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It’s really a match made in heaven.

Two low-life liars, getting paid to deceive the public. Giffords, who lies about having been shot in the head and being mentally and physically impaired, and Kelly, who is a retired astro-not, did his time working as a NAShole for NASA, an organization which lies about damn near everything.

And for those who think “If it’s on the news it’s TRUE!”: don’t forget that FOX news won a case against two former journalists it fired when they refused to falsify their facts on a story about Monsanto they were working on for the media company. Basically the judge ruled against the journalists, citing that it was the news organization’s choice whether or not to report ethically. Meaning – it’s not illegal for news networks to lie. Still think Giffords was shot in the head? You’re a putz if you do.

Vid is by jeranism

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Will the Leviathan of “flat earth” awaken and become a juggernaut?

Will lying, thieving NASA crash and burn? Hey NASA – we want our money back!

Will science accept ALL inquiries, or act like the religion it is and label certain questions as “forbidden”?

We are indeed living in interesting times.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I’ve had my world turned upside down, or right side up, by this… call me crazy if you want to but you’ve gotta give me an explanation for this if you’re gonna call me crazy… I’d love to go back to believing that I live on a spinning ball and that this isn’t some massive conspiracy and we all haven’t been duped. But, human beings are very easy to fool, and it’s much easier to fool a human being than to convince a human being that they have been fooled. – Brian Mullin, engineer [oh snap!]

These are the questions we should all be asking. Heads up all you so-called scientists out there: you’re on notice. This is what a true scientist sounds like.


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All you need to do is watch the first 2 minutes of this video, and it should change the way you look at the moon missions entirely.

Astronauts Gone Wild: An Investigation Into the Authenticity of the Moon Landings is a 2004 documentary film produced and directed by Bart Winfield Sibrel, a Nashville, Tennessee-based filmmaker who charges that the six Apollo Moon landings in the 1960s and 1970s were elaborate hoaxes. Sibrel made this film as a follow-up to his 2001 video A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, which accuses NASA of falsifying the Apollo 11 mission photography.

I’ve watched all the technical stuff about light and shadows and Van Allen Belts claiming the moon missions were faked, but nothing has convinced me more than these Masonic NASholes running from an offered Bible like it was their very own kryptonite – which is precisely what it is to cowardly liars like these. They’ll lie – but not after taking an oath to God. Nice. Grow a pair already!

These men of low character really show their true colors here – and it only takes 2 minutes. Remarkable – enjoy!

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