This excellent video points out that not only were the Paris terror attacks planned well in advance at high levels, it also reveals why ISIS has that name, how the layout of Paris is in fact a sort of Mars temple, and how the attacks themselves were blood sacrifices to the God of Mars – probably in effort to ritually bring about the next world war. We are lead by occultic psychopaths and the proof is all around us. Open your eyes.

Video is by Round SaturnsEye


The sociopathic liars that rule Washington run themselves into corners that they can’t easily back out of again. “We’re against Isis” they say. “Assad must go” they say. We’ll, which is it?

Gabbard is right when she points out (as has Putin) that it is unlawful to oust the leader of a sovereign nation just because it’s your preference that they go. She is also correct when she claims that it is illogical to arm the group that you declare at the same time is your enemy. Oh, that’s right. When Washington arms them, they become “moderates.” Silly me.

Obama and his sicko administration are rushing to save face by ramping up strikes against ISIS in Syria since Russia stepped in, and exposing the world to a heightened risk of world war in the process. All it takes is one event to spark it off. That is the grave danger these infantile idiots are putting us all into. Gabbard is a refreshing drink of cool water in a desert of ignorance.


Following that favorite corporate maxim “If it ain’t broken, break it!”, Microsoft has been hard at work corrupting and destroying whatever was once good about their Windows product, if anything. And now, with the arrival of their “Spies R Us” Windows 10 version, they’ve gone completely off the reservation, if one could call what they were doing at all reserved. It wasn’t. These freaks have now gone absolutely bat-shit insane.

But so too have most of their customers – you’d have to be to want to continue with Microsoft’s corporate model.

I have to admit it – until just recently, I too was among them. Not that I was  happy to be that. For years I’ve dreamt of the freedoms of open source, non-corporately minded Linux on my computer system, a mean, lean machine without the onerous bloat and fat that has been clogging the arteries of the Windows OS increasingly over the years. Call it the law of inertia, I just couldn’t get myself to do the work, attack the learning curve, and just do it.

It turns out that all those worries were unfounded. The learning curve for Ubuntu, the Linux version I installed, is a minor one at best. It’s actually quite intuitive, and not so different from the Windows environment that anyone should be afraid of making the switch.

And boy, is it fast!

So what was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back in my case? A virus, and a nasty one at that.

The ironic part is that the mechanism for getting the virus was that I was attempting to make my lagging Windows 8 machine work like a normal computer should. I had downloaded software to adjust the start up menu, and was trimming fat like crazy. Microsoft apparently thinks that the more programs running in the background the better. Anyway, I guess I got a little carried away. It turns out that I accidentally deactivated something that affected system stability, or perhaps deactivated Defender anti-virus, I’m not entirely sure, and as a result contracted this virus from hell.

Saying it was from hell is not really an exaggeration. This thing had a will to live that would make hospital Super Bugs envious. It essentially prevented me from doing anything that would have allowed me to recover my system – it took total control. And for me, that was the last straw for Windows. Too many times have I had to wipe the drive and start from scratch with an OS reinstall because of Windows rot or a virus. Too many times have I had to wait for hours while the newly booted OS downloaded and installed all of Microsoft’s limitless updates. Too many times had I been made a stooge by this feckless corporation.

It was time to finally say, once and forevermore:

Microsoft – you’re fired!

microsoft sucks

Want to know just how insane this company has become? Why not start by reading their current 12,000 word service agreement. I would, but I’m too busy using Linux (which is totally free, by the way).

Part of that contract is the minor little issue that by agreeing to it, you are signing over rights to any and ALL intellectual property you might have on your computer. Yeah – not making this up. Insane? Of course, but with Microsoft’s market share, countless people will be clicking “agree”, because few have the time to read the contract, or the legal understanding to parse it. That’s precisely what the snakes at Microsoft are counting on.

Windows 10 features an EULA which grants Microsoft the rights to use any content found on your PC: “you grant to Microsoft a worldwide and royalty-free intellectual property license to use Your Content”. You can read Microsoft’s response here which paints everything in a positive light however after Snowden’s leaks it’s hard if not impossible to take them seriously. – source

Many are now accusing Microsoft of being nothing more than the government’s henchmen, writing code into Windows 10 that will allow data collection on its users that would make the KGB blush:

Windows 10 spiesonyou and even more so on your children aka phones home (welcome NSA/CIA/thoughtcrime/1984)! Microsoft added spying features to Windows 7/8 as well (more general list). Microsoft officially admits that automatic spying cannot be disabled in Windows 10. – ibid

A good and simple example of the difference between Windows and Linux is the OS install. Linux took all of 5 minutes to download, and 10 minutes to install. What a breeze.

Just before doing that, because of the virus from hell, I had to reinstall Windows 8 from a bootable USB in order to be able to download Ubuntu. This took better than 5 freaking hours!

Even after a fresh install of Windows it still couldn’t hold a candle to Linux.

And what about that App B.S. on Windows 8? I have a computer, not a phone or tablet – and my laptop doesn’t even have a touch screen, so why would I want that garbage in the first place? That phone App stuff bugged me from the first time I used it until the end, just days ago, and man am I glad to be rid of it.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re like me, and you’re more impressed by streamlined efficiency than over-engineering, do yourself and the world a favor by bidding Microsoft Adieu once and for all. Linux is ready and waiting to serve, and the community is growing by the day. Viruses for Linux are virtually unheard of, and Windows rot (which requires all the utility software to clean up and defrag your system) is non-existent on a system running Linux. Microsoft sucks. Linux rules.



The rulers of the world have created an artificial reality that most will never extricate themselves from before they die. Even the weather is artificial at this point – why not? Everything else is.

This is also the reason for the recent gag orders on the National Weather Service and the NOAA. They are creating the weather using chemtrails and HAARP, but are too yellow to admit it to the public. Every time I watch the forecast on TV I want to scream at the weatherman “Why don’t you ever tell us about the chemtrails!!” They can’t – they would be out of a job by the first commercial break if they did.

Video is by Dane Wigington

Hegelian Dialectic (Hegel), Problem – Reaction – Solution (David Icke), Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis, call it what you will, it’s an agenda. The liars control all the main sources of information that most people get their “news” from (if you can call it that), and that is a huge friggin’ problem, people. Stop listening to these liars. In fact, if you can’t watch the news and be able to discern fantasy from reality, you probably should not be watching it at all – the stakes are just too high. Instability is coming, and these fascist scumbags want to get your guns before it all goes down. Police departments with MRAPs? Are you kidding me? Do the math!

Video presented by Free Radio Revolution ULTIMATE!



Video presented by TruthRevoltOriginals



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