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Hegelian Dialectic (Hegel), Problem – Reaction – Solution (David Icke), Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis, call it what you will, it’s an agenda. The liars control all the main sources of information that most people get their “news” from (if you can call it that), and that is a huge friggin’ problem, people. Stop listening to these liars. In fact, if you can’t watch the news and be able to discern fantasy from reality, you probably should not be watching it at all – the stakes are just too high. Instability is coming, and these fascist scumbags want to get your guns before it all goes down. Police departments with MRAPs? Are you kidding me? Do the math!

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These liars will not only lie in your face boldly – in a medium that is supposed to be nothing more than the simple reporting of “facts” – but then they will turn around and capitalize on your sympathies through money raised from sites like gofundme. Nothing is too low for a snake that crawls around in the dust on its belly all day.  But don’t worry – the fires of Judgement are reserved for the likes of these. The truth will always have out.

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I was watching a Kent Hovind seminar recently, and he made mention of the Columbine shooting and the gun control debate it sparked at the time.

He remarked that Rosie O’Donnell came on her show afterwards and began promoting gun control as the solution. Boy, how times haven’t changed!

Hovind then said “Ah, Rosie… those kids broke 18 gun laws going into that school. Two more gun laws would not have slowed them down.”

O’Donnell’s is the same lapse in critical thinking and logic still in operation today by the gun control Nazis. Take guns away from law abiding people and criminals will still always be able to get guns, one way or another. It’s the criminals, stupid, NOT the guns.

Hovind told about the time he saw this quote, while driving, painted on the face of a van’s rear tire cover:

Blaming guns for Columbine is like blaming spoons for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.

The guns are not the problem – the criminals are, even the criminals that are proposing taking away our God given rights to protect ourselves however and with whatever we choose. God given rights cannot be revoked by men – period. But don’t expect that the liars won’t try.

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So, the twerps at SNL are doing their liberal best to uphold the Oligarchs’ position that the serfs should not have the right to “bear arms.”  It’s their job as media whores, of course – they do what they are told to do.

And does anyone else think that it’s shameless for Amy Schumer to be doing comedy attack pieces on gun ownership after the Louisiana shooting incident occurred at a theater screening her latest film? “Hehe, guns are funny.” No they are not – they’re deadly serious, which is what they are supposed to be.

You remember Schumer, right? That classy blond that just did a photo shoot for GQ magazine where she performed fellatio on a lightsaber? Yeah – THAT one. When I say media whores, I’m not joking.

Hey bleeding heart, politically correct, spineless liberals – how about this: You can all give up your guns, and the rest of the country will keep theirs. Sound good? Stop telling us to give up our guns!

They meant it as a joke, but at the end of the skit was this motto: “Guns, we’re here to stay.”

You’re damn right they are.

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The rights to bear arms wasn’t just to protect the people from foreign invaders, it was to protect them from evil governments. – Steven Seagal

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By Kit Lange, reblogged from The Patrick Henry Society

It’s been roughly 36 hours since a patriot in Oregon—local activist Casey Runyan—posted on Facebook to say that “on Friday, we assemble.” Runyan’s words were a direct call to patriots in the Pacific NW to stand with citizens in Roseburg who have already made it clear that Obama is not welcome there for his planned visit on Friday. The call was regional…but the answer was national. The rally went viral. Not even the mainstream Obama cheering section can ignore it anymore.

In that 36 hours, 23,000 people have been invited on Facebook alone, not counting emails, Twitter, and other social media. Watching the incoming links on PHS yesterday, I counted no less than 26 various patriot, gun, and prepper forums who were discussing it. Almost 2,500 people are listed as “going” on Facebook with another 1,000 as “maybe.” A search on Facebook for posts about the rally net an astronomical number of results. To say that Runyan’s words sparked a firestorm is like saying Hillary is possibly a bit of a liar.

What really stands out about this rally isn’t just the national distaste for yet another narcissistic move by the naked emperor. It’s the patriots who already left from Ohio to make it to Oregon by Friday to stand with the citizens of Roseburg. It’s the guy who, on his own, collected a few hundred dollars from patriots across the country to provide high-quality signs for the rally. It’s the hundreds and hundreds of comments from people in every state…prayers and support from Tampa Bay to Anchorage, Honolulu to NYC. People offering money and resources and skills to make sure that the event is safe, responsible, and sends the right message—namely, that Obama is not welcome in Roseburg, Oregon.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll point out that I am not a resident of Roseburg, or even Oregon. I live in truly enemy territory—the Seattle area. I am helping to organize this event because I believe in it and I have experience doing it. I cannot imagine what Roseburg is going through, and the idea that Obama would swoop in and make his grand appearance there, to use yet another tragedy as filthy, bloody currency in his quest for total control…it fills me with an emotion I cannot describe.

There are naysayers about this rally, of course. There always are. Some don’t believe that the rest of the nation has the right to come and tell Obama he isn’t welcome. Some merely want him to show up to an empty town—a tall order in a city of 22,000. Some are worried about the fact that most of the patriots at this rally will be armed. Some think the mere act of protesting is disrespectful to a man who, however treasonous, is still the sitting President.

There is some merit to the idea that Roseburg, at its core, simply wants to be left alone to grieve. But as one commenter put it, the nation has stood by and watched the charade long enough. And at the crux of the issue is a twofold concept:

At what point does the President have the right to force himself on the People?
Do the People not have the right to refuse him?

If Roseburg says, “Please don’t come. Please leave us alone and do not use us as fodder to disarm the gun owners in this country,” does Obama have the right to come anyway? To use massive taxpayer funds to literally force the people of Roseburg to be pawns in his goal of destroying liberty, even though many of them are the very gun owners he is trying to disarm? Is there anything even remotely moral about using a cowardly, horrifying act as currency, against the very people who were victims of it?

We the People say no, it is not moral. It is not right. It is not liberty. And We the People will stand at the Roseburg Rally on Friday—not to cause violence, not to wave our guns in the air and scream like children. We are gun owners and patriots. We carry firearms every day for the protection of ourselves and others, in defense of life and liberty, and Friday will be no different. But we are responsible, we are determined, and we will not falter.

The politicizing of cowardly acts stops now. The use of these acts against the American people stops now. On Friday, Obama will see that he, and his anti-liberty agenda, is truly not welcome in Roseburg—or anywhere else in this country. We have no other option but to stand. Visibly, resolutely, calmly, peacefully.

Roseburg’s children—and ours—deserve at least that.

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