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Hillary Clinton is Jar Jar Binks: “Me’sa in a coma.”

Check out the Barry Soetoro Youtube channel. Good stuff.



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No brain condition??? Give me a break!


Barry Soetoro


Ed Bassmaster

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The following article can be read in it’s entirety at Natural News.

CLAIM: Historic event to occur in the next six days that will end the rise of Trump and seize the future of America for totalitarian globalists

by Mike Adams


(NaturalNews) You didn’t really think the criminal cabal of globalists was going to idly stand by and let the voters elect an anti-establishment candidate, did you? According to the latest insider buzz I’m hearing, a staged event of historic magnitude is set to take place in the next six days that will end the populist rise of Donald Trump and allow totalitarian globalists to seize control of America through political means. I post this article in the hopes that perhaps revealing these plans ahead of time may cause them to be put on hold.

All the buzz on this centers around a number of unverifiable claims that are now circulating among various bloggers, journalists and video commentators in the indy media. For the record, I do not endorse any certainty of these ideas, but for the sake of making sure this is all out in the open, I will mention that these theories center around claims that either Clinton will be assassinated, Trump will be assassinated, they will BOTH be assassinated, or the more bizarre theory that Clinton is already dead and will still be assassinated anyway in a staged event to blame “Second Amendment people” and reset the entire election.

While I can’t validate any of these claims (and therefore don’t endorse them), what rings true about the overall tone in such whispers is the idea that the globalists will stop at nothing to control the outcome of this election in any way possible. There is absolutely no question that, in the minds of the globalist totalitarians, the lives of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or any number of innocent bystanders are utterly meaningless to them. If they have to murder a few people to stay in power, that is well within their psychological window of acceptable behavior in order to achieve their political goal of total domination.

Behind the scenes of the indy media, everybody is talking quite openly about these scenarios, and some are convinced that Hillary Clinton actually died on 9/11 and has been impersonated (or “green screened”) ever since. Others say both Clinton and Trump will be assassinated simultaneously, possibly at the upcoming debate on the 26th. Dave Hodges at The Commonsense Show has posted an article that gives you a flavor of that line of concern. All News Pipeline also reflects the concerns with an article that warns, “Hold On To Your Seats! – Something Shocking Set To Rock Presidential Race.” Notably, the most recent Alex Jones “epic rant” gives you a sense of the almost manic frustration and anger that’s boiling over (fast forward to 7:00 to really witness Jones at his most “epic”).

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Well, they’ve found Hillary’s biggest supporter. Not only is it her biggest supporter, turns out it’s also the most intelligent one.



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I couldn’t agree more with this woman’s assessment about who theĀ realĀ Obama is. The man has lied about who he really is, what his true intentions are, and whom he serves. He’s claimed to be a Christian, but any reasonable person knows that is a lie – he’s a Muslim. He portrays himself as a straight man, a family man. He’s not – by most accounts, he’s gay. What else is true about this man?

The sad truth is that in the short 8 years that’s been given him to rule over this country, he has done more than any other president to destroy this nation from the inside out – and he may not be finished yet. Scores, literally scores, of people on Youtube have had dreams and visions of Obama refusing to leave office and remaining for a third term. Some see him suspending the elections. Others see this happening due to some crisis or other. Let’s pray that this criminal goes away peacefully after the election, and is promptly forgotten by history as he deserves to be.



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Written and read by Ray Mossholder.


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It’s high time for the people of this country to stand up and take America back from the globalists, the corporatists, the scumbags. Demand a paper ballot – it’s the only way to prevent fraud. This election may be our last chance.



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