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If you think the only way to control guns is by banning them, you’re mistaken.

Simply by controlling the price of ammunition, as discussed in the video below, the government can go a long way towards having a suppressive effect on the exercise of gun rights – because rights must be exercised to be effective. If you don’t go to the range and throw lead at targets, it really doesn’t matter at all if you own a gun or not. If your not proficient in using the gun,  owning it means nothing.

The government knows this, of course. Price control on ammunition, especially formerly cheap, practice ammunition like 22lr rounds, is essentially a backdoor means to gun control while avoiding the riskier approach of direct confrontation through gun confiscation. These snakes have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, do not doubt it.

First they made ammo scarce, perhaps through the mega-purchases government agencies notoriously made in recent years. Or, perhaps, through collusion. The means matters not. They’ve created scarcity, and scarcity causes inflation.

As stated in the video, a 500 round box of .22lr ammo went for $18.99 before the shortage, but a recent internet search revealed that the best current price for this same ammo is now $41.50 – better than a 100% increase!

Now, even though that scarcity has mostly subsided, the prices have clearly not returned to their formerly low figures – which effectively prices out a huge chunk of the population, those who can no longer afford to practice shooting on a regular basis due to higher ammo costs, and who will see a precipitous decline in their shooting skills as a result. Thanks, government.

Video is by poisonstinger

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