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Do you stand with these Luciferian liars? Those who voted for Obama are the same that voted for criminal Clinton, no doubt. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but of course, you have no shame. The Godless never do. The man in the video below breaks down the truth with a bluntness that has to be admired. This is the truth about Obama that only those who fear God can see. I for one cannot wait until that Muslim homosexual liar is out of the White House.



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I knew this Hamilton guy was a no-talent wanker. All the MSM morning shows have been pushing it nonstop, because, as you should all know by now, it’s not talent that makes the hits, it’s who they push – and they’ve been pushing Hamilton since it’s opening. I saw them perform a few numbers, and my reaction was pretty much, “meh.” But I guess I’m missing the point – they’re all MINORITIES! That alone qualifies them all for greatness, right? Well, it does according to the lying MSM.

And get this: the writer of that no-account Broadway piece of tripe recently advertised for only “non-white” cast members. Wait – wouldn’t that be racism? Well, according to New York’s own legal codes, IT IS! See how liberals do? They constantly cry “racism!”, but it’s OK when they do it. That’s rich.

Enjoy as Judge Jeanine rips these “alarmed and anxious” liberal crybabies a new one.


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Liberals, what do you stand for?

I think I know what they’d say. Social Justice. Inclusivity. Diversity.

But I know the real answer.


They stand for nothing, because they go for anything. Everything is included in their world – except the ones who stand for something. They don’t include those people.


But they are gung ho for everything else. Gay marriage? You bet! Higher taxes? Always, and the more the better. Transgender bathrooms? Well, absolutely! Nothing is too depraved or perverted for these amoral degenerates.

I call them “amoral” because of what the definition of amoral states:

– lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.

To be moral, you need to differentiate – right from wrong, good from evil. That ability to make discernments has been washed from their minds. They literally have lost the ability to make moral distinctions from the mind control they’ve been subjected to. They’ve become amoral degenerates, because that is what the controllers want our population to be. It’s as simple as that.

As I’ve said before, the place this mind control happens most effectively is at universities. Liberal ideology is cemented into the heads of most students before graduation, and most will never reverse that mind control ever for the rest of their lives. They learn their liberalism BS, they learn to be good corporate slaves, and then they go off to one or another city to work for these corporations, because that’s where the corporations live as well. Parasites, working for bigger parasites – it’s a match made in hell.

Other’s become liberals by watching the mind control that Hollyweird produces. Hollyweird is like the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda. They are the ones that subtly introduce liberal core concepts way before those concepts actually manifest in society. They’ve been showing gay households as being normal for decades. Political correctness has been a core in Hellywood for a long time as well, as has been the concept of broken families. Christians are portrayed as either mentally retarded, or as crazed lunatics. They portray women as smart and strong while showing men (especially white men) as being effeminate, stupid, and weak. That’s Hollyweird’s idea of “normal,” and they’re hoping it will become your idea of normal too.

So, why do the elite want everyone to become a liberal idiot? Go back to the title of this post – If You Go For ANYTHING, You Stand For NOTHING. It’s really just that simple.

The elites don’t want strong minded, independent people in society. They don’t want people who retain the ability to discern right from wrong. They don’t want people who have bullshit detection intact. And they certainly don’t want people growing up in strong, intact, heterosexual families. They want weak, sobbing, effeminate liberals, who will go for ANYTHING, no matter how idiotic, nonsensical, or harmful it will end up being for everyone but the elite. They want individuals who will swallow everything that’s forced down their throats as long as it is sold to them as being hip, progressive, radical, or just “in.”

15135751_1241671195880089_9216463038142193399_nThey want open borders for illegals to enter, and who cares how many hoards come in. They welcome young adult Muslim men from war torn countries, and, aww hell, no need for background checks. Everyone loves us liberals, because we love EVERYONE (except non-liberals, of course). White people are evil and privileged, but minorities are ‘Da Bomb! They pretend to be anti-corporation, but as we have already well established, most liberals are corporate slaves, so we can’t take them seriously on that issue. And the thing the liberals love to do the most is correctly recite the alphabet-soup acronym for gay rights that is ever growing, so no one really knows at what point a new letter has been added: LGBTQ…I…ABCDEFGHI, you get the drift. Please, for the love of God, enough with that.


Liberals love to show how “open” they are to any new concept or behavior. They call it being “progressive.” I call it being stupid. There’s nothing wrong with considering a new concept or behavior – for considering is discerning the merits of it. But that’s not what liberals do – because they can’t. That ability has been erased from their minds through conditioning. They’ve drunk the kool aid, so to speak. Now all they can do is shout the liberal slogans that have been drilled into their head:

  1. “Your rights end where my feelings begin!”
  2. “Diversity is strength!”
  3. “Build mosques, not bombs!”
  4. “Not my president!”


The overlords couldn’t be happier with their agenda to spread the cancer of liberalism far and wide. I’m sure they laugh from their ivory towers as they watch these liberal sheep bleating their way to their own destruction. They run like lemmings to the cliff’s edge, checking with each other to make sure that no one is offended, totally oblivious that reality is about to snatch them right out of existence.

They’ve been separated not only from their own mental faculties of moral reasoning, but they’ve been cut off from a connection to God. No person that truly believes in the existence of God would act and think like liberals do. That particular truth is what pleases the overlords most of all. When they’ve separated you from your creator, that’s when they have you. You’ve lost your only defense.

Tick tock, liberals. The clock is running out.

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Youtuber Junius Maltby points out the basic differences between liberal Americans and the rest of us. Liberals are parasites living in cities, working for Corporations, which are also parasites. They produce nothing of real value – rural Americans take care of that. It’s the producers that Trump represents, NOT the liberal parasites. That’s why they hate him – he’s the total opposite of them. This country is divided – and it’s time for producers and parasites to go their separate ways. Let’s see which group survives without the other.

Dear liberals, go away – you are NOT my countrymen!

Election results map for 2016. Where do the liberals live? Just like I said – in the cities.

What a beautiful sea of RED

What a beautiful sea of RED

Donald Trump

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Celebrities, who all promote the Globalist agenda, are of course good liberals as well.  They were not coy about their full support for Hillary, and also, let’s not forget all those gun-grab ads that Hollywood elites have produced over the years. Again, I cannot say this often enough: nothing brings me more joy than a crying liberal, especially, a famous one.


Mark Dice

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crybulliesThe impossible happened last week – they gave us our candidate. That may be the first time in history.

Was it because they knew the movement behind Trump was too overwhelming to thwart? Or do they have a Trump card of their own in store?

Some are speculating that their candidate, Hillary, was becoming too much of a liability (even for them – the lowest criminals in the world), so they threw the election to Trump with the plan to crash the teetering economy later and blame it on him. Who knows – I say, let’s enjoy this moment for as long as it can last.

It was certainly the best news I’ve heard in a good long time. Couldn’t believe it then – and still can’t. But that was not even the best part.

The best part was seeing the looks on the faces of all the low-life, bottom-dwelling MSM anchors, who all had an astonished look like someone had just dumped in their hats. Payback has never been sweeter. All year they have been tirelessly defaming Trump, and now they have to report him as the president elect. Sweet mercy, may this victory never end.

And for any out there that believe their lie that Hillary won the popular vote, just look at the picture below. That’s from a rally she held in Omaha in August. She was lucky if 100 people would show up at her rallies, and that’s after paying and busing half that many to the venue. There’s no way on God’s green earth that Hillary won the popular vote – that is pure BS made up by the BS factory known as the Main Stream Media. Lying is their specialty – it’s all they know how to do.



Now the liberals are showing their true colors – especially the precious snowflakes on college campuses throughout the country. It’s unfair, they complain. Not my president, they whine. Boo hoo, babies. Deal with it. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to this country – or to any of you, for that matter. Don’t you realize what this represents? He’s a populist, for crying out loud! He’s for the people – the common people. He’s the US version of Rodrigo Duterte, who was the populist president just elected in the Philippines in June. This is big stuff, people. Watch carefully, because you may never see the same thing repeated ever again.

The Snowflake Generation

The Snowflake Generation

By the way – Duterte has no respect at all for Obama. Needless to say, he is a very smart man.

  1. a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.

It’s not about Republican and Democrat. Trump probably should never have run as a Republican. Look at how they’ve treated him – especially that rat known as Paul Ryan. Ryan would prefer to work with Obama more than Trump, I’m sure.

I have one request: as you watch the sore losers known as liberals, social justice warriors, cry bullies, etc., whine, wail, rage, and destroy property, know that what you are looking at is a threat to western civilization itself. Liberalism will be the death of us all, if we fail to act quickly to wring it’s detestable neck. These dimwitted dullards are for everything that is currently perverting and destroying this country, and if you don’t know what that is, just review Obama’s last eight years in office. Open borders, encouraging Muslim immigration with no background checks of those admitted, Globalism in all it’s facets, and let’s not forget the official sanctioning of sexual perversion (gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, et al).

Have you noticed that college campuses are filled with these strange creatures known as liberals? Well, there’s a simple explanation why. It’s because universities exist for only three reasons. The first of which is to create liberals through mind control conditioning. Yeah, I said it: universities manufacture liberals. I should know, I was a liberal once. But as E. T. Williams once said, “I got tired of my head being stuck up my own ass.” The second reason universities exist is to form students into future corporate slaves. And the third reason universities exist is to rob you blind. That’s all universities are good for, if there is any good in them at all (which there isn’t).

Have you also noticed where all universities are located? Cities, of course. Do you remember who the MSM says swayed the vote in Trump’s favor? The RURAL white vote. That’s right, my friends. Stupid liberals choose to live in cities – almost unanimously. Cities are filled with stupid liberals, which is why I avoid them like the plague. And those stupid city-dwelling liberals totally overlooked the silent majority – rural whites. Make America Great Again? You’d better damn well believe it!

So cry and wail, liberals – because there is nothing that brings me more joy than your tears. If you’re crying, then I know that something is going right in this world. And maybe, just maybe, you might wake up one day and throw off your liberal ideology like the garbage it is. But I’m not holding my breath. And until you throw off that liberal filth and choose to become a human being again, I will treat you with all the suspicion you so rightly deserve.

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