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This great montage by ADRENALINEJUNKY on Youtube is an excellent teaching tool for the skeptics out there that think there is no such thing as a Satanic Agenda amongst the Powers That Be. One isolated sign or symbol can be dismissed, but when seen back to back like in this video, being displayed by today’s most famous icons, is another thing entirely. It can’t be dismissed – the evidence is specific and overwhelming. Sorry scoffers and mockers – you’ve been silenced by truth.  Check out ADRENALINEJUNKY’s channel on Youtube – he does great, eye-opening work.

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This message comes from the Youtube channel ByHisGrace. It is long and well worth listening to in full, but you will at least want to scroll to 12:10 and listen carefully, as she calls correctly, only days before, the flooding that hit Colorado (she also calls for the same to happen in AZ).  The flooding began with heavy overnight rains on Wednesday the 11th. This message was recorded on the 9th, and uploaded to Youtube on the 10th. I don’t know about you, but that got my attention.


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Buying a ticket to the war: no moron left behind

by Jon Rappoport

September 1, 2013


You’re just a click away on your remote. Get the popcorn. It’s a blast. This one has moral stature. They used chemical weapons, so they will pay.

Don’t miss Chris Matthews. He’s tingling all over. “The president did the right thing and he upheld the Constitution. Only a living god could figure out how to pull that off.”

Welcome to the Syrian theater. All the players are assembled. Which one will intervene and turn a two-day blitz into a global conflagration?

We realize you don’t have whatever it takes to actually enlist in the Armed Forces and do six insane tours in Afghanistan building A-frames and wondering when one of those villagers will shoot you in the head. No problem. You can experience a very good simulacrum in your own mind. The anticipation…

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