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I was watching a Kent Hovind seminar recently, and he made mention of the Columbine shooting and the gun control debate it sparked at the time.

He remarked that Rosie O’Donnell came on her show afterwards and began promoting gun control as the solution. Boy, how times haven’t changed!

Hovind then said “Ah, Rosie… those kids broke 18 gun laws going into that school. Two more gun laws would not have slowed them down.”

O’Donnell’s is the same lapse in critical thinking and logic still in operation today by the gun control Nazis. Take guns away from law abiding people and criminals will still always be able to get guns, one way or another. It’s the criminals, stupid, NOT the guns.

Hovind told about the time he saw this quote, while driving, painted on the face of a van’s rear tire cover:

Blaming guns for Columbine is like blaming spoons for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.

The guns are not the problem – the criminals are, even the criminals that are proposing taking away our God given rights to protect ourselves however and with whatever we choose. God given rights cannot be revoked by men – period. But don’t expect that the liars won’t try.

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Video is by KijaniAmariAK

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