold public office.

Nothing more need be said.

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It went up as planned (in London), but will not make it to NYC until later. Don’t worry, though, American Luciferians. It will still make it here during the “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.”

They could use any color of light to illuminate it at night, including white, yet they chose red. Hmmm, I wonder why? Such an insolvable mystery… well, the world may never know.

Video is by End Times News Ministry


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In this 3 hour video by Michael Tsarion you will learn all you need to know about the Inglorious Basterds that run the world, often from their own statements. Tsarion expertly and clearly delineates how it began, who’s running the show, and what they plan to do if allowed to bring those plans to fruition. Sure, you could read a library of information to find this out, or you can invest just a few hours of your time in watching this video below and be totally up to speed on what is really going on.


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When you look out at the world, what do you see?

Do you see justice? Truth? Honesty?

Do you see equality of men? Does the world seem right to you, with everything in its rightful place?

What I see in this world is none of the above. All that is supposed to be, isn’t. I see a world that is upside down.

I see two general groups of “people.” I see naive people, and cunning people. I see honest people, and I see liars. I see victims, and I see perps. I see the living, and I see the walking dead.

The first group are many, the latter, few. I see men that are not trying to be anything other then who they simply are, and I see others that are putting on a great con game trying to appear more than what they are – more knowledgeable, more powerful, more deserving. More everything. But they’re not. They are lying.

I see a world of artifice, without remedy.

noun: artifice; plural noun: artifices
  1. clever or cunning devices or expedients, especially as used to trick or deceive others.

An artifice is basically an “act.” A fiction. A LIE.

You can tell who is playing an act in society by the presence of some form of uniform. Often titles are used as well. The legal system is full of actors. Cops, lawyers, judges, bailiffs – they are all wearing uniforms of some kind and are, essentially, acting.

Anyone who holds an office is an actor, acting in the capacity of that “office.” All offices are commercial in nature – corporate, in other words. All corporations are fictions, perfecting artifice.

All artificers are engaging in fraud.

Think about that.

Fraud consists of some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him an injury. – thelawdictionary.org

If you put on a uniform, or take on an “office” as an agent of government – and then use that uniform or office to gain more rights or privileges than another outside of any office, you are engaging in fraud. Period. End of story.

The reason why is simple. Here is the structure of the living trust every natural man or woman is automatically and inseparably a part of upon birth:

grantor-trustee-beneficiaryGod, the Supreme Being and Creator, is the Grantor of all rights.

Natural people, men and women, are the Beneficiaries and Administrators of those rights.

The corporate state – government – is charged with executing the duties of and the protection of the living trust. They are employees. Nothing more.

All governments are corporations, and therefore, fictions. No corporate fiction has status above a natural man or woman. Never! I don’t care how much they lie.

The created is never above its creator. God created people, and people will never be above God. People created governments and corporate fictions, and those fictions will never be above people. Period.

Is that how the governments of the world currently act? Do they act like employees of the people? Like the servants they are supposed to be? It seems that they have forgotten their charge, their rightful place in this trust. And the reason why is a massive bombshell. Fasten your seat belts, it’s about to get real.

When Servants Become The Masters

The con has been deciphered, and the jig is up for those who would put themselves above others. It has worked incredibly well for a very long time, but we find ourselves here at the end of time, and now what has been done in the dark God is bringing into the light. Finally. Halleluiah!

The liars, the deceivers, the artificers, they do not have any beneficial part in the living trust shown above. That means that they have no Claim of Right to anything on this planet. The reason why is because inheritance is dependent upon descendance (descent from a particular ancestor).

Who was given dominion over the earth and all that is in it?

That’s right. Adam.

And in the Bible, descent is patrilineal – recorded through the father’s line. That means that dominion was given not only to Adam, but to all those who descended from him.

Anyone who’s familiar with my writing here on this blog knows that there is a lineage that is not of Adam. That lineage was fathered by Lucifer and his angels through Eve and other daughters of men, and it is an infamous line guilty of nefarious deeds and uncountable crimes. That is the lineage that has gained control over every government in the world, and the reason why is finally becoming crystal clear.

The reason why they need to put on an act, and lie through their teeth every time they open their mouths, is because of who their fathers were. To put it simply, since their father was not Adam, their inheritance is not from him. I can’t convey with words alone how profound this is.

Since their inheritance is not from Adam, they have no legal Claim of Right to anything on the earth. Not one blade of grass, nor one pinch of dirt. Nothing. That is why they had to steal it from us through artifice, and in that game they are undeniably the best.

They have no lawful Claim of Right to anything – and I am talking about original law here, natural law, the law of God, NOT men. The law that trumps all other laws.

Their mongrel lineage is a freak of nature and was never meant to be. Part human, part divine, demigods with no place in this world, half-breeds with demonic natures and no birthrights. Dead though they still live, because they will never have a place in God’s Kingdom. Parasitic vampires that must suck the blood of the living in order to survive, while fooling themselves into believing that they can make their own way without God, carving a kingdom for themselves out of emptiness:

These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm–shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted–twice dead.

Jude 1:12

They “eat with us,”  meaning they have blended in with us and share in our inheritance as though one of us, though they most certainly are not. They are “blemishes” upon the earth. Stains.

And their time in the sun is rapidly drawing to an end.


Now we get to the good part.

In legalese, remedy has a very distinct definition:

Remedy is the means by which the violation of a right is prevented, redressed, or compensated. – thelawdictionary

When people go into courts, they are looking for remedy. They have suffered a violation of some sort, and they are looking for the “cure.”

The sad truth of it is, though, that the opposite is often what happens. People go into courts and are themselves violated by the courts (and actors of the court). They go in seeking remedy, and are given poison in its place.

Commercial Law (UCC – or Uniform Commercial Code) is now the law of the land in all parts of the globe. All crimes are “commercial crimes” according to the Code of Federal Regulations (27 C.F.R. § 72.11). No code or statute ever conceived should have anything to do with a natural man or woman for those are commercial constructs and have only to do with corporations and agents thereof.

But they have tricked us and caught us up into their dragnet of commercial laws using, you guessed it, artifice!

They did it through the birth certificate – a financial instrument (I’m not explaining all the details here – read this or this for more explanation).  By means of trapping us into an adhesion contract, they duped us into becoming surety (that means “you pay”) for the fictional, corporate “strawman.” It was easy for them to do, because we are trusting, and the names are the same, only the fictional one is always in all capital letters. Hey, when you’re making the rules up as you go, you always tend to win. No one ever accused these liars of being stupid. Only evil.

They have no birthright on earth, so they invented a matrix of artificial corporations and commercial codes and statutes, and suckered us into that matrix through the invention of the birth certificate and the strawman that is attached to it. You have to hand it to them, really – it’s truly a stroke of evil genius.

Every law is supposed to include a remedy, but you can never trust a liar. Therefore, in the world’s system of corrupt courts and lawyers and law enforcers, there is no reliable remedy.

But our remedy does not come from this world. That is our blessed hope in Christ – the hope of Redemption.

Because remedy and redemption are interrelated terms, after all. Who knew that when Christ told his followers to “look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh,” he was referring to legal remedy? The restitution, the “buying back”  of our inheritance, our birthright. Why look up? Because Christ brings our remedy with him – it is not of this world, it comes from the Creator in heaven and will be imposed upon this world from above, glory Halleluiah!!

These half-breed hybrid mongrels are going to be getting their eviction notices very soon, and let me tell you, that will be the most eagerly awaited event in the history of creation. All the hosts of heaven, and me with them, will praise the Most High when he kicks these criminals out of their places of power with extreme prejudice.

Through their egregious, unjust and corrupt system of government they have subjugated us, the true heirs of God’s creation, stolen that role from us through violence, intimidation and deceit, and currently sit on the throne of power here on earth, while we have been relegated to a position of ultimate meekness, cowering before their threats. This is why scriptures say that the meek will inherit the earth – only the meek are the true and rightful heirs.

For the criminal elite, the halfbreed mongrel race, they will go where their fathers will go – to the dung heap of creation, otherwise known as hell, created for the devil and his angels, and hell will be their only inheritance, and their only useful function will be for their bodies to serve as fuel for the eternal fires of that terrible place. Make it so Lord, as you have written it. Amen.

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

Revelation 3:11

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These guys are amazing. Vid presented by geokonti .

Consume, consume, consume!!!

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The title of this post was also the title of an old Defenders comic book issue, #94, released by Marvel on April 1, 1981.

April Fools Day. The joke’s on you.

The joke is on you if you do not know why you should “beware the six fingered hand.” The reason why you should is not a short, easy story. But it is a story that is worth the effort, if you’re willing to put aside disbelief, forget all the history you’ve ever learned in school, and commit the time.

Main Stream Media, which includes large publishing houses like Marvel, knows what’s up when it comes to true history. Secret history. The history they like to keep to themselves. The reason why will become patently obvious by the time you’ve finished reading this article.

In this Defender series of comic books, the Six Fingered Hand is a group of 6 demons from hell who are – not surprisingly – arch villains that the Defenders have to fight against.

montoyaThere are other references to this idea of danger related to the six fingered hand in media, especially in Hollywood.

In the movie Princess Bride, a character named Inigo Montoya pursues a man who killed his father – a man identified by the anomaly of having six fingers.

In Disney’s animated television series Gravity Falls, a mysterious journal is found by Dipper in the forest, a journal filled with occult symbols and mysterious knowledge. On the cover of that journal is the silhouette of a six fingered hand.

gravity falls

In this series the characters all seem to have different numbers of fingers, from four to five. The one with six remains mysterious, although viewers conjecture that the character who wrote the journal is Old Man McGucket, who now is a deranged hillbilly but once was a brilliant inventor.

He constructed numerous devices, including a device the researcher believed could benefit all of humanity. However, the knowledge of the supernatural became too much for McGucket to handle, so he invented a device that would allow him to forget that he had learned about [sic]. He found himself much happier and created the Blind Eye Society to help others forget what they had seen. However, each wipe warped the mind of the subject, and his were so frequent he became a crazed lunatic by 1982, completely ignorant of his past. – wikia.com

Holy Moly – this stuff just writes itself!

Blind Eye Society. Just like the people of the world today, who turn a “blind eye” to the truth, and become “completely ignorant” of the past. Hilarious.

Note also that what drove this character mad was his increased knowledge of the supernatural. Secret history is exactly that.

One more point about McGucket – if he is the six fingered man that wrote the mysterious journal, that would mean that he cut off the sixth finger of each hand, for now he only has five. That becomes relevant in the real world later on in this discussion.

One Youtuber analyzes why it is that the characters of Gravity Falls have varying numbers of fingers. His answer is revealing.

The six fingered hand, which has come to represent the journals, is in fact a representation of complete knowledge of darkness and evil, what’s gained by achieving it, and what you lose when you do.

What this means, then, is that a character’s number of fingers relates directly to their degree of awareness, or knowledge of supernatural things – of darkness and evil – which also relates to their degree of innocence. Fewer fingers, less awareness. Therefore, McGucket had a high degree of such knowledge when he had six fingers, but when he removed the extra digits and erased his memory, he had less, and also went a bit goofy.

Whoo boy – it’s heating up.

And finally for our look into these references in the film industry, there’s a film company out of San Francisco that’s working on a movie right now that brings into the mix another element that helps tie all of this together. The name of that company is Six Finger Films. The synopsis of that movie is as follows:

six finger filmsFollowing an earthquake, a subterranean unlicensed medic meets a psych-ward escapee who claims to be a fallen angel.KickStarter.com

Ok – let’s summarize.

Six fingers, as related above, are associated with these qualities according to the MSM:

1.) Violence & Murder (Princess Bride).

2.) Demons & Hell (Defender comic books).

3.) Advanced knowledge of darkness and evil (Gravity Falls).

4.) Fallen angels (Six Finger Films).

Good gravy! Those are some disturbing associations. We’re going to take a look at why this is, next.


HOWRemember the old Cowboys and Indians movies? The Indians would always raise up a hand, palm out, and say “How.” Nobody ever explained the reason for this – it’s just a wave, right? In fact, we still do it today, although the way we do it is a much quicker version. In the movies, at least, the Indians would raise up their hand and hold it up, and expected the greeted party to do the same. Why would they do that?

I would answer that they were checking for the six fingered hand. And if you remember the list of associations that are connected to the six fingered hand, you will understand why they were checking for it. They wanted to know if the strange person they were greeting was friend or foe. They wanted to know if they were going to have a nice conversation, or a bloody battle.

Chuck Missler agrees with this idea, as can be seen in an excerpted speech here.

So who are these people with six fingers?

Giants! Or, in latter times, the human-sized descendants of the Giant bloodline.

We go back to Scriptures for an explanation of how this could be.

In the beginning, in Genesis, we learn that angels – referred to as the Sons of God – fell from grace by succumbing to their lust for human women. They mated with these women and produced offspring which were of great size, intelligence, and power, which lead to them becoming famous for their exploits (“men of renown”). There’s one other thing – they were also reported to be extremely evil and violent.

It is even reported in the Book of Enoch that their appetites were so great that when animal flesh became used up, “the giants turned against them and devoured all mankind” (chp. 7 verse 4).

So they were cannibals as well. Not a pretty picture.

Consider also Homer’s description of the cyclopean giants in his epic poem Odyssey. After Odysseus and his men become trapped in a cave with a cyclops and his giant sheep, the cyclops takes to bashing in the heads of two of Odysseus’s men at a time for his meals. This goes on until the mortal men blind the cyclops’ eye with a hot brand and escape the cave by holding onto the bellies of the giant sheep as they are let out of the cave by the now blind cyclops.

Some think of Homer’s Odyssey as purely fiction, but recent discoveries are changing views about the factual authenticity of what Homer described in his writings. For instance, the Trojan War is now considered historical fact by many, as well as the existence of the ancient city of Troy:

But most scholars agree that Troy itself was no imaginary Shangri-la but a real city, and that the Trojan War indeed happened. – National Geographic

If those were real, then perhaps so too the Cyclops.

We know from historical accounts and eyewitnesses that the Romans fought tribes of giants in what is now the British Isles and Germany. Both were fierce fighters on the battlefield, and terrible in demeanor and behavior.

The Gauls [Celts] are terrifying in aspect and their voices are deep and altogether harsh; when they meet together they converse with few words and in riddles, hinting darkly at things for the most part and using one word when they mean another; and they like to talk in superlatives, to the end that they may extol themselves and depreciate all other men. They are also boasters and threateners and are fond of pompous language, and yet they have sharp wits and are not without cleverness at learning…

They also observe a custom which is especially astonishing and incredible, in case they are taking thought with respect to matters of great concern; for in such cases they devote to death a human being and plunge a dagger into him in the region above the diaphragm,1 and when the stricken victim has fallen they read the future from the manner of his fall and from the twitching of his limbs, as well as from the gushing of the blood, having learned to place confidence in an ancient and long-continued practice of observing such matters. – Diodorus Siculus


But the terror the Romans felt at the Allia sprang not from the Celts’ height and armaments alone. These supermen also assaulted their eyes and ears with fierce looks, deep voices, and pre-battle antics. One of these antics called for some of the huge Celtic champions, when they were formed for battle, to step out in front of their lines, brandish their large weapons menacingly at their smaller adversaries and challenge the most valiant among them to single combat. We do not know whether any Romans accepted such a challenge at the Allia, but if they did, according to Celtic custom, each challenger would have then broken forth into a song praising the valiant deeds of his ancestors and boasting of his own high achievements, while at the same time reviling and belittling his opponent, and trying by such talk “to strip him of his bold spirit before the combat.”145 Not just the champion warriors, but the whole Celtic army took part in this psychological warfare. Beating their swords rhythmically against their shields, they assailed the enemy’s ears with a tumult of almost intolerable sound. – Giants, by Charles DeLoach

So what about the six fingers?

“In another battle with the Philistines at Gath, they encountered a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in all, who was also a descendant of the giants.” – 2 Samuel 21:20

There are other historical accounts that mention giants with six fingers (polydactylism was not always present, but it was an often mentioned trait of these creatures). But even more meaningful are the accounts from around the world of the discovery of giant skeletons, many of which exhibited the six-finger trait. Even though those skeletons have mysteriously vanished, many of these finds made it into newspaper articles at the time of the discoveries.

Many of these giant skeletons were uncovered right here in America, and to back up these finds, there were also eyewitness testimonies to the fact that giants once lived here.

Cabeza de Vaca, a Spanish Conquistador, told this account of giants they encountered in the wilds of Florida:

When we attempted to cross the large lake, we came under heavyattack from many giant Indians concealed behind trees. Some of our men were wounded in this conflict for which the good armor they wore did not avail. The Indians we had so far seen are all archers. They go naked, are large of body, and appear at a distance like giants. They are of admirable proportions, very spare and of great activity and strength. The bows they use are as thick as the arm, of eleven or twelve palms in length, which they discharge at two hundred paces with so great precision that they miss nothing.

indian faces giants

In addition, there is this account from Chief Rolling Thunder of the Commanches in 1857:

Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, ten feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys. They excelled every other nation which was flourished, either before or since, in all manner of cunning handicraft—were brave and warlike—ruling over the land they had wrested from its ancient possessors with a high and haughty hand. Compared with them the palefaces of the present day were pygmies, in both art and arms. They drove the Indians from their homes, putting them to the sword, and occupying the valleys in which their fathers had dwelt before them since the world began. At length, in the height of their power and glory, when they remembered justice and mercy no more and became proud and lifted up, the Great Spirit descended from above, sweeping them with fire and deluge from the face of the earth. The mounds we [i.e. the speaker Chief Rolling Thunder and his Spanish listener] had seen on the tablelands were the remnants of their fortresses, and the crumbling ruins that surrounded us all that remained of a mighty city.

From all of these accounts of the giants, a common string of characteristics plays out: cunning, terrible in appearance, harsh, using dark language and riddles, sharp witted, threatening, boastful and self-extolling, practitioners of human sacrifice, cannibalistic, experts at psychological warfare,  rich and powerful, rulers of the lands they stole and occupied, forgetting justice and mercy as they became more and more proud and lifted up.

I don’t know about you, but I know a group that exists today that fits that description to a T, and I know the reason why – because that group today are the children of the giants!

Genes Die Hard

Two Finger Flip

Two Finger Flip

As the giants conquered new territory and expanded their presence, they would interbreed with the humans that they were displacing and lording over. In time, the effect of this was that their main characteristic – huge size – diminished over time. But that didn’t mean that other traits didn’t remain, and the main one of those that did persist was the six fingered hand. That seemed to be the most stubborn characteristic that belied the genetic history of those in whom it could be found. A calling card, so to speak.

Interbreeding would lessen the occurrence of this polydactylism, but not stamp it out completely. In addition, it’s reasonable to conclude that the more genetic material from giants there is in a given bloodline, the more this trait is likely to pop up. Especially when the sixth finger is fully formed and functional – not exhibiting as a stunted relic.

six digits

Because the giants were the unrivaled rulers over whatever lands they invaded, and instituted the practice of kingship in the earth, traits linking one to them genetically is often viewed as auspicious – a sign of good luck. It’s just the opposite, in fact, a kind of curse – but this world only respects power and wealth, so a curse becomes a blessing.

One example of this is a testimony I found by a man on a forum about polydactylism. He is from Greece, and let’s not forget that Greece was a major stomping grounds for our notorious ancient giants. His account is as follows:

Six Fingers
Hey My name is Christos Meli I am from Athens,Greece. I now reside in the USA,I cam across your website and was wondering what having 6 fingers intales. I have 6 fingers on each hand.Every first born male in my bloodline on my fathers side to also had 6 fingers on each hand. My fathers bloodline originated in Nikosia,Cyprus.Well thats how far back I could find records.Over the years of trying to find why I have found out that when I was born In Athens the Doctor who was there when I was born went Bananas running up and down the hospital yelling the king is born.I have also found out that one of the Purest Royal bloodlines in Greece and Cyprus also all there first born sons had 6 fingers.The problem is I found this on the net searching archives years ago.The only problem with the archives is they don’t know anyone on the
bloodline after 1832 B.C.Which leaves me clueless.I cannot find this site for I think it’s shut down.But I would like some answer to weather or not this indeed means I am of royal descent. – http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com

A king is born? Only if there is vestigial cultural memory that six fingers are related to the ancient kings – the giants.

Below is another story that links six fingers with having good luck. Here, it is a family out of Brazil in which every member has six fully formed, fully functional fingers.

Hate to break it to you, Da Silva family, but you’ve got giants in your family tree. You might want to shake them out!

But again – as you can see, that’s not a bad thing in their mind. They see it as a sign of pride and good luck.

If this happens in China, I’m sure they would call that person a “Dragon Child,” because this is an indication of the Dragon Bloodline, an ancient bloodline going all the way back to the beginning, to the fallen angels and Cain. It’s also called the serpent seedline, the Brotherhood of the Snake, Great White Brotherhood, and many others. It is the seedline of the Illuminati, who are the protectors of its secrets, which is why you cannot find any skeletons of giants anywhere – because according to them, giants never existed.

That’s OK, liars. We know better. Besides, we don’t need giant skeletons to know that giants existed. We have the six fingered hand.

And also the six toed foot. That one even shows up in movie stars from time to time.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to go public, before she was famous and still went by the name Norma Jean. In a photo shoot with Joseph Jasgur, who did the shoot as a favor for a friend, she is shown clearly with six toes on her left foot. In later shoots she is shown with five toes on both feet. Most people argue that this is proof she only ever had 5 toes on both feet. To me it is proof that she later had the extra digit removed – a pattern that seems to be repeated in Hollywood when this anomaly is accidentally “discovered” by photojournalists.

Up next is Halle Berry. This photo shows clearly that she had six toes at the time this picture was taken.


I say “had” because later she shows up on a talk show in which she just had to show her feet to the cameras and audience. Now why would anyone do that? Because she had to show everyone that she only had five toes – which of course must mean that she only ever had five toes, right? Right?? People are so stupid.

Why don’t they just lop off that extra digit before they become famous?? Derp!

That’s what Gemma Aterton did. She even admitted this in an interview. “I was born with six fingers” she admitted. “It’s my little oddity that I’m really proud of.”

Why proud? Because it’s a mark of royal bloodline – the bloodline of kings, of giants.

Here’s another royal that has the extra digits – Oprah!


oprah big

Clear as a bell and undeniable.

Descendants of the giants occupy the positions of highest wealth, fame, and power, just as their giant forebears once occupied lands of the human predecessors before them. They are hybrids – part human, and part something else – something that is definitely alien to the humans on planet earth. They have inherited in their blood the infamous characteristics of the giants, as discussed above. Those high positions are reserved for them, and them alone. As George Carlin once said about this reality: It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!

And to them it’s just a great big joke – a joke that’s on you. Mel Brooks revealed this fact in typical malevolent Hollywood fashion by attaching a prosthetic sixth finger to his left hand when he “sank his hands and feet into cement in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Monday — a ritual followed by decades of movie legends.” Oh yeah, it’s a ritual alright. A ritual of mockery. They know what it means, but no one else does. Buahahaha – real funny.


So beware the six fingered hand, and add on to that the six toed foot. For those that display those signs are not your friend. They are your mortal enemy, and have been at war with mankind since the dawn of time.

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lincoln 1

Suspend disbelief for a few moments, if you will, and consider some possibilities.

Consider the possibility that there might be a reason why the media is replete with stories comparing Obama with Lincoln and Kennedy. There might be a reason why even Obama himself has made such comparisons, as discussed in the article linked here.

In 2009, while in Springfield, Illinois for the President’s Day festivities, Obama said this:

It’s a humbling task, marking the bicentennial of our 16th president’s birth — humbling for me in particular because it’s fair to say that the presidency of this singular figure who we celebrate in so many ways made my own story possible. – source article

That same article goes on to say this:

There are, in fact, some parallels. Both had distant fathers and were raised in families of few means. Both had curiosity, devouring studies. Both became lawyers and settled in Illinois. Both got their start in Illinois state politics, served only a short time in Congress and upset political giants in their long-shot bids for the presidency. Lincoln narrowly bested William H. Seward and Obama, well, remember Hillary Rodham Clinton? Funny thing is, both Seward and Clinton were U.S. senators from New York.

Yeah, funny. What if there is another parallel – one which hasn’t happened yet. One which all these comparisons are harbingers of?

NBC News correspondent Kevin Tibbles even said it was not a coincidence that the release of the Steven Spielberg movie ‘Lincoln’ came the same week Barack Obama was re-elected. – The Daily Sheeple
Funny that Spielberg is mentioned in the Lincoln connection:
As for Kennedy?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is paying tribute to John F. Kennedy two days before the 50th anniversary of his assassination by honoring two of the slain president’s lasting initiatives and visiting his grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

At the White House on Wednesday, Obama is to bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom on more than a dozen prominent Americans, including former President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Kennedy established the modern version of the medal in the months before he was shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. – Huffington Post

kennedy_obamaSuspend disbelief and consider that perhaps there are no coincidences, and that all that happens, happens for a reason. Consider the possibility that we are all being set up for something BIG.


Consider the focus of the evening news lately on police killings of unarmed black men (and black boys, as in Cleveland). Should these incidents receive attention – absolutely. But as we should all realize by now, the MSM only focuses on stories “they” want people to keep in the front of their minds. There are countless stories every day and hour they could cover, but only those that are useful to the Powers That Be ever see airtime.

That’s why we always need to notice what it is that the MSM is covering – that tells us what messages they are trying to get across. In this instance, what they are trying to do is draw a connection in our minds between Obama, Kennedy, and Lincoln, while concurrently hitting us with story after story of white police violence against unarmed blacks. Hmmm, I wonder why they would want to do that?
Just ask yourself this: What would happen today if there was an assassination attempt against Obama? What would happen if the shooter was a white male? What would happen if the news coverage said that the white male was a racist?

Boom! Race riots, guaranteed.

Even if the attempt was not fatal, it wouldn’t matter. There’s already so much racial tension from all the unfortunate incidents with white police killing black men. It’s a powder keg waiting to blow. And let’s not forget the other repeating story that sets the stage for a successful attempt by a “lone wolf” shooter – all the stories about incompetence and lapses in security by Secret Service personnel.

Joe Clancy, the interim director of the U.S. Secret Service, said that the agency has been “severely damaged in recent years by failures” and explained some key mistakes made by the Secret Service when a fence jumper was able to run inside the White House two months ago. – CNN

See the patterns. Obama is like Lincoln. Obama is like Kennedy. Obama will suffer a headwound, like Kennedy and Lincoln. White police are killing black men. White shooter attacks the black President. Because of a history of security lapses in the Secret Service, the shooter succeeds in breaching their perimeter.

It’s a script waiting to be acted out. I’m not saying here that it will be – just because they seem to be setting this up doesn’t mean it will be carried out. But if they did carry it out, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to those who are observant. The predictive programming is theirs, not ours. We just need to stay watchful and read the signs they are giving us.

Below are a few other videos to consider.

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