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thumbs-up-bushRemember back in 2001, just after the Trade Center attacks, when anthrax was being mailed to politicians in Washington?

I do. I remember wiping my own mail down at the box with a solution of water and bleach before bringing it into the house. Ahh, those were the days.

I had assumed the reason was to cause fear and put pressure on those Democrats that received the anthrax-tainted letters (Daschle and Leahy), in order that the already-drafted, voluminous Patriot Act could be rammed through the houses. If that was the intention, it worked like a charm. And don’t forget what happened not too long after that – the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Patterns folks, it’s all about the patterns.

If this new mail scare is anything like the last one, expect that some major changes are coming down the pike. I’m guessing the same as before – new legislation (this time, gun control), and war.

But at least the PTB have a sense of humor. The suspect they arrested is an Elvis impersonator from Mississippi. Hilarious, but not believable. Entertainment, not news. Thank ya’ very mawch!

NOT the perp

NOT the perp

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