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Yes, Americans! Bend an ear to this tale of courage and valor!

Our code enforcers are vigilant in their oaths to “serve and protect.” But exactly who they are serving and protecting seems up for debate – it doesn’t appear to be who they say it is. In other words, it’s not you nor I, my friends.

Can it get any more surreal than this? Honestly? Little girls can no longer sell lemonade at the curb without acquiring a permit that costs $150 smackaroos? Even the girls’ mother said “I think that’s ridiculous,” to which the newscaster responds, “Ridiculous or not, it’s the law,” and of course all “good” Americans have been conditioned to fear and obey the law, ridiculous or not. This country has lost it. Do we need anymore evidence than this?

Below the article for this story was a comment by a viewer that bears repeating here:

…the world is officially insane.

and then this comment in response:

Not the world…just this screwed up money hungry government. All across this globe people sell goods on side of roads and in towns I would bet anything they don’t need permits or health inspection..
This is about power and greed and this is not the country I fought two tours for in Vietnam…this is exactly what I was fighting against.
This is why they fear us veterans…we know the truth.

Policemen – if you enforce rubbish codes like this, then you are serving the criminal elite and are beneath regard. Cease and desist, return to decency, or have hell to pay. No man is above the payment for his sins – and the “wages of sin is death” – Romans 6:23.

Just the other day another low-life cop was caught on video – also in Texas (curious) – pulling a teenage girl around by her hair like she was his dog or something. Do we need further examples?

There have been scores of stories recently about abusive behaviors of these little tyrants with Napoleon complexes, getting out of line in the execution of their duties. These are symptoms of a nation in decline. Weep for America – she has fallen.

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This is for those of you out there that believe in having a moral compass, in doing right, and not selling out to this world of lies and selfish interests. This guy expresses a world-weary disgust that I can definitely relate to:

I say let it burn, let it flood, and let it come. I’m so ready to get out of this evil, forsaken planet… it’s just a bunch of filth! A bunch of people that could care less about God. A bunch of people that just want to fill up their own coffers… completely out of touch with God, completely out of touch with what reality truly is… like a rat just trying to get their little piece of cheese. It is sick! The world that we live in has just become like Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.
Matthew 24:12


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There was a time when the title of this post was not true. At that time, being a good American was synonymous with being a good Christian. These were interdependent concepts. You could not be one without being the other.

But those days are gone. Oh, how times have changed!

This new America is an upside down America. Inversion and perversion are the order of the day.

Good is now evil, and evil is good.

Therefore, to be a good American, one must be a terrible Christian by default.

For example: I’ve known¬† Christian Americans who will fly the American flag everyday, religiously, but who never mention the name of the Messiah, nor what he did, nor what he said.

Good Americans.

Terrible Christians.

I’ve seen Americans driving brand new SUVs pass by a homeless man standing at the terminus of an exit ramp holding a sign saying “I’m a Veteran – please help.” In fact, I sat behind 4 such vehicles in this instance in Dallas, TX, and each one passed by the man as if he wasn’t even there. Were they all Christians? Who knows, but this was Texas, after all. I’m sure at least some of them were. And you can’t tell me they lacked the means to help.

I don’t remember Christ ever saying that it was our “privilege” as Christians to turn aside the needy when they were asking for help. As far as I see it, if all wealth comes from God (and it does), and you have been blessed enough to earn money that week, you are beholden to give some of it when asked in the instance when the Lord puts a beggar in your path. That is, if you call yourself a “Christian.” Those people in front of me were not Christians, regardless of what they professed.

They were good Americans, though. Good Americans hate the homeless. To them, the homeless are lazy bums. They want to live that way. This is the land of abundance, and opportunities are equally available to all, so there’s no excuse for not being rich. Excuse me while I puke.

As Christians we are instructed to make ourselves small, meek, the least of all.

Not Americans today. Oh no.

big dealAmericans are now, as a rule, puffed up with pride. They’re all top dogs. They all come first. It’s “Me-Monsters” on parade all across this once great land (creds to Brian Regan for that moniker). “Me first!” is their battle cry as they barge out into the teaming masses. I don’t even know how it’s possible for everyone to come first, but that doesn’t stop these selfish idiots from expecting it – just watch them on the roadways sometime and you’ll catch the drift in a big hurry.

It’s no surprise this epidemic of selfishness is blighting this country. Look no further than the parents for the source.

Somewhere along the line (I would wager right around the publication of Benjamin Spock’s best-selling book) parents stopped disciplining their children, and began to tell them that they were special, that they had sunshine and rainbows shooting out of their butts, and they could do no wrong.

And the children, naturally, believed it.

Then, when they went out into the real world, the real world of course begged to differ. But that didn’t stop them from continuing in this fallacious belief – they just had to assert themselves more forcefully. Now we have the spectacle of Me-Monsters everywhere pushing and shoving each other in their futile endeavors to all be at the top of the heap. That’s what good Americans do.

DeficiencyChristians don’t spare the rod in rearing their children, for to spare the rod is to “spoil” the child. Spoil, in this context, is identical to it’s meaning regarding food. Spoiled food is useless. The same goes for spoiled children. They are no use to themselves, anyone else, or God.

To make matters worse, many parents today don’t even raise their own kids. Now nannys and schools take care of that job. Society tells parents that the both of them must work, and by golly, they do! Can’t sacrifice our standard of living to participate in the growth and rearing of our own children – we’ll farm that job out to surrogates instead! Money is our God – we’re good Americans!!

Is it any wonder that in a nation of infantile, me-first morons, competition is glorified? There can only be one winner, and everyone thinks it will be them! To the narcissist, only competition can be understood. Cooperation is inconceivable. But not to the Christian.

The early church, according to the book of Acts, shared all that each had communally and broke down all distinctions between themselves. No one was special. No one was a “cut above” anyone else. God is not a respecter of persons, nor should Christians be.

That concept will never fly with good Americans.

The path that was once shared by good Americans and Christians has become permanently split, and now each must go their separate ways – one to everlasting life, and the other to everlasting shame and contempt.





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Black Friday Stampede or Zombie Apocalypse?

In my last post the subject was gratitude and the holiday of Thanksgiving. Today, it’s the other side of that coin. In our world of duality, I guess that should come as no surprise to anyone.

Word is going around about this tweet which now has over 2000 forwards. It reads: “Black Friday: Only in America do people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

Welcome to the other side of the coin.

From gratitude straight to greed. Now, I understand that being a world stamped with a dual nature everyone has the potential for both gratitude and greed within them. It’s just the rapidity with which the coin is flipped that leaves one a bit breathless. Really? In just one day? Yup – apparently so. Maybe it’s a sign of the times that such extremes can be bridged with such speed, a sign perhaps that psychosis has become more the norm than stability or sanity.

It’s true that not everyone, everywhere acts this way. But it does seem to be a behavior somewhat unique to my country. Sure, in Africa people may trample each other for food – people that are already starving. But in America people trample others to death for flat screen TVs and cellphones. It’s behavior that’s really hard to suss.

Part of the blame resides squarely on the retailers that have adopted this day as their biggest sale of the year. In that I can see more than a little malevolence and mockery. It’s not like the dichotomy has never occurred to them. That kind of proximity doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by intent. And the effects of that intent become manifest in stories like this. Do they get a devilish pleasure in seeing the ignorant, ego-driven masses fight over baubles?¬† Instead of aiding to raise people up, they contrive to bring them low. Disgusting. Wake up Americans – you’re being degraded. Publicly. Wake up and locate your integrity, then cease partaking in this spectacle. I can dream, can’t I?

Perhaps it’s not a dream, not entirely. Mindfulness can be cultivated with care and persistence over time, and it can also strike suddenly. It’s my bet that more than one person shopping on that day woke up due to the base behavior transpiring around them. They woke up, felt instant revulsion, and ran away never to return to another Black Friday sale.

And why do you think they call it “Black” Friday? Because there is no light in it.

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