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Beyond the Killshot – The Great Tribulation

It is at this waypoint that we will have to say goodbye to Ed Dames and his fellow remote viewers, for it is beyond this threshold that their sight has been blocked from penetrating further. Get to know God, Ed. Maybe he will send you a dream about what is to come post Killshot. And maybe not, but at least then you’d have a chance to see beyond that veil, unlike now. Short of that, it appears it’s strictly no-go.

And what others have been shown in dreams and visions from God about the Tribulation period is truly the stuff of nightmares. In fact, it sounds a lot like the world was before the deluge, according to Enoch – monsters and mayhem, violence and wickedness of every variety. It’s no tea party, to be sure, but then if it was, it wouldn’t be tribulation.

To start with, let’s examine 2 dreams by an 8 year old boy, found at this page.

image_tsunamiDream 1 – My son saw Japan started to sink into the ocean.   Then he saw the bottom of the oceans.   He saw the depths of the oceans create these enormous fish in the form of water.    These “water” fish were so large they were the size of a mountain.   Then these fish came up from the bottom of the ocean and came up like a missile towards the coast of California and New York.    When the fish hit the coasts, it was a tsunami.     In his dream, these tsunamis in California and New York hit at the same time.  

My son says that these “water fish” are not from God and His judgement.   These are from the devil’s HAARP and these water fish are a mockery of a type of fish that is in Heaven that have a golden color.   This HAARP is being used in order to “need” the antichrist.   It is to create chaos for people to scream out for the antichrist to give people housing, food and water.   Not sure if these events happen before or during the first part of the tribulation. [NOTE: many, many people have seen the East and West coasts of the US get hammered with massive tsunamis – and it appears to occur before or at the onset of the Great Tribulation.]

Dream 2My son saw that after the rapture when the tribulation started getting really, really bad God’s judgement started to come.   His dream took place in a desert, and it was very very hot.   They sky was the color red like fire [sound familiar? sounds like the way the sky looks after the Killshot in previous dreams and visions from the last post].   He did not see the sun, but he saw the moon and it was “blood red.”   The land area he saw was scorching and through the crevices, lava started to come forth from the middle of the earth.   He saw from this lava that these strange (what he called it) spider looking scorpion creatures with razor sharp teeth came out of the lava from the middle of the earth.   He saw these awful creatures started heading automatically to find humans to “eat.”  (This really makes me understand the word TORMENT used in the Bible).   He said these creatures are from hell, that they have always lived there and are only on the earth for a short period of time….and then they have to [go] back to hell.

splice poster 2The same day the creatures came out of the lava, he then saw a group of scientists who worked for the antichrist (my son knew it was an antichrist intelligence facility because the words ANTI flashed) were in a very large facility and they were mixing DNA from a squid, a human, a iguana, a bear, a dog, a buffalo, a boar, and a scorpion.   In this facility they made clones of people and DNA modified animals mixed with human [there’s eyewitness testimonies out there as to the truth of this – see the work of James Casbolt Phil Schneider and Branton].    He saw demons disguised as aliens helping the scientists.    And the scientists had a storage area of various diseases they were making including cancer.    Another part of the facility the aliens were helping the scientists make weapons that we have never seen before.   The scientists put a microchip in this newly “created” creature in its forehead and where the chip was, there were stitches.   They were doing some scientific studies on the creature and it was hooked up to machines.  One machine had an attachment to the microchip which was in its forehead.   The scientists were very excited about their new “creation” and they started getting an attitude about themselves that they were “awesome.”  They were becoming very arrogant and at the peak of this arrogance this creature became possessed with an evil spirit it attacked a scientist and killed him.   This hideous DNA modified creature left and went to help these scorpion creatures to torment humans.

Sounds like what The Book of Enoch describes – I talk in more detail about that ancient time in this post. Christ did say that “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man.” History will repeat itself, and once again they will seek to combine DNA of diverse species together, creating monsters. But it’s not just physical – it’s spiritual as well. Great spiritual darkness will be released during this time, as The Restrainer – The Holy Spirit – has been removed. There will be nothing to hold back evil, and it will run rampant over the entire planet.

Next Dream:

orb near sunIn the dream I was going about my daily routine and I looked up at the sky, it was daytime, clear skies, and the sun was shining. There was what looked like a small planet next to the sun, it was visible to everyone around the world and it was exciting to see to everyone. It seemed like later that very day 5 more planets appeared in the sky, the first one that had appeared moved much closer to earth and it looked huge in the sky, like ten times the size of a full moon. The other five at this point looked like the size of a regular full moon. I was around a crowd of people and we were all just looking up at these things in amazement when someone said, I wonder which planet that is? It was like the Lord answered that question in my mind as soon as that person said that and He said, those are no planets but they are spacecraft made to look like planets. Shortly after this, it felt like it could have been that same day or the very next day, everyone world wide was in this type of panic from what they were seeing in the sky. Now I live in Houston Texas, and this was where I was at when everyone was outside and really starting to panic about what was being seen, but it felt like this was happening at all major cities. All of a sudden I saw two big bomber aircraft in the distance heading in towards the city, as they passed over me I saw that they were carrying nuclear weapons. They both flew in one big circle around the city and one of them started to drop the bomb, I shouted to the people that were around me to get down they are going to nuke the city. Realizing that I waited to long to get away from the city and the nuclear blast, I dropped to my knees and started praying to God, thanking Him for the life that he gave me. Then I woke up.

Planet sized UFOs? You better believe it, as is evidenced in the NASA photo above. Many of these have been photographed, leading some to speculate whether the sun itself is a stargate of some kind. The universe is stranger than we can imagine.

Here’s some more alien weirdness:

ufoMy husband has had a recurring dream dozens of times over the last 30 years.
Here is how the dream goes:
My husband is standing outside in the yard beside his grandmother’s house in WV. He looks up into the sky. There, coming toward him en masse are these glittering triangular shaped aircraft. Really pointy. Like arrowheads. Silvery and metallic. There are so many of them you can’t count them, thousands, maybe into the tens of thousands. Uncountable. Sometimes in the dream it’s broad daylight. Other times it’s late afternoon into dusk. When it’s broad daylight in the dream the whole sky shimmers with these things, from the reflected light off them.
In every single one of these dreams my husband says the UFOs are bursting in from the northwest. I don’t know what, if any, significance that detail has.
Sometimes my husband just sees the UFOs coming in. But other times, as he’s watching them, suddenly from behind him, out of the southeast, come American military aircraft going out to meet these entities, to engage them in battle. Then my husband stands there and watches the ensuing dog fight.

Armadas of UFOs suddenly filling the skies is a quite commonly reported dream, believe it or not. Next up is a short dream about the civil unrest and martial law that will define these approaching times:

Greece-protestIn the dream I was in a city which is just 15 minutes from where I live. I was standing outside and all of a sudden there was an explosion and within a few minutes police and military had rolled in and were rounding people up, but were met with resistance and they dealt with it with lethal force and even tried to kill the cops and military that refused to obey the order. Then as I looked- I saw drones attack chopers(sic) fly over shooting at people and even launching missles at buildings and cars. I went to my car and grabbed my gear out of the trunk and ducked into a building with my wife to suit up. While we were in the building a woman came running into the room looking for someone and I told her that they were most likely either captured or dead and that it was not safe to continue searching for them and she should either try to escape or hide. Then we went down stairs and exited the building and got outside I noticed a cop car with a dead officer next to it so I took his keys and put my gear in the trunk. As I closed it, a family of 3 came up to the car panicked looking for escape so I told them to come with me and to get in the back. I started the car and my wife got in and then the dream ended… I couldn’t even begin to describe the violence and bloodshed that I saw in this dream and if I could it would be like a horror movie.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, a scene almost identical to this occurs in the opening of The Running Man. Hollywood is busily revealing to us what is coming, but veiling it in fictive wrapping. The truth is only for those who have “eyes to see.”

And, for the last dream I will include here, an example of some of the earth changes that may occur:

I was sitting at a large table that seemed plain…old…like something I have seen in old civil war movies..or war movies…and as I sat there in this warm, glowing atmosphere, there was someone talking me through things that were about to happen to the US. I never saw his face…but I sensed in my spirit that he was a prophet. I knew that I could trust him and the information that he was sharing with me. I kinda’ wanted to ask his name (I study names and meanings, so I always like to know someone’s name), but I never did. Almost like I knew that it really didn’t matter, because his job was to give me instructions to give to others and THAT was the most important thing to be concerned about. As we sat at this table, he rolled out a huge map of the United States. It covered the whole table. And he began telling me things that were about to happen to the US. Most of which I can not repeat…but this ONE thing grabbed me in my gut, and I couldn’t stop focusing on it. He showed me a HUGE divide between Corpus Christi, Texas ALL THE WAY UP to the Chicago area of the Great Lakes. It was TREMENDOUS! It gripped my heart like nothing I can explain. I asked if this was a possibility, or was is GOING to be…He said that it MUST be, That it was all part of the plan. It looked like this great divide was caused by a horrible earthquake. Like NOTHING we have EVER seen!


Numerous psychics have also foreseen this cataclysm, including Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion. The US Navy is even purported to have a very similar map.

It’s no surprise, then, that if these dreams and visions are even close to the mark, the future world of The Great Tribulation will be so abnormal as to be completely unrecognizable from what came before it. What I’ve included here is only a drop in the ocean of dreams and visions available on the internet, and though they do not all corroborate with each other (they’re dreams after all), they do paint a picture with similar themes when added together. Those themes are chaos, fear, and great suffering. The bad news is that for those who still deny Christ during this horrible time, they will lose all hope of salvation. And the bad news is for those who don’t deny Christ during this time, they will most likely have to “lose their life to find it,” meaning they will only earn an everlasting life by sacrificing their earthly one. But that’s a price worth paying.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a rapture before all of this happens. There’s heated debate amongst believers, pro and con. I will just say that I won’t rule out the possibility it’s real, and then pray that I’ll be worthy enough to be a part of it if/when it does happen. I suggest you do the same. Shalom.

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X5 flare in 2012 - NASA

X5 flare in 2012 – NASA

Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. – Isaiah 30:26

The Killshot – Gateway to Oblivion

This is the event that changes it all, the event that will be the tipping point for Earth and all of its inhabitants.

It will be reminiscent of the Carrington Event of 1859, named after the astronomer who observed it, Richard C. Carrington. This was a massive CME that made a direct hit on planet Earth, and it is said that if this same event were to happen today, it would destroy modern civilization by frying all our technological hardware. Back then the effects were lessened due to the fact that modern circuitry was yet years in the making, but it did produce the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded. The auroral displays were said to be stunning, and telegraph pylons even “threw sparks.  Some telegraph systems continued to send and receive messages despite having been disconnected from their power supplies.” – wiki

Here’s what a documentary on Youtube about the Ed Dames’ Killshot event has to say – “[Remote] viewers saw a series of solar flares that are so powerful they penetrated into Earth’s atmosphere, destroying global communications, and heating up regions of the world to such an extreme that it would cause the deaths of billions. Our star, man’s source of life, would now become our greatest enemy.” – The End – Remote Viewing Predictions

Major Ed Dames:

sun earthThe Killshot effects, and these will come and go, but the massive damage, first of all, will be to communications. Communication satellites, military satellites as well, will go down… these things will be fried. Anybody in space, whether you’re inside that little leaded shield on the Space Station or not, you’re fried. You’re in bad shape. You’re going to die.

Power grids – power grids, when they go down, folks, when the sun takes the power grids down – it’s done it before – this time they won’t go back up. It will be months and months if not years to get power grids back up and running. There’s going to be no power.

So there’s a lot of planning to do folks. I would encourage you to start now, if not yesterday.

I also want to point out that there’s going to be… unprecedented geophysical events when this Killshot sequence starts. Earth can only take so much of protons hitting its magnetosphere. And, on top of that, you’re going to have x-rays that will be at Earth in 10 minutes. Right? Now, we don’t know how powerful those x-rays will be, but we do know that those protons will be extremely powerful – that mass from the sun. So we’re looking at anywhere from 24 to 48 hours… before that [CME] actually impinges upon Earth’s atmosphere and begins to heat it up. When the heating occurs… that’s when the power grids begin to go down.

The world will go dark. Vehicles, with their circuits fried, will cease to run. Goods will cease to be transported. Then hunger, thirst, and rioting will ensue. Welcome to Armageddon.

Now let’s turn to what others have seen in dreams and visions that confirm Ed’s remote-viewing conclusions.

On the night of 16th February 2012, I had a supernatural dream. And in this dream I found myself walking on a concrete laced open ground. And then suddenly without warning the atmosphere became very hot and smoke-like white substances filled the air.

People were panicking and running up and down in terror and confusion and in a state of utter disbelief.

I myself also felt the intensity of the hotness and the sudden upsurge of the temperature in the atmosphere and I could feel the hotness in my body, I could breath air that was so hot and I could see smoke-like sight in the atmosphere and everywhere.

I then started speaking very loudly while in the dream. I was making an announcement in the dream with a very clear, very loud and amplified voice as if I was talking on a sophisticated advanced microphone, but surprisingly I had no microphone on my mouth. Infact as I made this announcement in the dream it was like the sound of my voice was reverberating loud and clear across the land with authority and power. I was made to understand in the dream that I was inspired by a very powerful and mighty voice to speak the way I was speaking and the words I uttered as I made the announcement were inspired by this very powerful and mighty voice. This voice I knew in the dream to be the voice of the Holy Spirit of the LORD.

And so this is what the voice made me announce in the dream: “Attention everyone, what has just happened is a Solar Flare which has just hit the earth”. And I continued speaking as I passed the other part of the announcement to correlate with that part of the announcement, and I continued speaking saying: “REPENT!!! REPENT!!! The LORD Yahushua (Jesus Christ) is about to come to rapture His bride. And the Solar Flare you are seeing should not scare you, all these are signs of the imminent arrival of the LORD to Rapture His bride.”

After making the announcement in the dream, I could see people still running, scared, panicking, terrified and confused. While in that state and with the authority and power that I was making the announcement, the people’s attention was drawn into the announcement and they started listening in awe and utter confusion; it’s like they were hanging on there to listen to the announcement I was making while at the same time panicking and in a state of disbelief and confusion.

After making the announcement I then started walking away as I kept wondering /thinking on how those who were under water in the beaches of lakes/ oceans might have felt the solar flare. I was made to understand in the dream that even those who were under water felt this sudden hotness/upsurge in the temperature.

While still walking away from the scene where I made the announcement, I could see soldiers/Policemen/security agents trying to calm people down and to maintain some order along the road as they tried to control the terror stricken people as they ran berserk and confused due to the phenomenal that had just suddenly happened.

In the dream, I was just made to understand that the Solar Flare is about to hit the earth, the nation or country was not shown to me in the dream. But I believe the effect of this Solar Flare will reach the Whole of the earth. – Source of Dream

This is a helpful addition to Ed’s material because this person appears to have experienced in first person what the effects of the solar flare would feel like on the ground. Ed only explained what the effects of the flare would be on circuits and power grids. It also brings in the spiritual purpose of this flare – that it is a warning to people that God is real and he wants us to change our hearts, repent, and know that how we choose to live has consequences. As far as I can recall, I’ve never heard Ed mention God once.

I was standing in the heavens and with my dream companion. Before us was the sun and the earth. Behind the sun was a red object/planet?

As we watched in silence a huge coronal mass ejection occurred and headed right towards earth like a great tongue of fire. The fire engulfed the entire planet shaking its magnetic field mightily.

Demon horse of DIA

Demon horse of DIA

Following this the vision before us changed and now we were looking out upon a mountain range with a spectacular display of the aurora borealis dancing in the night skies over the mountains. An eerie mist covered the ground at the base of these mountains. From out of this mist I heard first the sound of distant hoofbeats growing louder and then out of the mist a red horse with flowing white mane and glowing red eyes came running right towards us.

This horse I recognized immediately from a dream I had a few years ago. I recalled how it unnerved me then as it did now…it was the glowing red eyes, the deliberate way it was running and the sense of evil about it…everything was silent except for the sound of its running and the nearer it got I could also hear its labored breathing.

My companion remained silent but from behind me I heard a voice whisper darkly “Aurora” and I awoke with a start.

I do not know the location of the mountains but the aurora borealis in this third scene clearly was related to the previous two visions of the sun and the object near it which possibly was the cause of the huge coronal mass ejection. – Source page

Here we have Nibiru – the “red planet” – pop up again, and the poster even suggests that it itself might be the cause of the CME. The red horse with glowing eyes is no doubt indicative of the red horse of Revelation – the horse that brings war and death to the Earth. Do the builders of Denver International Airport know something we don’t? Are they expecting this CME event, and know that war will follow it? The answer should be obvious.

I am posting this because I think this event is pending and I am warning people to get prepared. I see fires. I feel heat and thirst and fear all around. The sun is throwing a tantrum and a series of events follows which is dire.
All the unprepared people especially in the big cities are going bonkers. I think that many people all around are very thirsty
going insane from lack of food and water. The sky and the earth all seem to be on fire.

It’s a never seen before nightmare of events and tragedy and death. When this happens trust no one especially
government officials who come to help if they come. I think we are creeping closer to this tragedy.
Electricity is gone it’s a huge EMP type event from the sun which throws everyone back to the 1800s. The sky is a beautiful deathtrap of red and wind. People think it’s the end of the world or a biblical judgment/endtimes but it’s not the end just the end for the unprepared or unfortunate enough to be in the line of tragedy which is everywhere.
When trying to figure out what this series of feelings/images might be I found Ed Dames and I am certain he is correct this is the event I see. I signed up for email alerts and just listened to him on his recent coast of coast show.

He said the killshot sequence will happen this year most likely in the cold months… To look for the signs…. He added the comet Ison. I googled the comet Ison and they think that it is coming in November 2013.
Dames said the killshot now would be around this moment possibly, as late as the beginning of 2014. He also mentioned homeland security not letting people leave cities. If you follow his killshot sequence you see North Korea poised for a nuke, the bird flu in China…
Anyway, prepare mentally physically,
get food and water and a plan. Be aware and mindful. I would love for anyone who has had this creepy image stuck in their mind to comment please and tell me what you see. Thirst and fire…. – Source page


Heat, thirst, fire… and red sky. That last one comes up a lot in people’s dreams and visions about end times in general, and the timing of the rapture specifically. Like this dreamer said, “it’s not the end.” But it will be the start of the clock that counts down until the complete end of time, when time will be no more. I firmly believe that this Killshot CME event will be the pivot point, the threshold between this current age and The Great Tribulation that follows.

As I stated before on a previous post, Ed Dames, by his own admission, cannot see past the Killshot. I believe that this is due to some supernatural firewall God has placed between ages, preventing this kind of psychic intrusion by those who don’t have the necessary “clearance,” people like Dames and his team of remote-viewers.

But that is not to say that no one has pierced the veil that lies at the end of this age and glimpsed the horrors of The Great Tribulation beyond it. In the next post we will examine what some have seen lying beyond the destruction of the Killshot event.

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The Space Shuttle and Meteor Event

The second part of the two Killshot precursors is one where some type of space “shuttle,” or other space vehicle, is forced to land (or crash) because of a large, incoming meteor shower. Remember, Ed has already been accurate in predicting these events listed here that precede the Killshot itself:

1) The largest in recorded history Sun’s flare to date “The Shot Across The Bow” (happened in 2003)
2) Mutated crop fungus originated in Africa and destroying a lot of crops (happened in 2007)
3) Nuclear reactor failure in Japan due to earthquake (happened in 2011)
4) General economic downturn and gold reaching 2000 USD (happened not so long ago) – from Interlagos, bitcointalk.org

There are only two precursors remaining before the main event. The first to happen will be the Korean peninsula nuclear event, and the final one is the space shuttle/meteor event:



What would be that final, recognizable event just prior to the Killshot Sequence? The best that we could come up with, pushing ahead, the best that we could come up with was… what appeared to be a space shuttle being forced down by what appears to be a meteor shower.

For those of you who are not remote-viewers let me give you a little bit of insight into what remote-viewing is in terms of the skill. Most of the information that we derive from the target is in terms of word/idea concepts – patterns of information that we perceive [then] search our memory for words, and apply those words… and move on.

The information we had that led us to believe that we were dealing with a space shuttle, as a final precursor event to the… a space shuttle coming down, as a final precursor event to the Killshot was a collection of those rough sketches. So analytically we’re saying it looks like a space shuttle coming down… Our sketches and drawings look like the current [NASA]… US space shuttle… vehicles. There are some variations among viewers, too. But we know that the Air Force has another program, now,… I think it’s a spy vehicle that’s up there, a maneuverable vehicle. That particular vehicle also looks like the US…manned space shuttle. – Ed Dames

So Ed is saying here that it’s not necessarily a NASA space shuttle per se, but any space vehicle similar in appearance, secret or public. The X-37B pictured above is just one possibility of the type of craft that, if forced down due to a meteor shower, would fit the bill for this event.

Now for a confirming vision/dream for this event foreseen by Ed Dames and his remote-viewing team:

This dream began as two very large volcanoes erupted.  While the first was erupting many did nothing. But when the second spewed fire and ash, the world’s attention turned to it. In all, at least six volcanoes erupted within a very close time.

I heard the Emergency Broadcast System throughout the neighborhood and went in to watch. Fires were started throughout the U.S. The main body of which was caused by an unexpected meteor. The shuttle was forced to land because of the meteor showers. When the burning objects hit the ground, they started oil, coal and gas fires from Texas to Virginia. (…)  – from Tribulation Now


Of note below is a precedent for this kind of event – but it wasn’t a shuttle that was forced down because of meteors. It was, in fact, fire-fighting planes in Colorado:

With the worst wildfire in their state’s history ripping through massive swathes of woodland, residents of central Colorado could have been forgiven for thinking things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

But authorities were yesterday forced to ground aircraft tackling parts of the enormous blaze amid reports of a meteor shower raining down on the very same area.

There have been several sightings of objects falling from the sky close to the fire burning 1,100 acres, or nearly 2 square miles, west of Colorado Springs.

Chaffee County Sheriff W. Peter Palmer said his office received multiple reports, including one person who thought a meteorite might have landed in a wooded area north of Buena Vista.

Meanwhile, the crew of a heavy air tanker spotted something while making a run to dump slurry on the blaze, said Steve Segin, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service.

‘They weren’t sure what it was,’ Segin said, confirming the report of a possible meteor shower.

‘They landed as they normally do to reload, and for safety reasons they grounded themselves until they could figure out what it was they saw,’ he said.  – Daniel Miller, Daily Mail

This is an interesting precedent, and it happened in 2012. If a meteor shower could force planes to land, it is even more possible that a space vehicle could be forced down by meteors – they are above the atmosphere, where falling meteors would still be fully intact.

Here’s two more dreams, both from children:

“My son said that he was with his father on vacation and they were playing basketball at the park. All of a sudden the earth tilted and it was really scary, they both climbed up the basketball pole and hung on to the hoop. Then my son looked up into the sky and he saw this huge object being hurled towards the earth. At first he yelled its a meteorite! But then he realized he was wrong as the object got closer. It was a space shuttle and when it got closer he could see the words USA on it. The space shuttle exploded and then pieces were going all over the place from the explosion.”  – full dream here. (This is from 2011, so it’s not the Columbia disaster being seen).

“my daughter has had many prophetic dreams with the Lord and it confirms what you are talking about, in one dream she said she was in space above earth with Jesus and she saw an astronaut out in space floating outside of the shuttle and seen the inside also after she seen a big object coming near earth she was told by the Lord its the Black Sun (could it be Nibiru and its moons) and a planet hit our moon she did not say black sun hit the moon but a planet it could be one of nibirus moons and it cracked our moon and the impact brought our moon closer to earth and thousands or millions? of pieces of the moon went headed to earth, a rock hit the back part of the shuttle and of the shuttle went to earth. Before the meteors hit earth she seen the earth dance imagine a sea saw and two kids are going up and down and the earth is in the center that’s what the earth was doing.” – full dream.

As the poster of this last dream states: “By the way, the reference to the BLACK SUN is THE DESTROYER, and it is what the NAZI’s worshipped in their BLACK SUN RITUALS. How would a little girl know anything about the BLACK SUN?”

Yes – how indeed.


It’s also quite interesting to note that in both children’s dreams, the earth is said to “tilt” or “seesaw” when this event takes place. That would be a pole shift.

And this Nibiru/Planet X is bound to weigh in heavily in these events that usher in the end of this current age. There’s too much information to cover to do that topic justice here, but we should acknowledge that it does crop up in some of the visions and dreams that show these other events spoken of by Ed Dames. Some believe that this object is in fact “The sign of the Son of Man,” and it’s last flyby was during the Exodus, and it’s effects upon the planet are what caused many of the plagues brought upon the Egyptians. Appropriate then that if it returns in the near future, it will do God’s work again – ending this age and bringing judgement once more upon planet Earth.

In the next post we will examine the final and main event – the Killshot itself.

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end-of-the-worldAs many of you know, Ed Dames – an expert remote viewer – has laid out a certain sequence of events leading up to what he calls the “Killshot,” a CME so massive, it shreds through all the circuitry and electrical grids of earth, leaving it devoid of technology and electrical power. A civilization-killing event.

I wanted to bring another kind of remote-viewing evidence to bear that corroborates Dames’ conclusions. This kind of evidence is called prophetic dreams and visions. Some will scoff at this, saying that remote-viewing is a science, but dreams and visions are delusional. To each their own. For those open to this kind of evidence, I think the following will be an edification for you.

In my opinion, those without faith will use remote-viewing only, but those with faith have a much wider spectrum at their disposal. The world rulers have their remote-viewers, and the faithful have their prophets of God. I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts that the elite keep a careful watch on what both have to say. They’re not stupid.

Earlier, I discussed the visions of Youtuber 777aej, and how she seemed to be seeing and describing the same solar event that Dames had witnessed himself. But what she brought to the party was the spiritual element, which for me, is crucial in understanding not only what will happen, but why it happens also. You can read those posts here and here.

The sequence that Ed Dames saw was in three main parts:

  1. Nuclear Event on the Korean Peninsula
  2. “Space Shuttle” forced down due to meteor shower
  3. Killshot solar event

The Korean Nuclear Event

We picked up the use of a nuclear weapon on the Korean Peninsula by the North Koreans, and this event would be one of the last events that humans recognize before the Killshot sequence begins. We haven’t seen that yet… we know that they’re going to pop a nuke in anger, because that event was so big… it’s not a little epiphenomena, like a baseball game or something like that. It’s a big event in history. – Ed Dames

There is a well known and much respected prophet by the name of Dr. Owuor, from Kenya. He gets frequent dreams/visions about future events. This is what he had to say during a visit to South Korea about what he had seen coming to that area in the future:

I see a big warship in the ocean. It looks more like an aircraft carrier, and it is in the ocean. Then the Lord led me, “Look into the sky.” And then I saw a rain of missiles that covered the sky. At first, I did not know they were missiles, [be]cause there were many in the sky. And then all of a sudden they strike that warship. I’m not sure whether all of them strike the warship, or just a few, and others strike the water. But anyhow, the warship is struck.

And when that happens I see the tower of the warship…and it catches fire. And then the next moment I see the warship has collapsed into water, and gone deep into water. Totally destroyed.

truckAfter that, the next night, the Lord again came and spoke with me of what is coming to South Korea. And then this time, I thought it was an aircraft. But I wondered in the dream, ‘why is this aircraft carrying a missile on its back?’ Only after 2 days when the Lord came and showed it to me again, was I more enlightened and I realized it was not an aircraft. In fact, it is a truck, a military truck, and it is carrying a missile on its back.

And I was very surprised in that dream that the truck fired the missile. And the way the Lord speaks, he normally puts me in that situation there. So, I also run for my life. He makes me feel what the people will feel when that prophecy is fulfilled.  So I see a truck carrying a missile, and when it fired the missile, the missile came to your country (South Korea),  and it was very target-specific. – from Youtube

That type of missile is capable of nuclear armament. According to this NYTIMES.com article, “At the Pentagon, there is particular concern about another missile, yet untested, called the KN-08, which may have significantly longer range.” This same article states that “A new assessment by the Pentagon’s intelligence arm has concluded for the first time, with “moderate confidence,” that North Korea has learned how to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile.”

Back when Ed Dames remote-viewed this event North Korea was not even close to being nuclear-capable in this regard,  but just recently, as the Pentagon’s admission in April shows above, they are only now able to deliver a nuclear warhead with this mobile missile platform – the same one seen by Dr. Owuor in his dream/vision. This event is now within the window of possibility.

Another man who has seen this future attack on South Korea is Youtube user PEREXUSREX:


In my dream I saw Daegu, a city of about 4 million, south of the capital Seoul, reduced to rubble. There was not a building standing, and the devastation was complete. In the dream I was working with some US military friends of mine. We were loading trucks with food and supplies from the military storehouses.

At the time [of this vision] I was working as an English teacher in South Korea. I had no idea of the threat of North Korea. When I started telling my colleagues about the dream they told me that Kim Jong il was doing missile tests. For several weeks I told friends at work and church about the dream. There was not a soul that could convince me that it would not happen. I was so convincing that my boss at the time, who was in the process of building a new school at the time, believed me. He had the builders make the walls 2 times the normal thickness. He’s working from that school at this present time.

I had another friend in the military, and he in fact was in charge of the missile defense systems in South Korea. I asked him, “If North Korea shot hundreds of missiles at South Korea, could their defense systems shoot them down?”, and he said “No”.  He said they would be too low and it would be impossible to shoot them all down. It’s easy to shoot one missile down but dozens or hundreds would be impossible.

At this present time, 2012, March 25th, US, Japan and South Korea have formed an alliance in that area against North Korea. North Korea is planning a missile launch next month that is highly suspicious. It would not take much to spark an incident, or even a full conflict. I do believe that the time will come when the destruction of cities in South Korea will be fulfilled, as I saw in my dream. Whether the time is soon, or later, I do not know.

This event is more likely to occur now than ever before. Don’t forget the recent provocations by North Korea, the biggest of which was the declaration of a state of war with South Korea, claims that their military was cleared for nuclear strikes, and threats of immediate nuclear attacks against US targets.

The most recent event was the launching of 3 missiles into the Sea of Japan. This threat has not gone away by any means, and if what the above men have witnessed will come to pass, the first precursor to Ed Dames’ Killshot will have been fulfilled. That could happen at any time from here out.

Next time we will examine stage 2 of the Killshot sequence – the downing of some type of space shuttle due to a meteor shower. See you there.

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photo credit - Miuxu0602

photo credit – Miuxu0602

In my last post I spoke about some very interesting correlations between remote-viewing expert Ed Dames, and a woman on Youtube called 777aej who gets spiritual dreams and visions. What they say cross-corroborates, and, in my opinion, both taken together are much more compelling than either alone. For the subject of this post – why Ed Dames was unable to remote view anything after the killshot – 777aej is also required, as is her view and orientation – the spiritual.

I’m sure that Ed called this solar event the killshot for the very reason that he could not see past it – it was the final event he could see, therefore, it represents the end. Period. Makes sense.

But I have a different take – the killshot is not the end of everything, not yet at least. I would argue that it is the end of something, however, and the beginning of something else entirely.

I believe the killshot could be the end of an age – the Age of Grace.

This is where 777aej comes in.  What she is being shown in this event is that it will be a pivotal point, a massive transition.  The point at which, she says, the rays of the sun in it’s terrific explosion of energy, or the release of energy of a different, unique kind, will “come to examine your heart.”

Ed, I assume, believes that this is just a solar flare on steroids. It erupts, knocks out all our technology worldwide, destroys civilization, lights-out. The end.

777aej is saying that this solar event will be God working through the sun somehow to search men’s hearts – and to divide them accordingly – wheat from tare, sheep from goat. Those ready will enter His Kingdom – those who are not will enter into tribulation.

The Great Tribulation, of course. That means the end of the Age of Grace, and the beginning of the last 3.5 years of Satan’s rule on Earth. This is the reason, I believe, Ed Dames cannot see past the killshot – it’s not the final event, not the killshot therefore, but it is the last moment of the previous age.

I think that if Ed is still around after this event (and for his sake I hope he is not), I would wager that he will be able again to remote view within the limits of the next age (or period – 3.5 years to be exact). He will be able to remote-view within the confines of The Great Tribulation – unless Satan has the power to prevent it, which he might, because at that time, the Restrainer – the Holy Spirit, will have left with the raptured at the end of the last age. Satan is truly a control freak. I’m sure he doesn’t like to have his activities spied upon.

An age is also referred to as a “dispensation,” explained here as:

a period of time which is identified by its relation to some particular purpose of God. As used in the Greek New Testament, the word is OIKONOMIA (Strong’s No. 3622) and is defined as a stewardship, administration, management, direction, arrangement, order, or plan.

The age of Grace lasts from Christ’s crucifixion until the Rapture. The Age of Law preceded it.

I’m no expert on theology, but my simple understanding of this is that the purpose of the Age of Law was to demonstrate to man that it was impossible for him in his fallen state to obey God’s laws and please him. Once that became apparent he sent Christ to fulfill all of his laws, live a perfect life without sin, be sacrificed to atone for all sins of all persons of all time, and usher mankind once again into God’s Grace, through Christ.

When this age ends, so does the Grace that goes along with it. I don’t claim to know exactly what will happen at the very closing of this age and the opening of the next, but I think it’s not a stretch to say that the transition will be quite sudden and astonishing, to say the least. Everything will change, and quickly. I hope to never see it.

And the Book of Revelation agrees. Read it, meditate on it, because it could be possible that what it speaks of is nearly upon us. As 777aej says in her second video entitled “Memorial Day – The Kingdom Law Comes”:

These events are coming right around the corner. So, the only place to be is on your knees before the Throne of God. It’s the only safe place.

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I had to get back on here with a quick post due to the timeliness of the info.

I was just watching a 2-part video series from 777aej on Youtube. It’s a fairly lengthy breakdown of the meanings of certain words and phrases in scripture, including camel, eye of the needle, tax, and others.

This woman has had quite a few dreams and visions, which I picked up on over a year ago. I’ve paid close attention to her channel since then because she lives in Wisconsin, my home state, and she has had visions specific to that area.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that at the end of the second part, she said that what she was being shown is a massive solar flare linked closely  with a nuclear explosion or nuclear war. She didn’t mention Ed Dames and what he calls the “Killshot,” but that is the first thing that entered my mind.

Those who know about Ed Dames know that the Killshot is not the nuclear bomb in this scenario, as one would naturally think; it is in fact the massive solar flare. But Ed is important in this connection because he also saw a nuclear event – on the Korean peninsula, no less – that closely precedes the Killshot. This is all beginning to go south in a hurry.

So, it seems, this woman on Youtube is independently confirming Ed Dames’ remote-viewing conclusions. Like I said, she never mentioned him, and I don’t even know if she is aware of his findings. Here’s the other concerning thing:  due to the word associations and connections, she concluded that these events are possibly linked with Tax Day – which in the U.S., is April 15th. Well, if it is connected, then current developments from North Korea couldn’t be more timely.

Neither of these people know the actual dates of these events, and they both say as much themselves. But the connections with what they’ve seen and what is now going on in North Korea is nothing short of stunning. And don’t forget that Ed Dames accurately called the big Japan earthquake, resulting tsunami, and nuclear reactor meltdown already.

Who knows, maybe 777aej is mistaken in her conclusions about the Tax Day connection. It’s a bit confusing because her first video is titled “Tax Day,” and the second is “Memorial Day,” so either could be the window, and Memorial Day is only a little over a month away from now anyway. As always, time will tell. Who knows but God.

Recently, though, North Korea warned foreigners to exit South Korea for their own safety. Perhaps the South Korean citizens should consider doing the same, because if these two people have pinpointed April 15th – or Memorial Day –  for the coming Killshot solar flare, that means a nuclear event on the Korean peninsula  is imminent.

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