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tax-dayAnd you thought Tax Day couldn’t get any worse…

Well, Tax Day this year might wind up being the worst of all time. New developments keep coming fast and furious, and my mind is reeling trying to keep up. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far.

I won’t recap what I’ve just covered in my last 2 posts, so if you haven’t read them yet, check them out here first, then here.

To start off with, remember that there was a bit of confusion from 777aej about whether a big event would occur on April 15th (Tax Day), or on Memorial Day. Well, come to find out, April 15th is both Tax Day (in the U.S.) AND Memorial Day (in… wait for it… North Korea!). Holy crap, right?

And, as these things often go, there is currently speculation in the media as to whether or not North Korea will use that holiday as an auspicious date to launch either a test missile, or choose to go live with an attack (think Ed Dames, nuclear event on the Korean peninsula).  If they choose a holiday such as this one, it would be far from atypical. In fact, in the past they’ve used holidays specifically – their own and those of other countries – as test launch dates to heighten the provocation.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they go ahead with something on Monday, especially since that holiday is a memorial for Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, and this is a political dynasty after all. It is the best time for them to make a point, and ramp up their people’s patriotism a thousandfold at the same time. Everything is set and ready there – but they’re making everyone wait. We might not have to wait long.

The other connection to current events is the sun itself. Apparently it’s really waking up.

The below is quoted from this article:

The CME should reach Earth around 6 UT (2 EDT), April 13, 2013, according to NASA’s Space Weather Research Center CME model.

It’s an M6.5 class solar flare, and is apparently the biggest one this year.  The sun has been quiet for awhile, but now it’s beginning to stir.

From the Huffington Post:

The sun should roar back to life sometime in 2013, producing its second activity peak in the last two years, scientists say.

Our star has been surprisingly quiet since unleashing a flurry of flares and other eruptions toward the end of 2011. But this lull is likely the trough between two peaks that together constitute “solar maximum” for the sun’s current 11-year activity cycle, researchers say.

I’m not saying with certainty that anything is going to happen. But neither will I say something big won’t happen. I’m watching and observing, and noting things of interest. And I find there to be a lot of things occurring in a tightly-spaced manner right now that are impossible to ignore.

This year, right now, will see the solar peak in an 11 year cycle. This year. It was supposed to occur last year, but for whatever reason, the sun’s been quiet since then. This seems timely, because I would assume it would be during a solar peak year that a massive solar “killshot” would take place – at least that is the most probable time. Will this be the year of the nuclear event on the Korean peninsula and the solar killshot? I have no idea. Let’s all stay watchful and see.

One more thing – 777aej was shown a very big earthquake that occurred in conjunction with these other events. CMEs are known to have a causative relationship with earthquakes. I think it’s likely that a killshot-class solar flare would also cause some serious earthquakes as well. New Madrid? California? Pacific Rim? Something to think about.

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