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This man’s philosophy has been mine also for a long time now. The desire to live close to land, to that which sustains you, and escape the rat race that modern civilization has become.

The key – which Jon doesn’t come right out and admit – is land. And land is getting more difficult to acquire these days. But with that key in your possession, you can start living and growing the life that Jon is talking about here. You can build your house using the natural clay that is under your feet. You can dig a fish pond and grow high quality protein. You can plant a garden to offset your needs to purchase vegetables at the market. In time, you might come very close to 100% self-sufficiency.

As Jon says very clearly here, the most important benefit of living in this way is happiness. If life is easy, and you find it a simple thing to provide daily requirements, then stress falls away. When stress falls away, happiness fills the void. Seems like a worthwhile pursuit to me.

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