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Listen carefully to what this man says, as you are unlikely to ever hear a man talk like he does again.

That’s because they don’t make men like Captain Higgins anymore – a man who would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees. Now they make effeminate men – metrosexuals – girly men who have no moral compass, men who talk like gays.

He is a man who starts every day on his knees before his savior, but who “will not kneel to violent street gangs, …to murderers or the parents who raised them… to a discredited, wannabe, black activist that doesn’t really have the best interests of his own people in mind, who just wants to make a profit… to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge or Washington or anywhere else.”

He tenders his resignation after allegedly being told to “tone it down” after releasing a powerful public message (below) aimed at a notorious Louisiana gang – the Gremlins. ┬áIt was apparently an order Captain Higgins could not comply with. If only more Americans had this man’s backbone, maybe things would turn around. But don’t hold your breath waiting on that to happen.


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Some cops may be pigs, but not all pigs are as detestable as this piece of filth is. Manhandling an old lady – what a cowardly creep.

She made two crucial errors off the bat – window not rolled up, and door not locked. Thirdly, she says “Well go ahead” to his invitation to arrest her – permission for Porky to pounce, and he did. Immediately. I think these road pirates are the best barometer for where this country is headed – straight down the shitter.

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Yes, Americans! Bend an ear to this tale of courage and valor!

Our code enforcers are vigilant in their oaths to “serve and protect.” But exactly who they are serving and protecting seems up for debate – it doesn’t appear to be who they say it is. In other words, it’s not you nor I, my friends.

Can it get any more surreal than this? Honestly? Little girls can no longer sell lemonade at the curb without acquiring a permit that costs $150 smackaroos? Even the girls’ mother said “I think that’s ridiculous,” to which the newscaster responds, “Ridiculous or not, it’s the law,” and of course all “good” Americans have been conditioned to fear and obey the law, ridiculous or not. This country has lost it. Do we need anymore evidence than this?

Below the article for this story was a comment by a viewer that bears repeating here:

…the world is officially insane.

and then this comment in response:

Not the world…just this screwed up money hungry government. All across this globe people sell goods on side of roads and in towns I would bet anything they don’t need permits or health inspection..
This is about power and greed and this is not the country I fought two tours for in Vietnam…this is exactly what I was fighting against.
This is why they fear us veterans…we know the truth.

Policemen – if you enforce rubbish codes like this, then you are serving the criminal elite and are beneath regard. Cease and desist, return to decency, or have hell to pay. No man is above the payment for his sins – and the “wages of sin is death” – Romans 6:23.

Just the other day another low-life cop was caught on video – also in Texas (curious) – pulling a teenage girl around by her hair like she was his dog or something. Do we need further examples?

There have been scores of stories recently about abusive behaviors of these little tyrants with Napoleon complexes, getting out of line in the execution of their duties. These are symptoms of a nation in decline. Weep for America – she has fallen.

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The man the MSM is attempting to demonize is presented here in the entirety of the speech he gave which contains the statements in question. Does he say some things that were perhaps best left unsaid? Sure. Does he sometimes speak boastfully? Absolutely. But the real question is, does he speak the truth about the current state of our country and the world? Without question.

There is coming a time when people will have to choose which camp they will make their stand in. As for me, I will choose to stand with Dan Page and others of his ilk, and to hell with the lying, stealing, murderous vermin that currently rule this planet. We are all rapidly loosing the privilege of time and indecision, so says Mr. Page, and he is speaking from a lifetime of experience. I would listen to what he has to say if I were you.


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