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Meet your Strawman and get to know him. Might as well, you’ve been paying all of his fees and fines your whole life. “Oh, you clever government!”

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This video pretty much says it all, but somehow I think WE are the dummies – it’s OUR government, after all.

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It’s true. You’re owned. At least, the name you use is owned. Your true person is not owned, but most people don’t realize the distinction, so that’s irrelevant.

Apparently, when you’re born and your parents sign your birth certificate, they are signing over your name (which is your de facto identity) to the state. Then, through the Treasury, that certificate is traded on the stock market as a commodity. So when they refer to you as a “human resource,” they’re not kidding. You’re a resource, because you’re a slave. Don’t believe me?

You know what else is called a certificate? A stock certificate. A stock certificate is printed on security paper. You know what else is printed on security paper? A birth certificate.

Stock Certificate

Stock Certificate

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

They look the same, don’t they? That’s because they are the same – they’re both financial instruments, specifically, securities:

A financial instrument that represents: an ownership position in a publicly-traded corporation (stock), a creditor relationship with governmental body or a corporation (bond), or rights to ownership as represented by an option. A security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that represents some type of financial value. – Investopedia

According to Jordan Maxwell in the video below, there is a number printed at the bottom corner of a birth certificate. He says that if you take that number to any stock broker and ask them to run it, they will tell you the current value of that certificate. Apparently, it’s worth a lot. I have yet to try that myself, but you can bet I certainly will!

There’s more, but it’s too complicated to get into much of it here. In brief, I’m learning that it’s possible to break from your previous “identity,” the one listed on you’re birth certificate, and become a “Freeman,” a sovereign individual who is under God’s law only, NOT the law of man. Can you imagine what that would mean?

It means you’re not owned by them any longer. It means that you’re not a subject of their courts any longer. It means you don’t have to register your vehicle or carry a driver’s license any longer. It’s true – there are sovereign people out there doing just that right now, and they’re not prosecuted for it.  Well, the smart ones aren’t, leastways.

Which all makes perfect sense to me. If God is the only judge of man, and man is NOT to judge others, then why are so many people dragged before judges all over the world every single day? Because we’re led to believe that these “judges,” in their shiny black robes with their lacquered gavels, have authority – authority that, in truth, only God has. What BS. But we all buy that lie, until we wake up. They also say “you can’t just let people run wild!” Which really just means, “We can’t let them have freedom!” (only talking here about non-criminal offenses – meaning, no injured party). That may seem like an extreme interpretation, but doesn’t the Bible also say “vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord”?

Being a Freeman outside of the laws of man doesn’t mean you run wild and act lawlessly – just the opposite, because you are still under God’s law, and anyone who doesn’t fear God is an idiot. Everyone will stand before the Great and Terrible Judge one day, and they will pay the just price they owe to him. The difference is that in the meantime, we don’t have to be chattel for these scumbags who think it’s their right to own us. But own us they do until we wake up and reclaim our own sovereignty. Let’s all do that in unison – wouldn’t that just be a gas?

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Nice devil horns Pappy

Nice devil horns Pappy

It seems there’s more a-brewing right now than previously thought.

Dahboo77 breaks down some very interesting connections in a recent video about July 22, a date we’ve already linked with the Grand Star Alignment. It’s also referred to as the “Star of David” alignment.

That significant date has already seen the birth of William and Kate’s new son. What I didn’t know was that it was also the date the new Pope went on his first trip to the Americas – Rio, to be exact.

Dahboo77 did some digging into some old prophecies given to Benjamin Solari Parravicini. He seems to foretell this visit by a new pope to the New World. Dahboo also discovered that the logo for this event displays Pi on it, and the ratio of Pi is the same date as the arrival of the Pope in Rio – 22/7.

The elite do nothing thoughtlessly or by accident. They do everything “by the numbers.” Seeming to echo Mr. Cati’s warnings from the video in my last post, Benjamin said that when the new Pope visits the New World, “humanity will fall down.”

Time will tell if any big shift is pending – stay ever awake and watchful. Shalom.

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Just as with all the strange “coincidences” surrounding the details of Princess Diana’s untimely death (see David Icke’s work for more on that), the birth of William and Kate’s baby boy has happened on an apparently important date, celestially speaking.

And let’s not forget that William himself was born on the most important celestial date of all – summer solstice, when the sun is at it’s annual zenith.

The elite in general, and specifically this royal bloodline, are freaky about astrologically significant dates, and plan things accordingly – including the births that happen in their families.

The troubling part is that July 22cnd is only the start date in a time window culminating on July 24th, according to the video by Mr Cati below. Definitely a date to watch.

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And the Nitwit of the Month award goes to...

And the Nitwit of the Month award goes to…

After the Asiana 214 crash landing, KTVU Channel 2 news anchor Tori Campbell read on air what she thought were the names of the four Korean pilots. Those names are as follows:

  1. Captain Sum Ting Wong
  2. Wi To Lo
  3. Ho Li Fuk
  4. Bang Ding Ow

Now, I’m going to assume that most of you out there noticed Sum Ting was very Wong with this list of names. Very, very Wong.

But not Tori. Oh no. I do believe that Tori might just be as thick as a brick. Which begs the question: how the heck did she get hired as a news anchor in the first place?

Yes, I understand that news anchors simply read what’s on the teleprompter. They’re not the ones tracking down and verifying the stories. But do they need to turn off their brains first in order to read the news?

It was with great discomfort that I listened to this brainless woman read all through the four names on this list, and not figure out that she was being punk’d. The one pulling the prank even put them in sequential order to help her out – it tells a little story. But that was not enough for poor witless Tori.

The discomfort I felt was for her, not because of the names, which brings up the second issue with this unfortunate story.

Asiana announced afterward that it was considering suing KTVU for this newscast blunder, saying that the report had “badly damaged” it’s reputation. Thankfully, they eventually said they would not pursue litigation.

I don’t know when people stopped being able to discern a simple joke from true hate, but I do know that what brought that change about was the rise of the Political Correctness movement, primarily through liberalism at universities. And I also know for a fact that the PTB are its originators 100 percent. You know the PTB, right? The scum that floats to the top?

Its purpose is all about controlling the freedom of speech – they don’t want you to have that, and so now they are putting laws on the books that could land you into court for words that come out of your mouth. “Oh! Dreadful words are weapons!” At least, they want you to think that. I don’t, because I’m not dumb as dirt. I’m not saying that words have no power. They can have great power – but they don’t cause bodily injury and should NOT be restricted. Freedom of speech should be treated as sacrosanct.

And, of course, they can always find empty-headed people to agree with whatever garbage they devise, people that cannot discern when their freedoms are being knocked off, one by one. It’s actually funny to see it in action. I’ve told jokes before that are not that different from this one, and seen PC idiots frown as if the verboten had just been uttered, and they didn’t want to be anywhere near it. Well, I guess if words are weapons in their minds, that would explain the fear. Disgusting. People can’t even enjoy a harmless joke anymore, even about themselves (especially about themselves).

All media unanimously referred to the names as “racist.” That’s their job, and part of the required conditioning. Use your minds or lose them, because they will always take control over any unoccupied space.

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