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Sheriff David Clarke holds the spot light of truth in CNN’s globalist-stooge Don Lemon’s eyes, and he can’t take the heat. This is how every guest that’s not a liar themselves should do it when given the platform to speak on Main Stream Media. The globalists are pushing Obama’s lies about racism in the police force to generate civil chaos, and so far it’s working. But as Clarke so poignantly points out in this exchange, the facts don’t back up that claim. To wit:





The truth is that blacks are infinitely more likely to be killed by another black, than by police. I guess black lives matter only to non-blacks. The one biggest mortal threat to any black is another black – putĀ thatĀ in your pipe and smoke it, BLM!

And the incarceration rate statistics fully back up this race disproportionality as well:


incarceration rates


Maybe blacks are just inherently more prone to violent crime? Naw, the liberal media can’t say that – sounds too close to the truth. So instead they will make up the false perception that all blacks are simply innocent victims of police brutality, they are arrested even tho’ they “Dindu Nuffin!”, and pose the suggestion that “Isn’t it high time that we had a race war – you know, to balance the accounts?”

Listen to what David Clarke has to say to the liberal stooge in the interview below – these are lies that are leading us all down a very dangerous path, especially to the blacks out there. Don’t forget – you only account for 13% of the total population of this country. Obama is goading you on and leading you towards your own slaughter. You can’t possibly win this war – the very numbers are against you. Wake up.







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