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Is it just me, or has the nightly news devolved into nothing more than childish finger pointing antics and schoolyard gossip?

This, from last night’s World News on ABC:

Cue dramatic timpani intro – Bum Bum BUM!!

Breaking news tonight! Donald Trump, and what he said about women, abortion, and punishment. The backlash swift tonight, as we come on the air Trump himself with a new statement. You will hear what Trump initially said that ignited a firestorm late today. – David Muir

When I heard that, what I really heard was this:

You’ll never believe what Bobby said about Melinda! You’ll never believe it! I’ll tell you all about it at recess in the schoolyard. But right now we have to pause for commercial break – gotta make those fat stacks of cash, you know. But just wait until you hear what he said – he’s soooooooo bad! He’s in soooooo much trouble. – anonymous sixth grader gossiping in undisclosed classroom.

So this is what journalism has devolved to in this country. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone with functioning brain cells can watch what passes for journalism here every night on the evening news, and decide, “Hey, I wanna do dat!”

Who would go into this field at this point? Who would want to diminish themselves to that level?

It’s prostitution, folks. Plain and simple.

It’s dirty.

There used to be a time when the field of journalism had integrity – meaning, the journalists actually fact-checked the story, verified the sources, and reported the truth, as best they could determine it. But not anymore.

Now, simple gossip passes as journalism. Claims of truth. Character assassination. Finger pointing.

It’s disgusting.

Anyone who puts their face in front of a camera and reads whatever is on the teleprompter, regardless of veracity, is nothing more than a whore for money. Period. That’s everyone in the MSM at this point, sad to say – whores taking paychecks to further the oligarchs’ agenda, pushing the New World Order.

But there are a few, and I emphasize few, that have grown a conscience after being an insider in today’s journalism racket (because that’s what it has become), and have decided that it would be best for the fate of their souls if they cut and ran as fast as they could and revealed what they knew to be true about the corruption inside the MSM, becoming whistleblowers.

I’ve already alluded to the journalists fired by Fox News for refusing to falsify a story about Monsanto.

Former CNN journalist Amber Lyon has claimed that the media giant was “making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”

From that same story:

(THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE) — […] CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.  The Obama Administration pays CNN for content control.

Let that sink in.

Additionally CNN and CNN International are also paid by foreign governments to avoid stories that are damaging, and construct narratives that show them in a better, albeit false, light.

Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy winning investigative journalist and photographer. She accuses CNN of being “fake news.” – redflagnews

Then there is Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, author and former editor for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungwho refers to MSM news as “propaganda,” NOT real news. How right he is.

His book is entitled “Bought Journalists,” revealing the reality that this trade today is populated by so-called “professionals” who have been bought off by the MSM to report what they are told to report, but most definitely, NOT to report the truth, because the truth is always inconvenient to the liars.


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This expose on liberal ideology by Alexander Dugin is one of the most concise you will ever find. While his piece focuses on what liberalism has done to Europe (its original title is “What is Wrong with Europe?”), it’s just as pertinent to the destruction this ideology is doing here in America and elsewhere across the world. 

After first taking root in universities across America, it then metastasized across this nation until all levels of government and corporate offices were infected with this vile cancer, including of course every outlet of mainstream media.

What makes liberalism so vile is that it is so hypocritical: it lays claim to having tolerance for everything, while hiding the obvious fact that there is ONE thing it has no tolerance for whatsoever – any ideology that’s NOT liberal. Proof of this fact can be seen in the rabid zeal of recent anti-trump protesters. If THAT’S not religious fervor, I don’t know what is. In Trump they see a growing threat to their previously unchallenged position at the top of American politics, and they’re freaking out. Good, I say. Let the bell toll for the menace of liberalism once and for all. It’s produced nothing, but has nearly ruined this country. If liberalism has no tolerance for any ideology other than its own, then let’s adopt that same model. It’s time for liberalism, and the libtards that espouse it, to go.

What is Wrong with Europe?

by Alexander Dugin

Originally posted on Fort Russ

In order to correctly understand the nature of the present crisis, we need to briefly analyze the situation as a whole. I suggest three levels for this analysis: 
· the ideological
· the economic
· the geopolitical
Liberal ideology is the source of the problem
Ideologically, the problem is liberalism which is imposed on Europe and the rest of humanity by the Anglo-Saxon world as the only unique and official ideology. Liberalism affirms only the individual identity and prohibits any kind of collective or organic identities. Thus, step by step, liberalism refuses religion, nation, gender, and belongingness in general in order to set the individual completely free from any kind of holism. A core political manifestation of this problem is gender, as liberals insist on the “optional nature” of gender and present it as an individual choice. Before, the liberal struggle was centered around the individual choice of religion or nationality, but now it has reached the point of gender. Yet another crucial problem is immigration. Refusing to acknowledge religious or cultural identities, or even gender-based identity, an immigrant is not considered to be a bearer of a different identity. Rather, he is just another atomic individual. Thus, liberalism destroys any sense of collective identity and, as logically follows, liberalism destroys European identity (with so-called tolerance and theories of human rights). Together with the intensive destruction of sexual identity, it accelerates the end of society as such. The very fact of accepting liberalism as the mainstream ideology guarantees the end of Europe itself. 
The final step in the development of liberalism will be the negation of the human identity as a collective one at all. Thus, trans-humanism will be welcomed as part of the liberal agenda for tomorrow. 
Liberalism is a nihilistic ideology. It insists on liberty from any kind of collective identity, but never suggests anything positive. When in competition with the totalitarian ideologies of the past, communism and fascism, liberalism appeared to be concrete and attractive because it negated such totalitarianism while positing itself as a real alternative. But when the totalitarian competition was overcome, the nihilistic nature of liberalism came to be fully revealed. It can only negate things, and cannot affirm anything constructive. It is not the ideology of positive freedom, but of negative liberty. Although yesterday this might not have been so explicit, today it is clear. 
Liberalism has turned totalitarian. There is no liberty to not be a liberal. One must be a liberal. You can choose to be a left liberal, a right liberal, or a center liberal and, in the extreme case, you can be a far left or far right liberal, but you must always be a liberal. If you are judged to be illiberal by liberals, then you are finished, labelled as an extremist, terrorist, and so on. The liberals can only tolerate liberally tolerant people. If you are not tolerant in the liberal sense, you are intolerable. 
With what can we oppose liberalism? In the 20th century, there were two options: communism (socialism) and fascism. Both failed historically, i.e., politically, philosophically, militarily, and economically. They now exist only as simulacra. They are either hyper-marginal or are manipulated by liberalism. Hence the utilization by liberals of post-modernist liberal-communism, anarchism, Trotskyism, and liberal-fascists in the service of promoting their cause in exactly the same way that Islamic fundamentalism is used as a weapon of the US. Thus, my idea is opposing liberalism (the first political theory) not with the second political theory (Marxism) or the third one (fascism), but with a fourth. I have developed this idea in my book The Fourth Political Theory which has been translated into many languages, including German. We need to combat liberalism, refuse it, and deconstruct it entirely. At the same time, we need to do so not in the name of just class (as in Marxism) or in the name of the nation or race (as in fascism), but in the name of the organic unity of the people, social justice, and real democracy. Liberals interpret democracy as the rule of minorities. We need to restore the original meaning of the term in which democracy is the rule of the majority, the organic majority, the majority sharing a common identity, that is, the rule of the historically and culturally united people. 
Financial capitalism is a catastrophe
Economically, the problem is in financial capitalism pretending to have overcome the sector of productive industry in favor of stock market technology. Such capitalism is monopolistic and creates bubbles instead of developing economic infrastructure. Such an economy is based on financial speculation (of the G. Soros type) and clings to the illusion of infinite growth. This contradicts reality. The middle class is not growing any more and the growth of financial markets does not correspond to the growth of the actual productive sector. Giving all the attention to financial institutions and promoting the outsourcing of the productive sector to third world countries over the course of globalization is the way to the abyss. The first waves of the crisis have already passed, but new waves will be here soon. The economic collapse of the southern European countries like Greece and, in the near future Italy and Spain, is just the tip of the iceberg of an immense catastrophe. European unity is based on the full acceptance of this logic of financial capitalism. Yet now only Germany struggles to keep the economy in touch with industrial realities, refusing to embark on the train into nothingness. This is the reason for the anti-German hysterics in Europe and the US. The German economy may be the last productive economy, while the others are already virtual economies.
Thus, we need to reconstruct Europe on an alternative economic basis.
Infinite growth is but a liberal illusion. The fall of the middle class is the harsh reality at hand. The way out of this is a complete revision of the myths of financial capitalism.
Atlanticism is wrong
Geopolitically, today’s Europe is an Atlanticist entity. Geopolitics, as envisioned by the Englishman Sir H. Mackinder, asserts that there are two types of civilization – the civilization of Sea (Seapower) and the civilization of Land (Landpower). They are constructed on opposite systems of values. While Seapower is purely mercantile, modernist, and materialist, Landpower is traditionalist, spiritual, and heroic. This dualism corresponds to Werner Sombart’s conceptual pair of Händlres and Helden. Modern European society is fully integrated into the civilization of Sea which manifests itself in the strategic hegemony of North America and NATO. 
This situation prevents Europe from becoming an independent geopolitical entity. On a more profound level, it perverts the real geopolitical nature of Europe as a continental entity – Landpower.
Thus, this situation must be changed and the Landpower strategy based on real European sovereignty must be restored. Instead of Atlanticism, Europe needs to become a strategic continental power. 
Europe and Russia
In summarizing these points, we can logically deduce where we stand on European-Russian relations. 
Contemporary Russia is
·      relatively hostile towards liberalism (more traditionalist and conservatively inclined)
·      trying to economically free itself from the dictatorship of the World Bank and IMF
·      geopolitically continental and anti-Atlanticist
This is the reason why Russia is under attack – in Ukraine, in Moscow, everywhere. The recent killing of the liberal Boris Nemtsov was a provocation that serves to further demonize Russia in the eyes of the West. The liberals, the global financial oligarchy,  and the Atlanticists (the US and the financial elite) are trying to provoke hostility between Russia and Europe just as they are trying to save their shaking rule by promoting ethnic conflicts. The war in Ukraine is the first step in a series of ethnic conflicts on European soil. The global liberal elite is planning ethnic wars not only in Ukraine and Russia but in Germany, France, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere as well. The liberal empire is trying to save its crumbling hegemony by dividing us. 

We need to resist and construct a better Europe, a really European Europe. In such a situation, Russia is a friend and the US is the enemy. We have to work on a Russian-European alliance, not because Europeans love Russia or Russians love Europeans, but because we need to stand together in order to save each one of us in front of the danger that menaces us all.

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I found this video by MrCati after researching the March 23 date and it’s significance as a Planet X appearance date as per Gill Broussard.

MrCati breaks down information that may point to 3/23 and 3/26 as being  very important watch dates. He claims that 9/11 was not a one-time event, but rather the first in a series of ritual dates carried out by the PTB in preparation for the introduction of their false messiah – the Antichrist – as well as his government, the New World Order.

In true anti-christ fashion, they are highlighting their death-cult rituals on three important dates: The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As many already know, some historians are claiming that their research shows that the true birth date of Jesus was September 11, 3 B.C. There’s your 9/11. What about 3 B.C.? That’s your 3/23, as b is the second letter of the alphabet, and c is the third. MrCati believes that this serves to symbolize Christ’s death in this ritual. Three days later he was risen – that gives us 3/26.

Even more interesting is how he came to this understanding. He said that he had a vivid dream in which he experienced a huge tsunami wave striking a major city. At the end of the dream he heard a voice say this: “Observe the time and date, and don’t worry, it’s good to share.” He awoke immediately and noted the time on the clock – 3:23. The date he had the dream was 02-09-2016.

02 +09 = 11.

2+0+1+6 = 9.

Many people have dreamt about massive tsunamis striking the east and west coasts of America. Others have dreamt that China and/or Russia will nuke the US after tsunamis devastate both coasts, leaving the country crippled and vulnerable to attack. Still others have dreamt that the rapture event will occur at the very moment of a nuke attack on this country. Gill Broussard’s research tells him that the Planet X flyby will happen around March 23 this year. The effects of a Planet X flyby could certainly account for the massive tsunamis many have seen in their dreams. Could this be the year? Is this why MrCati received his tsunami dream in correlation with these dates? Kinda makes you go hmmmm…

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Isn’t it agonizingly obvious by now? Do we need any further clarification on this matter?


They don’t care that you are going broke. They don’t care that you are out of work. They don’t care if you are out of a house. They don’t care if you are going hungry.

They don’t care if you vote for Trump.

Despite the fact that Trump is the favored Republican candidate in poll after poll – proof that he is the choice the people – the elite both in the mainstream media, as well as in his own party, could care less what his supporters think and are engaging in an all out war to destroy his candidacy.

Because they don’t care what you, the people, think. Their contempt for you could not possibly be more plain than it is now.

And if they are at war with your candidate, then they are at war with you.

"I like being able to fire people."

“I like being able to fire people.”

The most recent proof of this is the Mitt Romney debacle.

This Mormon tool, the one who was more than happy to accept Trump’s endorsement of his own campaign back in 2012, shows his true turncoat nature now by biting the hand that fed him. What a piece of filth.

This man made his money at Bain (Bane?) Capital by buying out other corporations, gutting and plundering them, destroying lives and jobs, then moving onto the next target before repeating the same process all over again. Predatory capitalism at its worst.

Even Trump alluded to this fact when he endorsed this snake back in 2012:

Trump was not always so positive regarding Romney’s record. During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” in April, Trump criticized Romney for eliminating jobs while in the private sector.

“He’d buy companies. He’d close companies. He’d get rid of jobs,” Trump told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. “I’ve built a great company. My net worth is many many times Mitt Romney.” – CNN

But Romney is establishment, and if the establishment says Trump is bad, then so will Mitt. Good boy. Ruff ruff!

Up next is a gaggle of Republican neocons who came out together to denounce Trump’s candidacy (all cowards stick together). Included in this group were Michael Chertoff, Max Boot, Eric Edelman, and Robert Kagan, among others:

“…we are united in our opposition to a Donald Trump presidency,” the letter, posted at the War on the Rocks website, states.

“Mr. Trump’s own statements lead us to conclude that as president, he would use the authority of his office to act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world. Furthermore, his expansive view of how presidential power should be wielded against his detractors poses a distinct threat to civil liberty in the United States. Therefore, as committed and loyal Republicans, we are unable to support a Party ticket with Mr. Trump at its head. We commit ourselves to working energetically to prevent the election of someone so utterly unfitted to the office.” – Infowars

Neocon Eliot Cohen even had the gall to say this: “Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin.”

Yes – she is the lesser evil to THEM, because she is owned by THEM and is therefore subservient to THEM. Trump does not need their money, and therefore is his own man. And that is the crux of this whole matter, make no mistake.

Trump is funding his own campaign, and so there is no crevice in his armor through which the elite can slide their greasy fingers and take control. It appears now, judging from the huge backlash his campaign is causing amongst the PTB, that Donald Trump is the real deal. If he were not, there would not be so much panic.

We suspected as much from the beginning, because anyone with two eyes and straw for brains could tell that the MSM was anti-Trump from the beginning. Every time an anchor mentioned his name, it was accompanied by a smirk or a giggle – their pathetic attempt at defamation and character assassination. All coverage of his campaign was inevitably negative. And always, it was “How can Trump be stopped?” Fair and Unbiased news coverage? Not on your life.

They hate Trump because Trump is bad for THEM. Which means, concurrently, Trump is great for everyone else. When Trump says he wants to “Make America great again,” it’s now pretty clear that he intends to do exactly that, if given the chance.

Which – let’s be honest – THEY will probably never allow.

Illuminati Card Game

Illuminati Card Game

Whether by bullet, or rigged ballot, THEY will stop this man from actually doing something good for this deteriorating nation, because that’s not in THEIR plan.

No, the globalists have been shipping factories and jobs overseas for decades for a reason. They have been allowing a literal flood of illegals into this country for a reason. They have been degrading the purchasing power of the dollar over time for a reason. They have been allowing the crumbling of our infrastructure for a reason. And they are not about to let in some two-bit outsider upstart whom they have not vetted for the job come in and wreck decades of planning in a few short years as president. And they are showing you with their words and actions the truth of this.

Here – I’ll let an insider explain it in astonishingly frank and clear terms:

He’s not them. He’s not part of the club. He’s uncontrollable. He hasn’t been through the initiation rites. He didn’t belong to the secret society.

‘Nuff said.


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This article is the third in a three part series by Ann Barnhardt, who states on her blog that “everyone has full reprint permission – I’m not writing this stuff to exercise my fingers, I’m writing it to be read.” So, if you have a blog of your own, have at it and spread the truth. What this article speaks so concisely about is the much-ignored reality that the people of any country – NOT the corporate entities, including governments – are the true creditors. I spoke of this same reality in a previous post, Why The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. The criminal elite do not want anyone to know this truth, but it’s time for this truth to be known – and I can’t think of anyone better equipped to explain it than the fire-breathing chainsaw herself, Ann Barnhardt.



We Are The Gold

by Ann Barnhardt


At the end of the day, any currency is backed not by physical commodities or a collective abstraction called “a government”. No. A currency is backed by the character and integrity of men that constitute the issuing nation or body. In short, WE ARE THE GOLD. We are the bearers of the “full faith and credit” which backs our Federal Reserve notes today. And that, dear readers, is why this country is not going to turn itself around anytime soon, and is almost certainly doomed in the short-run.

Every text I read over the last few days always included a very brief caveat that all of the preceding theory was, of course, contingent on a moral society with a functioning rule of law, honest regulation and a populace that was mostly honorable and trustworthy. This caveat was phrased differently in each instance, but it was always there, hanging over everything else like a fine mist. If you have a nation of moral degenerates, all bets are off. If the people are more dishonest than honest, and the government is nothing more than a mafia, then all economic systems and all postulations fly apart at the seams. If there is no rule of law, and if theft, graft and looting are the prevalent systems of economic activity, then no matter what your banking system, no matter what your currency – fiat or commodity-backed, your system and your economy will absolutely, positively fail eventually.

Sadly, that is where we are in this country. Sure, there are still good people, but as a percentage it isn’t even remotely enough to bear the burden of the massive moral degeneracy of the others. Even among those people who would never steal or loot, there is a decided lack of courage to stand up to those who do steal and loot. The MF Global confiscation proves this. People have mostly rolled over and taken having their money stolen, shrugging their shoulders and telling themselves that there is nothing they can do – and then going back for more, continuing to patronize the very exchange that facilitated the theft and fraud. To my knowledge, only one broker has exited the field on purely moral grounds in a pre-emptive action to protect clients, and as a protest to the injustice of the system itself.

Our government is saturated with corruption, looting and outright treason and criminality, and yet most people simply cannot be bothered to care, much less to act, and are thus passively complicit. A non-trivial percentage of the population are planning and maneuvering to best “benefit” or profiteer from the criminality and fundamental dishonesty of the paradigm. Others are attempting to enter the oligarch class themselves under the guise of running for political office – and make no mistake, this encompasses both the so-called left and the so-called right on the political spectrum. The degeneracy is everywhere.

The fall of a society can happen very quickly. Our society has taken roughly 50 years to topple. If the previous example of the Russian culture is any example, we can expect it to take many multiples of 50 years to undo this damage, if and only if the pendulum has reached its maximum amplitude and now begins to swing back, which I fear has not yet happened. Morality cannot be legislated. Cultures cannot be purged of evil, selfishness and sloth overnight – even with a war. I cannot lie to you and tell you that short of Divine Intervention, this situation will resolve itself in any of our lifetimes. We had “it.” We had “it”, and we squandered “it”, and now “it” is gone, and no governmental, economic or monetary policy will get “it” back. “It” can only come from God, dwelling in the hearts of men, and God only comes to men if they specifically ask Him.

We, the people, always have been and always will be the ultimate backing commodity of our currency, because at its core, money is merely the representative device for a man’s capacity to produce and create. Dishonest men do not create or produce. They steal. Thus, the currency of a morally degenerated society is by definition degenerate itself. The currency of a degenerate society is the proxy not for a man’s ability to work and think, but rather a proxy for a man’s capacity to steal and evade work.

We used to be like gold – beautiful and warm. Now we are like pig iron – cold, brittle and good-for-nothing. And THAT is what constitutes the “full faith and credit” that backs the U.S. Dollar. So long as our culture remains degenerate, our currency can never be anything but spiraling, worthless trash.

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Listen carefully to what this man says, as you are unlikely to ever hear a man talk like he does again.

That’s because they don’t make men like Captain Higgins anymore – a man who would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees. Now they make effeminate men – metrosexuals – girly men who have no moral compass, men who talk like gays.

He is a man who starts every day on his knees before his savior, but who “will not kneel to violent street gangs, …to murderers or the parents who raised them… to a discredited, wannabe, black activist that doesn’t really have the best interests of his own people in mind, who just wants to make a profit… to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge or Washington or anywhere else.”

He tenders his resignation after allegedly being told to “tone it down” after releasing a powerful public message (below) aimed at a notorious Louisiana gang – the Gremlins.  It was apparently an order Captain Higgins could not comply with. If only more Americans had this man’s backbone, maybe things would turn around. But don’t hold your breath waiting on that to happen.


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