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Liberals, what do you stand for?

I think I know what they’d say. Social Justice. Inclusivity. Diversity.

But I know the real answer.


They stand for nothing, because they go for anything. Everything is included in their world – except the ones who stand for something. They don’t include those people.


But they are gung ho for everything else. Gay marriage? You bet! Higher taxes? Always, and the more the better. Transgender bathrooms? Well, absolutely! Nothing is too depraved or perverted for these amoral degenerates.

I call them “amoral” because of what the definition of amoral states:

– lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.

To be moral, you need to differentiate – right from wrong, good from evil. That ability to make discernments has been washed from their minds. They literally have lost the ability to make moral distinctions from the mind control they’ve been subjected to. They’ve become amoral degenerates, because that is what the controllers want our population to be. It’s as simple as that.

As I’ve said before, the place this mind control happens most effectively is at universities. Liberal ideology is cemented into the heads of most students before graduation, and most will never reverse that mind control ever for the rest of their lives. They learn their liberalism BS, they learn to be good corporate slaves, and then they go off to one or another city to work for these corporations, because that’s where the corporations live as well. Parasites, working for bigger parasites – it’s a match made in hell.

Other’s become liberals by watching the mind control that Hollyweird produces. Hollyweird is like the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda. They are the ones that subtly introduce liberal core concepts way before those concepts actually manifest in society. They’ve been showing gay households as being normal for decades. Political correctness has been a core in Hellywood for a long time as well, as has been the concept of broken families. Christians are portrayed as either mentally retarded, or as crazed lunatics. They portray women as smart and strong while showing men (especially white men) as being effeminate, stupid, and weak. That’s Hollyweird’s idea of “normal,” and they’re hoping it will become your idea of normal too.

So, why do the elite want everyone to become a liberal idiot? Go back to the title of this post – If You Go For ANYTHING, You Stand For NOTHING. It’s really just that simple.

The elites don’t want strong minded, independent people in society. They don’t want people who retain the ability to discern right from wrong. They don’t want people who have bullshit detection intact. And they certainly don’t want people growing up in strong, intact, heterosexual families. They want weak, sobbing, effeminate liberals, who will go for ANYTHING, no matter how idiotic, nonsensical, or harmful it will end up being for everyone but the elite. They want individuals who will swallow everything that’s forced down their throats as long as it is sold to them as being hip, progressive, radical, or just “in.”

15135751_1241671195880089_9216463038142193399_nThey want open borders for illegals to enter, and who cares how many hoards come in. They welcome young adult Muslim men from war torn countries, and, aww hell, no need for background checks. Everyone loves us liberals, because we love EVERYONE (except non-liberals, of course). White people are evil and privileged, but minorities are ‘Da Bomb! They pretend to be anti-corporation, but as we have already well established, most liberals are corporate slaves, so we can’t take them seriously on that issue. And the thing the liberals love to do the most is correctly recite the alphabet-soup acronym for gay rights that is ever growing, so no one really knows at what point a new letter has been added: LGBTQ…I…ABCDEFGHI, you get the drift. Please, for the love of God, enough with that.


Liberals love to show how “open” they are to any new concept or behavior. They call it being “progressive.” I call it being stupid. There’s nothing wrong with considering a new concept or behavior – for considering is discerning the merits of it. But that’s not what liberals do – because they can’t. That ability has been erased from their minds through conditioning. They’ve drunk the kool aid, so to speak. Now all they can do is shout the liberal slogans that have been drilled into their head:

  1. “Your rights end where my feelings begin!”
  2. “Diversity is strength!”
  3. “Build mosques, not bombs!”
  4. “Not my president!”


The overlords couldn’t be happier with their agenda to spread the cancer of liberalism far and wide. I’m sure they laugh from their ivory towers as they watch these liberal sheep bleating their way to their own destruction. They run like lemmings to the cliff’s edge, checking with each other to make sure that no one is offended, totally oblivious that reality is about to snatch them right out of existence.

They’ve been separated not only from their own mental faculties of moral reasoning, but they’ve been cut off from a connection to God. No person that truly believes in the existence of God would act and think like liberals do. That particular truth is what pleases the overlords most of all. When they’ve separated you from your creator, that’s when they have you. You’ve lost your only defense.

Tick tock, liberals. The clock is running out.

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They Live, and they're reading your evening news!

They Live, and they’re reading your evening news!

You know that saying? “The eyes are the window to the soul.” If that’s the case, then what can we say about the souls of the people in the videos below?

I know what I’d say about them – they’re the souls of the damned.

These people are not like you or me. That’s why they – not you or me – are on the television. Normal people don’t make it onto the television unless they are interviewed for some story or other. The rest are themand They Live!

Remember that movie? You should really watch it because it’s telling you the truth on many levels. Hollyweird will do that, strangely enough. It tells you the truth, but only in the fictional format of movies. And in that movie you will notice that the television news station is filled with them – the others, the monsters. The controllers. The serpents. The same is true in reality, and if you cannot see that truth after watching the videos below, then you will never see the truth.

In the movie They Live!, the protagonist can only see the others after discovering a box of sunglasses that allows him to de-mask their artificial veil. The videos here are the same concept – these individuals mostly appear entirely normal, but these rare malfunctions briefly peel back their cloaks and allow us to see them for who they really are. Hissssssssssssss!


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Just to set everything straight from the get go – here’s the direct quote from Pacman concerning gays:

“It’s common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female?” he said. “The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.” – Time

Now, if you search the net, you will find very quickly that the first thing most reports on his statement did was to twist his words. He said that if we approve of homosexuality, then “man is worse than animals.” That’s all who approve of that behavior, gay or not.

But that’s not how it was reported. Immediately the headlines read “Pacquiao says that gays are ‘worse than animals.'” Because that’s what the MSM does – it lies and distorts the truth.

And let’s not forget that there is a gay agenda afoot, a monumental push for the normalizing of aberrant (and abhorrent) behavior by Washington, Hollywood, and the MSM, utilizing the technique of shaming anyone into submission who veers from the party line, with political correctness as the favored tool to complete the job.

That’s what you hear in the following clip in spades – libtards using political correctness in an attempt to shame Pacquiao for having the audacity, the sheer impudence, to speak the truth. No one should ever apologize for speaking the truth. Truth stands on it’s own. Lies have to be propped up by endless repetition until the resistance to it becomes exhausted. That’s the job of libtards like those here on The Lip TV – or the ones on The Young Turds, I mean, “Turks” – all libtards spew the same drivel, and none of them are worthy of your attention.

When the male libtard in the clip below insists that the statements of the Bible concerning homosexuality are “not tenable,” he’s putting the “tard” in “libtard.” It’s not exactly a surprise – politically correct libtards are, by definition, God-haters. They have no regard for God, or his word.

And, of course, by taking a stand and speaking truth to a world that is sold out to the lies which it loves, Pacquiao has paid a heavy price. Not only has he been thoroughly denounced globally for his comments, he has taken a hit in the pocket book as well – Nike quickly dropped him after he made those comments, which Nike referred to as “abhorrent,” stating that it “strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community.” Yes – Nike, being a corporation, supports a Godless agenda. What a friggin’ surprise.

There is clearly no common sense left in this disgusting world. Keep on fighting the good fight, Pacman – the liars will never win.



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Yes, sometimes even liars tell the truth, but professional liars will always mix truth into their lies. They know that this is the best way for their lies to get past our defenses.

The Bloodlines that rule us are professional liars – liars extraordinaire,  you could say. They know that knowledge is power, so they like to keep most knowledge to themselves, such as true earth history, for example.

One part of earth history that not many know about is that giants used to exist. Those giants are the ancient relatives of the bloodlines that currently rule the earth. They were known to be bloodthirsty in battle, cannibals, and sacrificed humans to their gods – also like the current rulers of the earth. Isn’t that peachy? What a nice family they make.

renders-rockThose giants were reported to often have odd, cone-shaped heads. Even when their giant stature diminished through interbreeding with humans, the cone shaped heads would occasionally show up here and there.

Examples of these anomalous skulls can still be found in certain museums in South America – I guess the Smithsonian’s reach doesn’t extend that far, or else those remains would be secreted away to whatever dusty underground chamber the rest of the taboo contraband goes to. Whenever an artifact pops up that reveals the truth about history, especially their history, that artifact mysteriously disappears – *poof* – like it never even existed.

For example, here in my state of Wisconsin, there is this story about strange skeletons of giant men with cone-shaped heads and double rows of teeth found in a burial mound in 1912. “Gee,” one might think, “I’d really like to go take a look at those. What museum are they kept in?”

The answer – NONE!

You can’t find them. They don’t exist – well, not anymore at least. Not as far as you or I are concerned. But remember – others can still be viewed in South America – at least for now. The skull below is an example.

Look at THAT noggin!

Look at THAT noggin!

Yes, the ancient ancestors of our ruling elite were really some freaks. In addition to cone shaped heads and double rows of teeth, they were also known to have six digits – creepy! No wonder they want to keep this a secret. I would be embarrassed about this myself, if I were them. Thank God I’m not.

They keep it a secret, but sometimes they reveal it in the most unlikely and unanticipated ways.

Take Hollyweird, for instance. They reveal a lot of truth in the movies that come from Hollyweird – which is entirely owned and controlled by these same freaks.

The name itself is revealing. I first heard this from Freeman (of the Freeman Perspective). I don’t know if he discovered this, or if the credit belongs elsewhere – I only know I’ve only heard this from him.

“Hollywood” is made up of “Holly” and “wood,” or the wood of the Holly tree. That’s not all that interesting, until you realize that traditionally the wands of magicians were typically made from Holly wood. Chew on that for a minute.

That does seem to be the purpose of Hollywood – the casting of spells with the magician’s wand. Mind control, right? That’s why the movie industry is in bed with the Pentagon, and if you don’t believe it, just do the research – it’s no secret. They use movies to shape our minds, and instill our values – one of the reasons why the world is so screwed up. Hollywood movies are everywhere – you could say they are “Universal.”

And, often, you can find truth in movies that can be found no where else. Unfortunately, almost no one believes these truths when they are put in movies – which is why they are there at all. See, the ruling elite don’t put truth in movies so that you will learn the truth. They put truth in movies so that you will ignore it, and in doing so they mock you. The truth is right there in front of your face, and you don’t even see it.

Putting truth in a fictional format like movies gives them plausible deniability. The truth is in there, but they will never admit it. But if you have eyes to see it, you will know what I’m talking about.

Let’s go back to the topic we started with – coneheaded freaks with multiple rows of teeth. Hmmm, let’s see…. what movie does that remind us of?

There it is – they know the truth. As Mr. Conehead says, “There were no records… where we come from.” I know where you come from, you freaks. You’re not fooling me.

Oh, there’s another inconvenient truth that this movie alludes to – the truth that we’ve probably never went to the moon, and we’re all just chumps for believing that we did.

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One of the most talented comedians of all time breaks the spell of Hollywood, and reveals the true nature of that beast in this candid interview.

Freeman exposed what the meaning of the word “Hollywood” truly is: magicians throughout history have typically used the wood of the holly tree in fashioning their magic wands to be used in casting spells – holly/wood. And casting spells is exactly what Hollywood was created for.

I gave Harry a wand made of  holly wood back in 1990, when I first drafted chapter six of  ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’ It was not an arbitrary decision. – J.K. Rowling

In battling evil, excess is good; for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth. He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath. – Kahlil Gibran





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Olympus_Has_Fallen_posterI’m sure you’ve heard of this movie by now, if not seen it. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but was tipped off to the plot of it by Dahboo77 on Youtube.

The plot of the movie is basically that terrorist elements attack and capture the White House, code named Olympus, thus, Olympus Has Fallen. I won’t even go into all the ancient Greece symbolism here – there’s just not time for it, but they love to use that stuff.

The point of interest here is this: the terrorists are – hold onto your seat – Korean. Specifically, North Korean. Really? Yes, really.

Seems odd, doesn’t it? Seems like an odd choice to me on where a “successful” attack against D.C. would come from. And just in time too, because now everyone has a dose of conditioning to view North Koreans as “terrorists,” because they attacked the White House in that movie. And if you think that some Americans are not too dim to miss this glaring attempt to sway their opinions, then you would be dead wrong. And check out that burning flag in the poster – are they trying to tell us something about the future of our country?

It’s amazing to me how thin the veil is becoming nowadays – A little over one month is short lead time for psychological conditioning through a movie, but hey, maybe they don’t have much time anymore for planning ahead, and people’s memories aren’t what they used to be – not to mention attention spans.

The release date of this movie (3/22) was also an important date that a lot of people were watching for a significant event. Nothing happened, other than the release of this movie. But maybe that was enough, considering current events as they are. As for the date, there’s many connections that make it significant, but the most important is it’s connection to Skull & Bones, a notorious secret society that Papa and Jr Bush were members of, as well as Bush’s cousin, the illustrious John Kerry. Thick as thieves, these.250px-Bones_logo

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