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The U.S. Congress is right now moving forward with the passage of the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill (AAB), also known as H.R. 933, which currently contains an added “rider” that would allow agricultural biotechnology corporations like Monsanto to bypass the legal system in approving, growing and selling illegal genetically-modified (GM) seeds and crops.

Dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act by an unofficial cohort of family-scale farmers and health freedom advocates, the so-called Farmer Assurance Provision of the Agricultural Appropriations Bill threatens to undo constitutional guidelines that allow the justice system to rightly intervene in cases where the safety of illegally-approved GMOs are called into question.  – Prisonplanet.com

Tami Canal, a young mother of two in Utah has recently been the catalyst for a successful worldwide turnout in what was called the “March Against Monsanto.” Citing concerns over the health of her children, and claiming to be fed up spending big money on foods that “aren’t poisonous,” she spearheaded a call to action using Facebook, and the response quickly grew into the successful march on May 25th.

bees-and-monsanto“Not only are they threatening our children and ourselves as well, but also the environment. The declining bee population has been linked to the pesticides that they use, and that’s just the start. I’ve been reading studies recently that butterflies are starting to disappear, and birds. It’s only a matter of time, it’s pretty much a domino effect.”  – Canal

A March that was estimated in the millions in over 300 cities worldwide was largely ignored by the mainstream media:

“The highly successful, world wide ‘March against Monsanto’ is nowhere to be found in mainstream media, and it wasn’t covered live either. Far bigger than any cancer march, or any MS drive, people came out in droves, to cities all across the globe, and their children made signs about how GMO food, yes, genetically modified (mutated) organisms are infecting the main food supply of America..” – S.D. Wells

That should come as no surprise to readers of this post, because in the modern day, the same bloodline that runs Monsanto runs the MSM as well, and as Christ said, a “house divided against itself will not stand.” So why is there such outrage over Monsanto, and the recently passed legislation, the so-called Monsanto Protection Act? It all goes back to God’s mechanism for shaping and multiplying life: DNA and the humble seed.

Sowing the Seeds of Death and Bondage

Remember when we talked previously about the time before the flood, and how the Sons of Cain and their Fallen Angel fathers were tampering with and corrupting all of God’s creation? Well, they’re at it again, and this time they’re hitting their enemies, the Sons of Adam, where it hurts most – they’re corrupting the very food that sustains us.

The Cainite line, being irredeemable liars, will of course say that their agenda is the exact opposite of what it actually is. To wit – the Department of War becomes the Department of Defense (who do they think they’re fooling with that?). They will say that their aim is to produce better crops, to improve nutrition, to help farmers. These are actual words from their own website:

“Improving agriculture, improving lives. Delivering innovations to meet the needs of farmers in a sustainable [!?!] way. Our innovations help farmers produce more food using fewer natural resources.”

They sound like they are the best friend any farmer ever had, but unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are every farmer’s worst enemy. One recent story will make that very clear.

Husbandmen in Courtrooms

arrested farmerIn our brave new world, up is down, white is black, and evil is good. Again, I will quote this important scripture, as it says it all:  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20

In this new world a farmer mustn’t save seed which God and his good earth gave him for sustenance and sustainability… no, no, no! He must go and buy new seed each year (as that seed has been designed not to produce successive seeds) from Monsanto, which they have tampered with, or “improved,” and then subsequently patented because, apparently, they can do it better than God himself. They have improved upon the work of God – and by making a few minor “tweaks” here and there, now feel that they can lay claim of ownership upon that particular seed. Lord help me, the bile is rising…

The audacity! The arrogance! The vileness of these criminals is beyond reckoning!!

But it is happening. They are laying claim to the ownership of our food and the seeds it comes from, and we are allowing it to happen, so far. How long will that last? Hopefully not too long. The recent march is a ray of hope, to be sure.

patented cornThe case I’m taking too long to discuss is one where Canadian farmer, Percy Schmeiser, was brought to court by Monsanto under the charge that he was growing their GMO filth on his land illegally – meaning, he didn’t buy any seed from them. Oh the travesty! The horror! One small, insignificant, independent farmer slipped through Monsanto’s greasy clutches. Can’t let that happen!!

percy-field4So what really happened, then? Essentially, Schmeiser claims that he had never ever bought seed from Monsanto, but rather Monsanto seed planted by a neighbor in a field adjacent to Percy’s own fields blew over (pollen) and contaminated his crops. That’s how crops pollinate after all, and when it’s just natural seed we’re dealing with, there’s no problem. But when it comes to patented seed and corporate interests, it’s not a good thing at all, especially if you’re a small farmer like Percy, because Monsanto can haul your keister into court if they find their seed on your land and you don’t have a receipt for it, never mind how it got there.

And how do they know it’s there in your field in the first place, you ask? Good question!

Monsanto’s GMOs (genetically modified organisms: seeds) contaminate farmers’ fields; the company then trespasses onto farmers’ lands taking samples, and then sues, saying they own the crop.  Monsanto is also taking many other steps to keep farmers and everyone else from having any access at all to buying, collecting, and saving of normal seeds.

Monsanto has sued more than 1,500 farmers whose fields had simply been contaminated by GM crops. – citizensforjustice.org

Now, back to Percy’s story:

More than 320 hectares were found to be contaminated with Roundup Ready canola—the biotech giant’s patented canola, genetically engineered to tolerate otherwise lethal doses of glyphosate. The company sought damages totaling $400,000.

Most farmers end up settling, but Schmeiser was angry enough to fight back. In a 1999 interview, Schmeiser stated:

“I never put those plants on my land. The question is, where do Monsanto’s rights end and mine begin?”

The case eventually went before the Federal Court of Canada. Schmeiser in turn accused Monsanto of:

Libel, by publicly accusing him of committing illegal acts – Trespassing – Improperly obtaining samples of his seed from a local seed plant – Callous disregard for the environment by introducing genetically modified crops without proper controls and containment – Contamination of his crops with unwanted GM plants.  – Dr. Mercola

But, against all odds and after a decade of fighting, Percy prevailed. Monsanto agreed to settle out of court and decontaminate his land of their GMO poisons.

This was a much-needed win not just for Schmeiser, but for farmers everywhere. It set the precedence that farmers may be entitled to reimbursement when their fields are contaminated with unwanted GM crops (as indeed they should!). On Schmeiser’s website, www.percyschmeiser.com, he states:

“If I would go to St. Louis and contaminate their plots–destroy what they have worked on for 40 years–I think I would be put in jail and the key thrown away.” – ibid

david-with-goliaths-headIt’s no surprise that this particular case was framed as a battle between David and Goliath, and what I’m saying in this series is that this  is not just a metaphor, it’s 100% literal truth – those are the bloodlines involved in this story, Cain and Adam, still at enmity, still at war. And as with David, who won against all odds over Goliath, it’s inspiring to see another natural man prevail against the unnatural giant of Monsanto. Too bad though that Percy didn’t finish them off by decapitating them, as David did Goliath. They live to kill and corrupt another day.

Don’t believe, as many do, that this is just about greed. That’s an element, but it is not a directing factor in what Monsanto is doing. They hide their identity behind corporate protections, but this is not just an individual company acting alone – it is part of the octopus, the NWO, reaching it’s tentacles out to strangle the whole world into total submission. Think of Monsanto as nothing more than a branch office of this global group, and it is serving that agenda by trying to control the world’s food supply entirely. Not just control, but corrupt also, and by corrupting the food, they are corrupting the eaters of that food, corrupting and poisoning them, killing them slowly, bit by bit. Their goal is destruction, pure and simple. They are NOT your friend, they are NOT trying to help you. They are trying to sicken you, weaken you, and eventually, kill you. That is what an enemy does. They are not a corporation – they are a bloodline, and Satan is their father. They are serving him well.

The Produce of Depraved Minds

Again, when trying to understand the minds of those within this bloodline, most people come up short. They can’t comprehend. They can’t bridge that wide gap. If that’s you, then be thankful. You’re not a psychopath.

But if you want a glimpse inside a psychopathic killer’s mind, there’s no better place to start than with the products and practices of Monsanto, and the most important of their maniacal inventions is a life-killing chemical poison called Roundup.

Basically, Roundup kills everything in it’s path, including small boys that happen to pass through a cloud of it by accident:

Carrasco is a leading embryologist at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and the Argentinean national research council. He had heard the horrific stories of peasant farmers working near the vast fields of Roundup Ready soybeans — plants genetically engineered to withstand generous doses of Monsanto’s poisonous weed killer. The short-term impact of getting sprayed was obvious: skin rashes, headaches, loss of appetite, and for one 11 year old Paraguayan boy named Silvino Talavera, who biked through a fog of herbicides in 2003, death. But Carrasco also heard about the rise of birth defects, cancer, and other disorders that now plagued the peasants who were sprayed by plane. He decided to conduct a study. – Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

maniacSo let’s say you’re a psychopath, and you have this great patent on a lethal weed/plant/bee/people-killing chemical. How would you market that? How about the weed-killing angle? Yeah, good idea. Then sell it to the farmers. They have problems with weeds. One caveat – it kills everything in its path. Solution: genetically modify crop species so that they can survive the onslaught of Roundup applications. Brilliant! Then only the weeds will die. Wait, we’re not done yet. Let’s add value to our platform. Then, because we alter (pervert) the seed of natural plants, we can patent them, design them so that they won’t produce seed of their own, then sell seed to farmers every single year thereafter, for the rest of every farmer’s life. AhhhhHaHaHaHa!!

Sounds like something out of the grimmest grimoire, but that’s about the gist of it in a nutshell. So, essentially, you accomplish these basic things in doing the above: You leash farmers to your product indefinitely, making them permanently dependent upon your company (which also gives you defacto control over the direction of agriculture in the future). You poison vast areas of agricultural land, as well as the aquifers that lie beneath them, with annual inundations of your toxic cocktail. You decimate people’s health further by ensuring that the only foods that make it to their tables are “empty foods”, foods without the full, natural spectrum of vitamins and minerals. It’s true – these Roundup ready species have been shown to contain only a pathetic fraction of these elements compared to the natural species (read EMPTY HARVEST by Bernard Jenson). And finally, in doing all of the above you would become filthy, filthy rich. Kill your enemies, and grow fat in the process.

batman slaps robin

It’s true when people say that Monsanto is one of the most evil corporations on the planet, but the one good thing I can see in this is that through Monsanto, the ravening beast is doing what it is normally loathe to do – it is parting the veil which conceals it, if ever so slightly, and allowing anyone who’s paying attention to see it in all of it’s hideous ugliness. This is the nature of that which stands against you, brothers and sisters, children of Adam.  See your enemy. Because, I can assure you, they see you at all times, and never rest in their efforts to end you once and for all. Be ye as wise as the serpents that conspire against you.

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