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Big red runs across the screen in this amazing footage by Shawn Bannon, and is analyzed by ThinkerThunker. Looks pretty convincing to me – especially with the layers of hair that flap up and down when it’s running, and the muscles that are seen to flex beneath it. Besides, this thing is massive! I can’t imagine someone wearing a suit that big, then run like that through a forest terrain – not to mention jump obstacles in it. If it’s the real deal, it’s incredible footage.

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I don’t know how many out there have seen this footage from Todd Standing yet, but if it’s the real deal, then Bigfoot’s existence is a done deal.

Unlike some of the other footage out there that claims to show Bigfoot, Todd’s footage is quite unique in that the animals he’s taping are very still – not running across the frame, or walking, as in the famous Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967. Also, he is shooting just the animal’s face as it sits quietly, blending into the foliage. Close-up footage, or stills, of Bigfoot’s face are unknown, to my knowledge.

Here, the motions are subtle – eyeballs moving, eyelids blinking, mouths slightly parting. I’m not an expert, but I think that this kind of subtlety would be much more difficult to fake than a running Bigfoot at a distance – it looks like Todd is right on top of these guys – it’s hard to decide which is more amazing, that, or the footage.

Anyway, take a look and decide for yourself. If this is legit, I’m sure he will be able to duplicate his technique, so I’m sure in that case more footage will be forthcoming.


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