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This one’s a real mind bender.

I stumbled across this video the other day and haven’t been able to get my mind off of it ever since:


The video is new to me, but the work of its maker is not. I discovered Ed Chiarini’s ideas over one year ago on Youtube, then investigated further on his website wellaware1.com. I must stress that I’m not endorsing his concepts here. I’m bringing attention to it because I believe there is at least something to it. I don’t agree with 100% of what he says, or even 50%, but even if I only agree with 10% of what he claims, then that information stands and I need to deal with it.

The argument goes like this: some news stories are entirely faked by actors, then portrayed in the mainstream news as “real.” If there was a death or deaths in the story by violence or disease, then oftentimes a charity is set up for the families of the stricken or deceased, and monies are collected from the public who believed the story as true and gave to help. Think about that for a moment…

If you pull off a big lie by having actors play posing as real people, people who die or suffer from a condition, then after you collect real monies from a charity you set up for these fake people, monies donated by well-meaning, innocent people, then what kind of person are you? What kind of person would do that? I think you know the answer to that question.

And that’s part of the beauty of the con, really – create lies so big that no one would ever believe the lie was possible.

As I researched Ed’s claims, I noticed several stunning patterns. First, most of the actors used in fake news stories come from only a few different families. Second, they reuse the actors over and over again in different roles, playing different people, disguised by means of changing hairstyles, clothes, make-up, and sometimes by employing more sophisticated techniques commonly associated with movie making.

This actually makes sense. Reduce risk by keeping it in the family. No need to worry about who you can and cannot trust. Also, it’s obvious that if you’re evil enough to do this type of thing, then it’s also likely that you would get some kind of perverse pleasure out of duping the innocents while mocking them at the same time by using the same actor in different roles, selling it all as real.

If Ed is right at least some of the time, then that means there are probably some supposedly dead famous people still kicking around on terra firma – especially if they died young.

Which brings us right back to the Hendrix/Freeman problem. Is one simply the doppelganger of the other? It’s possible. But the resemblance over time is uncanny, especially in the eyes and eyebrows. Neither man’s eyes are entirely symmetrical, but they are asymmetrical in precisely the same way! I find that highly unusual and troubling – troubling because of what it implies.

If one news story was faked but everyone accepted it as real, then what about all the other stories being reported? If one is found to be faked, then that of course immediately throws all others under extreme suspicion. I realize that the PTB are not stupid enough to fake all news reports – the clever thing to do is mix a few lies with an abundance of truth. That way, truth opens the door, and the lies slip in behind it. Same relationship as sugar with bitter medicine.

The command “Turn off your TV!” takes on a whole new urgency in light of all this mess. This is mind control, and they are manipulating the hot button issues. Suspend disbelief, because if you can’t, you will quickly become hopelessly entangled in their thicket of lies. Consider this treachery an act of war against you, because that is precisely what it is.

So what happens when Jimmy Hendrix is Morgan Freeman? Well, then I think all of our minds explode. Bang! Because that, my friends, is some paradigm-killing information. They create lies of such magnitude and boldness that it will enforce itself. If you admit to yourself and others that you believed a big, big lie for a long, long time, then what does that say about you? You’re a chump? You’re stupid? I doubt there’s an ego in the world that would survive such an admission. That’s why Ed Chiarini posts a warning on his site to those new to it – he is warning that it is very troubling to discover you’ve have been lied to, especially to this extent. I can attest to that – it took me weeks to get over my initial probings of his material. And I already distrusted those in power! This was just simply a degree of malfeasance I was unprepared to entertain then.

Big lies are self enforcing because ego rules the world, and ego doesn’t like to be wrong. Hitler knew it then, and these people know it now. Suspend disbelief, and be free.

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