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It’s really a match made in heaven.

Two low-life liars, getting paid to deceive the public. Giffords, who lies about having been shot in the head and being mentally and physically impaired, and Kelly, who is a retired astro-not, did his time working as a NAShole for NASA, an organization which lies about damn near everything.

And for those who think “If it’s on the news it’s TRUE!”: don’t forget that FOX news won a case against two former journalists it fired when they refused to falsify their facts on a story about Monsanto they were working on for the media company. Basically the judge ruled against the journalists, citing that it was the news organization’s choice whether or not to report ethically. Meaning – it’s not illegal for news networks to lie. Still think Giffords was shot in the head? You’re a putz if you do.

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Well, its all over now. And as I should just be thankful for that, I can’t help but mourn the loss of what I perceive as the last vestige of hope my country had clung to – the hope that en masse, people might choose to bow out of continued participation in this whole charade.  Like some, I am not a believer in the two-party system anymore. It’s not as if Romney would have been a better result. When I investigate my response to this outcome, I guess what troubles me the most is how many people voted for Obama, how many people celebrated his victory, in fact, what troubles me most is how many people continue to vote at all. They cannot see the collusion, they cannot see the manipulation, they cannot accept the fact that they have all been allocated to the dust bin of history already. No, most have much too much pride to ever accept that reality. They prefer to continue to believe that One Citizen = One Vote, that elections are real, that fraud only happens in Banana Republics. Ha! Wake up and smell the Tyranny!

And what about Obama? What about all that he promised to do during his first campaign? How many promises did he actually deliver on? Let’s just say that I’ve been fired from jobs where my performance was infinitely higher than this man’s, and not only did he keep his job full-term, but his contract has just been renewed. And, unbelievably, people cheered his contract renewal… I’m sorry, but that is incomprehensible. I can’t understand the mind of someone who would do that… I write about mindfulness, consciousness, wakeful presence. I try to cultivate those same qualities in my own life. When I see what we all saw this week, those cheering a man that has accomplished nothing other than to drive more nails into America’s coffin, I see people that are only too happy to drink the somnambulance-inducing Kool-Aid.  “That’s a good boy. There, there. Drink it all down. Isn’t it so sweet?” Yum, yum.

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