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Get ready for a whopper of an “Aha!” moment…

Without preamble, consider the two photos below:

Kaaba at Mecca

Kaaba at Mecca

Magnet with Iron Filings

Magnet with Iron Filings

Now I ask you, is there anything about the first picture that could be accidental in any way? Is it just by some strange coincidence that Islamic pilgrims in the first photo are arranged in precisely the same way that iron filings arrange themselves around a magnet? Or are they in fact engaged in a ritual that was meant expressly to mimic just such a natural phenomena? If so, then why?

I think there is an answer, and a brother in Christ on youtube is the one that gets the credit (actually, all credit goes to God, as I’m sure he would agree).  His handle there is theytell toomanylies  (awesome title).

The second photo above he included in this video about all the waters that have been turning red around the world as of late –  I highly recommend that you watch it. But for now I will just summarize his explanation of that phenomenon.

The media explains this effect in various ways, but the most common explanation is that the reddened waters are caused by algae blooms. TTTML (theytelltoomanylies) agrees in part with this, but points out that there is much more significance to it than that explanation seems to suggest.

The redness in the water is not caused by algae, he says. It is caused by iron – the same chemical element that gives blood its color (that becomes important in a moment).  Once that iron floods into the water, then it is attacked and consumed by iron bacteria: “Bacteria known to feed on iron include Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Leptospirillum ferrooxidans.” – wiki

Once the iron is consumed, so too the redness that is caused by its presence. That would explain why the redness doesn’t last, and the news story fades away for that particular location.

But what is causing the sudden surfeit of iron in the waters in various places? What is causing that is the same thing that will link red waters with the two photos at the top of this post.



A magnet is doing it, says TTTML. A massive one. Iron is highly magnetic, so it should be one of the first materials to be affected by the presence of a titanic magnet. It is also the most abundant material on earth, by mass. For this reason, TTTML believes that it is being pulled up to the surface of the earth by the approach of the mother of all magnets, which has been known by many names throughout history: The Destroyer, Nibiru, Wormwood, Nemesis, The Day Star, Planet X, The Planet of the Crossing, among others.

So how big is this magnet? It’s at least three times as big in circumference as Jupiter, and infinitely more dense as it is thought to be a brown dwarf star. And it is highly magnetic. Certainly magnetic enough to pull some grains of iron proud of the surface of the earth, I would think.

There’s another possible cause for the increased presence of iron. Nibiru is theorized to be surrounded by a vast iron oxide cloud – an envelope that trails it, but is also pushed out ahead of it as it makes its way through our solar system. If this is true, then that iron oxide dust should infiltrate our atmosphere and reveal itself in various ways, such as the reddened waters, reddish skies, red rain, and the settling out of red dust. The last example has recently been reported in Texas.

“One of the first visible signs of this encounter was the reddening of the earth’s surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. In sea, lake, and river this pigment gave a bloody coloring to the water. Because of these particles of ferruginous or other soluble pigment, the world turned red.” – Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision

If TTTML is right about this, than the increase in the occurrence of red waters, freak weather, earthquakes, volcanism, sink holes, fish die-offs, flooding and drought, all seem to be telltales heralding the approach of an object that was worshipped by the ancients – out of fear of its effects, I would think, and in hopes that when it returned again it would be more kind than the last time around. And it will return, if it is a binary twin to Sol, our sun. But maybe their worship was misplaced:


  • Origins 8:3





winged globe crop circlechryslerAnd that brings us back to the first picture of Mecca. The object of praise at that site, housed within the Kaaba,  is called the “Black Stone”. It is the holy object they bow to when they pray each day. So what is this Black Stone, anyway?

Its physical appearance is that of a fragmented dark rock, polished smooth by the hands of millions of pilgrims. Islamic tradition holds that it fell from Heaven to show Adam and Eve where to build an altar. Although it has often been described as a meteorite, this hypothesis is now uncertain. – wiki

Black Stone at Kaaba

Black Stone at Kaaba

“Islamic tradition holds that it fell from Heaven…”

Is it possible that this stone fell during a previous passage of the brown dwarf star, the huge “magnet in the sky,” and that this is why the ritual at Mecca resembles nothing more closely than the behavior of iron filings surrendering to the irresistible pull of a magnet? Kind of makes you go “hmmm…”

Back to the issue of red water. I’ve heard other believers out there say that the water turning red points to biblical prophecy, such as in Rev 8:8 “And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood.” I was never convinced myself, because the water is not “blood” per se, it’s only red like blood.

Yangtze River, China

Yangtze River, China

But in the view presented here, it is a bit more compelling that it is in alignment with prophecy, at least as a foreshadow,  because the chemical in blood that makes it red is the same chemical turning these waters red also – Fe, iron. Blood, after all, is mostly water – 92% by volume. Therefore, is it going out on a limb to say that these waters are turning to blood? That’s for each to decide for themselves.

“When blood drops upon the Earth the DESTROYER will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and the seas will boil. The heavens will burn brightly and redly. There will be a copper hue over the face of the land followed by a day of darkness. – Kolbrin Bible











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