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Just to set everything straight from the get go – here’s the direct quote from Pacman concerning gays:

“It’s common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female?” he said. “The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.” – Time

Now, if you search the net, you will find very quickly that the first thing most reports on his statement did was to twist his words. He said that if we approve of homosexuality, then “man is worse than animals.” That’s all who approve of that behavior, gay or not.

But that’s not how it was reported. Immediately the headlines read “Pacquiao says that gays are ‘worse than animals.'” Because that’s what the MSM does – it lies and distorts the truth.

And let’s not forget that there is a gay agenda afoot, a monumental push for the normalizing of aberrant (and abhorrent) behavior by Washington, Hollywood, and the MSM, utilizing the technique of shaming anyone into submission who veers from the party line, with political correctness as the favored tool to complete the job.

That’s what you hear in the following clip in spades – libtards using political correctness in an attempt to shame Pacquiao for having the audacity, the sheer impudence, to speak the truth. No one should ever apologize for speaking the truth. Truth stands on it’s own. Lies have to be propped up by endless repetition until the resistance to it becomes exhausted. That’s the job of libtards like those here on The Lip TV – or the ones on The Young Turds, I mean, “Turks” – all libtards spew the same drivel, and none of them are worthy of your attention.

When the male libtard in the clip below insists that the statements of the Bible concerning homosexuality are “not tenable,” he’s putting the “tard” in “libtard.” It’s not exactly a surprise – politically correct libtards are, by definition, God-haters. They have no regard for God, or his word.

And, of course, by taking a stand and speaking truth to a world that is sold out to the lies which it loves, Pacquiao has paid a heavy price. Not only has he been thoroughly denounced globally for his comments, he has taken a hit in the pocket book as well – Nike quickly dropped him after he made those comments, which Nike referred to as “abhorrent,” stating that it “strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community.” Yes – Nike, being a corporation, supports a Godless agenda. What a friggin’ surprise.

There is clearly no common sense left in this disgusting world. Keep on fighting the good fight, Pacman – the liars will never win.



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Source - Infowars.com

Source – Infowars.com

A poll of 40,000 participants by Conservative Outfitters shows that 79% suspect foul play was involved in Justice Antonin Scalia’s death at the Cibolo Creek Ranch.

Sorcha Faal claims (according to Kremlin sources) that Scalia met secretly with Obama aboard an Air Force One flight to Texas before the President continued on to LA and Scalia went to Cibolo Creek Ranch.

Be that as it may, as Ray Starmann of US Defense Watch said:

Who dies with a pillow over their head?

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He’s a slimy sell-out to special interests and lobbyists… but at least he admits it.


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On this day, the ninth of February, twenty and sixteen, AnyCorp LLC was birthed out of the mind-vaginas of its Board of Directors.

Swaddled in blankets of red and blue (the favorite colors of all good corporations), he is truly a bundle of joy that’s ready to be unleashed upon the world!

Having become fully “incorporated,” that is to say, having assumed his “body,” this new corporeal beast is considered to be a “legal person,” which just means that now it can go out and sue the pants off of other persons, both “legal” and “natural.” Dang, ain’t it great to be a legal fiction!!

AnyCorp, being a fiction, doesn’t really exist of course, but don’t blame him for not realizing this. He thinks he exists, and that’s good enough. He can’t be blamed if he’s nothing more than an empty shell that acts as a blowback buffer for the real men that own him – a decoy to draw fire away, a ruse that allows those real men to be exposed to only limited liability, if any at all. Anycorp is the puppet to his owners’ ventriloquism, and can speak only the words they put into his mouth. Despite that, this poor little baby corporation, like Pinocchio, thinks he is a “real boy!”

Being, as he is, the love-child of men who are entirely sold out to the Devil, baby AnyCorp is literally the spawn of the spawn of Satan, as are all corporations, after all.

You see, there is a reason they are called “corporations”: it’s not just so that they can be presented to the world as “persons” having a body, and therefore claim the rights and privileges of persons. It’s also because every demon needs to have an empty vessel to quicken and posses or else it cannot walk the earth like you or me. That is the primary reason why we have corporations. They exist so the Devil can do his work.

And baby AnyCorp simply cannot wait to get out there and start doing that Devil’s work, namely, the destroying and crushing of souls.

corporate-selloutThe souls it destroys are those it buys with money.

These are your typical ladder-climbers, mid to upper management, those for whom there appears to be no glass ceiling whatsoever.  Like bread crumbs to Hansel and Gretel, these souls are led to their doom by benefit packages, corner offices, and new titles which they will often affix to their breasts while strutting about proudly through the fluorescent-lit halls of AnyCorp. Don’t try to warn them that those crumbs are leading them straight into the witch’s pot. They aren’t listening to the likes of you.

Now on to the souls that AnyCorp will crush.

MiltonStaplerThis miserable lot are those who bumped their noggins into the glass ceiling upon taking their first step onto the lowest rung of the corporate ladder. When they entered their first position at this company, they’d entered their last position there as well. They aren’t going anywhere!

Don’t worry, wage slaves. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. The Devil’s business, AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

That’s right. AnyCorp exists to crush souls, so someone has to get their soul crushed. It just turns out that that someone is you.

Oh there, there now. Don’t be sad. See, over there on that wall? AnyCorp cares so much about you he took the time to hang some positive motivational posters on the wall so you can read them to lift your spirits when you’re down (and hopefully to boost your production rate too).  Helpful messages like “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are DONE!” and “Stop wishing – start DOING!” will help give you the extra push you need when you feel like all is hopeless in this fake world of artificial corporations.


Look at the bright side: your soul is only crushed. At least it’s not destroyed, like the soul of your boss who is coming over here right now. Quick! Look busy!

When baby AnyCorp grows up a bit and starts to talk, it’s going to sound a little strange. Don’t worry. That’s because corporations have a language all their own. To mortal ears it may sound like the most gutless, soulless speech ever uttered, but that’s just typical CorpSpeak.

You might hear phrases like action item and base-tending. Carpet call and data-point. Econometrics, face time, gerbil tubes, and hypertasking. Idea shower, jobstopper, killer app, lawyer up, market-facing, nontreprenuer, onboarding, and penetration pricing. Q1, recontextualize, skills ecosystem, time-poor, upside, upspeak, upshot, and upskill. Value-added, workstream, xerox subsidy, yield loss,  and zombie project.

That’s A to Zed and we’re only scratching the surface. Some might say that if anyone is ever caught using these words they should be boiled in oil on the spot, but that’s because they just can’t appreciate CorpSpeak – which is to say, they have a soul. AnyCorp will rectify that problem immediately.

The other things corporations exist to do is kill, steal, and destroy.  Just like their father, the Devil.

Yes, over two thousand years ago a carpenter in Jerusalem spoke of the rise of modern corporations and those who would create them. Unfreakingbelieveable – yet true. He not only predicted their rise, but perfectly framed their character and pedigree.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. John 8:44-45

Nope – no one believed him then, and no one believes him now. That’s because the world hates the truth, but loves the lie. And boy do corporations love to lie. And kill. And steal. Destroy, also.

AnyCorp has BIG plans, let me tell you – like chopping down rainforests in order to put up shopping malls. What? Been done already? No worries. It’s a great big world.

How about triggering an oil leak in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico? BP? Really?

Ok – how about this: I’ll build a nuclear reactor near a fault line aaaaaannnnddd on the shores of the Pacific so that an earth quake will cause a tsunami that will lead to a China Syndrome event and all the waters of the Pacific Ocean will become perpetually contaminated with nuclear radiation. What’s that? Fukuwhatnow? Fuku-yourself, Tepco. Your taking my best ideas.

It’s all good – the world’s the Devil’s playground, everyone loves lies, I don’t even exist, and no one knows what the hell is really going on. My name is AnyCorp, LLC. Pleased to meet you.








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I knew there was something about Cruz that was off.

Too much polish. Too slick. Too dramatic in speech. Pausing too perfectly before continuing to deliver his plastic punchline.

Too artificial.

Yeah – Cruz has had snake oil salesmen written all over him from the start of this campaign, and now we have the proof – his text during the Iowa caucuses:


Carson is crying foul, and who could blame him? This is dirty politics at its finest, and Carson said that this is exactly the reason why he decided to enter the sordid mess of American politics in the first place, to try and clean it up.

Carson also claimed that Cruz’s team was sending out emails testifying of the same lie, as well as mentioning this fraudulent report at caucus speaking events on Monday:

Ryan Rhodes, Carson’s Iowa state director, showed reporters a text on his phone from Barbara Heki, a Mike Huckabee supporter. “The Cruz speakers at our caucus announced Carson was suspending his campaign for a while after caucus. They did this before the vote. Same thing happened at another caucus. Sounds like slimy Cruzing to me,” the text read. – TIME

Cruz apologized in his trademark plastic way – but too little too late.

When video was released of him as a teenager claiming his goal was “world domination,” do you think it was a joke? This is the guy that won the Iowa caucuses? Are you fricking kidding me?? Wake up people! Slimy Ted is in it for himself. Learn to tell lies from truth, or else STOP VOTING!


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