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I couldn’t agree more with this woman’s assessment about who theĀ realĀ Obama is. The man has lied about who he really is, what his true intentions are, and whom he serves. He’s claimed to be a Christian, but any reasonable person knows that is a lie – he’s a Muslim. He portrays himself as a straight man, a family man. He’s not – by most accounts, he’s gay. What else is true about this man?

The sad truth is that in the short 8 years that’s been given him to rule over this country, he has done more than any other president to destroy this nation from the inside out – and he may not be finished yet. Scores, literally scores, of people on Youtube have had dreams and visions of Obama refusing to leave office and remaining for a third term. Some see him suspending the elections. Others see this happening due to some crisis or other. Let’s pray that this criminal goes away peacefully after the election, and is promptly forgotten by history as he deserves to be.



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One man’s amazing personal testimony of meeting Jesus face to face, revealing God’s awareness of each person’s uniqueness as well as His surprising sense of humor. Enjoy.


William Baker

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Thank you Dan Shelley 777 for the absolute best rapture/Planet X dream I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them:

Not only will you see this huge red planet in the sky, and darkness, and martial law, and all sorts of horrible things going on, you’ll then see Jesus, possibly the One that you’ve mocked your whole life, …or didn’t believe in or whatever else because you believed in some other crap,…

You’ll see him in the sky, and that will terrify you even more because then you know you’re in a completely hopeless situation…

In this dream there was absolutely no hope, there was no hope in anything.

If you were wealthy… no hope.

If you were poor – no hope.

If you’ve got a hundred holiday homes – no hope.

If you’ve got loads of top, sexy, elite cars – no hope.

If you run companies – no hope.

If you’re married to the most sexiest person in the world – no hope.

If you’re into any other religion – no hope.

Jesus is the only hope.


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Account told by Dr David Yonggi Cho.


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Video is by Lewey7777

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I’m posting this for those who haven’t yet heard this powerful prophecy about a soon-to-come event in Puerto Rico – an event that will reach out to affect many countries around that entire region. It’s long, but very instructive and well-delivered.

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This is some important advice from a man who saw the torments of hell with his own eyes. This video was originally on the channel JesusMyBeauty, owned by Bill Larkin, which unfortunately has been removed. But most of this man’s testimonial videos can be found on Youtube by searching that channel name. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning the truth about Jesus Christ, and the existence of hell as well. Shalom.



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