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This one’s sure to be a hit. Funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.



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Verse 1: (Jordan Copas)
I’m up early crack of the morning blinded by the light I start yawning. The birds hum and the weather’s like my life blowing through the seasons the pain and the strife. How did I get here? It’s hard to know. When you see the big picture then it will show, that I am being molded by the Father’s hand so when the wind blows I can take a stand. A person said that God must not love. How can He sit up there on the throne above and watch His own people just suffer? When you overcome then your Faith gets tougher. I see my situation through a new eye, a new lens I’m not just a broke guy. It’s not what you see it’s how you see it. Homeless at the moment but the reason I can see it.

Hook: (BenJah)
If you can see what I see You’d have more faith in the unseen But your always so doubtful Cause you always want it your way… You can run my way… I think that I got you… I think that I got you…

Verse 2: (Jordan Copas)
Lemme tell you I am not a perfect man. A lot of flaws my past I’ve ran. So trapped up I’ve been living in fear unworthy of the gift for a lifespan. Against Truth I put up a fight but everything switched up when I seen the Light. Freedom! That is what I felt That is what I have since smacked with a belt. The Father met me like He met Paul. On my way His grace made me fall. I know the love even through discipline don’t turn away come back, listen. I wanna be like Abraham not Lot. No doubt just faith when it hit the spot. When the rain pours hard times I cherish, crying out for the people don’t want ’em to perish.

Hook: (BenJah)
If you can see what I see You’d have more faith in the unseen But your always so doubtful Cause you always want it your way… You can run my way… I think that I got you… I think that I got you… Cause you always want it your way… You can run my way… I think that I got you… I think that I got you…

Verse 3: (Jordan Copas)
I’m being broken as a child help me from a grown man proud. My pride has swelled up… kill it. Depend on the Father not independent. I can’t live life on my own… and this is what I been shown. Where’s your hope? He’s the prize Trust Him and see through His Eyes.

Hook: (BenJah)
If you can see what I see You’d have more faith in the unseen But your always so doubtful Cause you always want it your way… You can run my way… I think that I got you… I think that I got you… Cause you always want it your way… You can run my way… I think that I got you… I think that I got you…

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Remember this one? It’s ancient already – I was just a punk kid when this song came out, and like most people, I never knew that the song or, especially, the video, was about anything at all. Even the lyrics seem like gibberish if you pay any attention to them, which I’m sure most people do not.

But this song isn’t meaningless – not by a long shot. I will break it down below step by step with screenshots, but first, here’s the video in it’s entirety:

OK – cool song, right? But what does it all mean? Let’s find out.

The video and story begins with this funky character.vlcsnap-2013-05-28-07h40m44s199

Who is he? What does he represent? That will become clear later.

He dances around a bit, then walks over to a window and peers inside.

window outwindow in (2)

What’s inside? A dance club, basically. But what the dance club symbolizes is the world. The lyrics near this part put it into better perspective:

Toe to toe
Dancing very close
Barely breathing
Almost comatose
Wall to wall
People hypnotized
And they’re stepping lightly
Hang each night in Rapture

People, hypnotized, almost comatose… just like in the real world. Most people walk around in a fictive dream, a dream induced by the elite, the controllers, through propaganda, lies, and illusions in the form of movies, television and music. You could say that most people are not all there. You could say they’re asleep. Awake, O sleeper – the hour is getting late.

The next symbol they show brings us squarely to the subject matter at hand.

crucifix (2) copyA crucifix. That is important because the man in white is meant to symbolize Christ. Notice how he is formally dressed all in white – as if for a wedding. That’s because here Christ is being shown in his role as Bridegroom, coming to collect his “Bride” – or the church, his faithful – for the rapture – which is the name of the song, after all. I just never saw that before when the song came out, and I would bet not many others did then either.

Notice how the man in white, Christ, comes to the window to peer into the dance club, or “world” as I discussed above. He’s checking up on what’s going on before he makes his move.

white dancersNext, 2 things happen. Blondie commences to move between different dance partners, representing, I believe, promiscuity and carnal desire. But, oddly enough, also present on the dance floor are these women, dressed in white clothes that look like traditional African garb.

There are three of them, and they are dancing together only. Three women, clothed in white, dancing together, avoiding all the men in the club. That clearly is representing the chaste virgins, the “bride of Christ.” Not much left to doubt there. Does that seem weird coming from a Blondie video? If it does, that’s good, because it should seem weird. But as I’ve said many times elsewhere, the elite know the Bible, better than most, and they are waiting for this event to occur so that they can commence with their own plan for what will follow it.

Following this, Blondie begins rapping about a “man from Mars” who commences to wreak havoc on earth, even eating “your head.” I won’t go too much into this, but essentially, this refers to the rise of a supernaturally empowered being – the antichrist – who begins to destroy everything after taking power. And Revelation refers to Saints who were killed by the antichrist during this period by being beheaded – hence the reference to eating “your head.”

And, in keeping perfectly with our theme, the tall man in white who represents Christ is now inside the club, or “world,” and he begins to dance… meaning, he begins to do his thing, the thing that everyone who is awake is waiting for, especially the elite. Why? Because Christ is in control, and until he moves, the elite can do nothing. When he takes out his “Bride”, his people, he takes away his Holy Spirit also – and only then are the world controllers able to launch their plans in earnest.

goatOK – this next part will blow your mind. I didn’t even notice this the first 2 times I watched this video. My wife noticed it when we watched it together. I rewound, and watched again in astonishment. As soon as the man representing Christ starts to dance, a woman dressed all in black walks behind him leading a goat away.

Yes – a goat. Now, if you don’t agree with my interpretation of this video, then the goat makes no sense whatsoever. A goat in a dance club? Duh! But in light of this video being about Christ, his Bride, and the rapture, it makes total sense, for that is the time when the sheep are separated from the goats. The woman was even leading the goat off to the left side of the dancing man (Christ), the side of condemnation. Wow. There’s no accident to this, and the elite are revealing just how much they know about this future event and the scripture that goes along with it. And they know they are the goats. They rejoice in that fact. I feel sorry for them. Well, a little at least.

So the man dances a bit, then turns towards the door as people cue up behind him. Those that get behind him are not the women in white as they should be, but rather Blondie and her band. We’re supposed to accept that they are the ones to get raptured. I don’t think so, but this is their video, so they make the rules. This club is in a basement, so that means they rise up stairs to exit – perfectly in keeping with the symbolism here. They rise up, following Christ, and go down the street outside towards a bright light in the distance.

fifth ageThat’s a lot of important symbolism packed into what is at first blush a very silly pop song. But that is exactly how the elite like to roll – put everything in plain sight but in a package where it really doesn’t belong and isn’t expected. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing this song for three decades without ever realizing what it was really saying. I always thought the meaning of rapture as used in this song was the one referring to the feeling. Nope. This song is talking about THE rapture. The last clue is the 5 next to Blondie in this screenshot, which refers to the next, or “fifth” age.

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You will reign forevermore…

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Never underestimate what God can do. Never. He can take people out of the most hopeless, corrupted situations, and make them warriors for his kingdom. He came first as a lamb. He will return as a lion, a conquering KING! With a sword at his side. A sword that the adversary will taste the bite of. Flee backbiters, murderers, liars, servants of Satan,.. your judgement comes.

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