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…it won’t be free forever.

Hi everyone – this is just a reminder that my new novel, The Translation of Daniel, is still available to download for Free right here at Amazon.  Just follow the link, choose your platform, and download immediately.

There’s not a lot that can be had for free anymore. All I ask is that if you download it for free and like it, please take a moment to give it a favorable review at Smashwords. That helps more than you know. God Bless.

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book tailer cover

Here’s another “Quick Guide” for indie authors – this time aimed at the creation of your own book trailer.

Independent authors know how crucial promotion is, and one great way to promote your novel – not only on Youtube, but also right on your  book listing – is to create an attention grabbing book trailer. This 3,281 word eguide will get you there quickly and painlessly (well, as painless as humanly possible), and not too mention, without spending anything other than this book’s humble price. It goes into detail how to get up and running quickly using Window’s Movie Maker (which comes free on most Windows PCs), and includes online resources on where to find free images, music, and sounds. Now available on Amazon.

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I just released a new title – nonfiction this time, geared towards helping indie authors design and create their own book covers for digital and print publication.  It’s titled as a “Quick Guide” because I wanted to keep it as concise and direct as I could in order to get the author to where they need to be as efficiently as possible. It’s 3,266 words long – so it won’t take an excessive amount of time to get through. Depending on the reader’s software knowledge and artistic ability, it shouldn’t require more than 3 days, working a 3 to 4 hours each day, to complete a satisfactory book cover at negligible costs.

I included online resource lists of where to find software programs and images, free and priced alike, to get the reader off to a running start in their design process. It’s now available at Amazon.

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newcoverIt’s been a long, agonizing process, but I’m pleased to announce that my new novel The Translation of Daniel has finally been published and is awaiting release to all major ebook platforms. Right now it is available on Amazon and Smashwords and it is FREE for a limited time, so please, go download a copy and if you enjoy it, review it. That is a great help to us newly published authors.

For those who have read some of my blog, be advised that this is not a Christian novel. I talk much about my faith here because that is who I am – but this novel is not about Christ – it’s about awakening. I categorized this work as inspirational fiction – as apt and narrow a description as there could be. There’s levity, challenges, surprises, and love in this novel, and my hope is that it will uplift and inspire any and all who might read it. When enlightenment strikes, who knows what possibilities might arise. Thanks for stopping by.

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Hi – welcome to my blog. I intend to use this blog to promote my new novel “The Translation of Daniel”, to talk about writing, life in general, my personal interests,.. anything and everything under the sun. I hope to make some new friends, reconnect with old friends, and share with others, whom I may never meet, a little bit about what I’ve gleaned from living. Thanks for joining me in this new adventure – I hope it will have benefits for all who stop by. Don’t forget to check back in soon – I will post some sample chapters for free reading.

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