Paul Ryan is a Democrat in Republican clothing, and come this next election cycle in August, its time for the voters in Wisconsin’s first congressional district to vote that rat right out of office!

This is the same turncoat who continually refuses to back his own party’s presumptive nominee. The same rat who is against the building of Trump’s proposed wall, but whose own mansion in Janesville, WI is surrounded by a wall of its own.

He stands by Obama more than his own party.

This is a rat of a man whose “first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.” – http://www.breitbart.com

Which bill, you ask? Rat Ryan’s omnibus bill.

Though much of the public attention has surrounded the President’s 2014 executive amnesty, the President’s 2012 amnesty quietly continues to churn out work permits and federal benefits for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Paul Ryan’s bill funds entirely this 2012 executive amnesty for “DREAMers”—or illegal immigrants who came to the country as minors. – ibid

This man is nothing more than a cheap liar and a thief, stealing from hard working Americans to give to illegal aliens who have shown no loyalty whatsoever to this country. His bill is also in support of “sanctuary cities” for illegals, legislation that amounts to nothing less than treason.

So, come August, vote for the man that stands for America’s interests, and the interests of its citizens, NOT the interests of illegal aliens. Vote for Paul Nehlen – and in so doing, send a clear message to the dirty Rat that his time is over!




Old Fart

Sheriff David Clarke holds the spot light of truth in CNN’s globalist-stooge Don Lemon’s eyes, and he can’t take the heat. This is how every guest that’s not a liar themselves should do it when given the platform to speak on Main Stream Media. The globalists are pushing Obama’s lies about racism in the police force to generate civil chaos, and so far it’s working. But as Clarke so poignantly points out in this exchange, the facts don’t back up that claim. To wit:





The truth is that blacks are infinitely more likely to be killed by another black, than by police. I guess black lives matter only to non-blacks. The one biggest mortal threat to any black is another black – put that in your pipe and smoke it, BLM!

And the incarceration rate statistics fully back up this race disproportionality as well:


incarceration rates


Maybe blacks are just inherently more prone to violent crime? Naw, the liberal media can’t say that – sounds too close to the truth. So instead they will make up the false perception that all blacks are simply innocent victims of police brutality, they are arrested even tho’ they “Dindu Nuffin!”, and pose the suggestion that “Isn’t it high time that we had a race war – you know, to balance the accounts?”

Listen to what David Clarke has to say to the liberal stooge in the interview below – these are lies that are leading us all down a very dangerous path, especially to the blacks out there. Don’t forget – you only account for 13% of the total population of this country. Obama is goading you on and leading you towards your own slaughter. You can’t possibly win this war – the very numbers are against you. Wake up.






Surely the stench of their corruption reaches heaven, and yet God allows them to prosper. I guess he is using people like them to test his righteous. But one day, oh baby, one fine day…

Note that Obama was ONSTAGE at one of Hillary’s rallies in support of her candidacy only two hours after Comey made his announcement of no recommendation of indictment, and yet Comey insisted that what he was going to announce at that press conference was so secret that even the White House didn’t know what he was going to say. Um, yeah right. They think we’re all fools. The only fools are the ones that support this witch’s candidacy.


Mary Greeley



This one’s sure to be a hit. Funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.



This summary by Wayne Allen Root explains plainly why the MSM and their owners and pretty much all of the entrenched establishment in Washington have so much fear of Donald Trump. Washington D.C. has become a snake pit, a den of thieves and liars, and Trump is the one who could expose them all – and not only that, but bring them to justice. This political system has become so thoroughly corrupted that one rotten apple can’t fall without the whole sordid mess coming down. Sounds good – it’s overdue for a good housecleaning. Or perhaps an exorcism. Or both. Trump, it’s time to shake that tree!

Strengthen The US

Yeah, buh bye. Tool.

Yeah, buh bye. Tool.

It was the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

I awoke to hear on the morning news that brits voted to kick the EU down the road. Hooray! Victory for the people! Defeat for the evil globalists!!

My elation lasted approximately two hours only, until I came across this article by Alt-Market, excerpted below:

Here’s why the vast majority of analysts were caught with their pants down on the UK referendum:

1) They assumed that the Brexit will hurt globalists – In the article linked above, I outlined why the Brexit actually aids international financiers and central banks by creating a scapegoat for a market crash that was ALREADY going to happen.  Rather than re-explaining my position, here is a large portion of quotations from that article:

I believe the Brexit vote may be allowed to succeed, here’s why…

1) Elites including George Soros have suddenly decided to dive into the market to place bets on the negative side. Dumping large portions of their stock holdings, shorting equities and buying up gold and gold mining shares. Soros has been preparing his portfolio for a successful Brexit vote while at the same time publicly warning of the supposed dire consequences if the referendum passes.  The last time Soros put this much capital into the markets was in 2007, just before the crash of 2008.

2) The IMF and the BIS have been warning since late 2015 (for six to eight months) that a global economic downturn is on the way in 2016. We saw considerable volatility at the beginning of this year, and markets are due for another shock. The last time the BIS and IMF were so adamant about an impending crash was in late 2007, just before the 2008 market plunge.

3) While the Federal Reserve has not yet implemented a second rate hike (I still believe they could use a rate hike this year to stab markets in the back if necessary), Janet Yellen pulled a maneuver which was almost as upsetting to investors. After the Fed policy meeting last week, markets were moderately exuberant and stocks were rising, then, Yellen opened her mouth and blamed the Brexit for the rate hike delay

Here is what the Fed has done: By delaying the second hike for another month, and then blaming the Brexit vote as a primary reason, they have created a bit of a paradox. If the Brexit vote passes, the Fed is asserting that they may not hike rates for a while, giving market investors the impression that the global economic recovery is not all that it is cracked up to be. If the Brexit vote fails, then the Fed MUST hike rates in July, otherwise, they lose all credibility. I believe Yellen’s claim that the Brexit vote was the cause of the hike delay was highly deliberate. It has triggered what may become a growing firestorm in equities and commodities.

From the point of view of investors, if the Brexit passes, then all hell breaks loose. If the Brexit fails, then the Fed will hike rates and once again, all hell breaks loose. Or, the Fed refuses to hike rates even though its number one scapegoat is out of the picture, it loses all credibility, and all hell breaks loose.

It’s a lose/lose/lose scenario for the investment world, which is probably why global markets plunged after Yellen’s remarks. Investors have been relying on the predictability of central bank intervention for so long that now when ANY uncertainty arises, they run for the hedges.

Look, we Christians know how this story ends: we win, but before that will happen, they win – the globalists, the evil cabal – if only for a short time. They will have their New World (Dis)Order, come hell or high water, and any gain that seemingly goes to us, actually can be turned by them into their advantage.

They could certainly have falsified the ballot results to keep the UK in the EU if they had wanted, although it would have been more difficult as it appeared to be a paper ballot according to the news footage I was watching. They and the one they serve currently hold the reigns of power on this earth, and until everything is fulfilled in the fullness of God’s allotted time, they will continue to prevail and prosper over us. There are dark times coming – and it may just be around the corner, if Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com is correct, and this vote was allowed to pass only so the elite could blame it, and not themselves, for the economic carnage that surely is coming.

Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo

Can this stuttering buffoon just quit already? Can he just follow Cameron’s lead, bow his head in disgrace, and have the decency to step down before the end of his term and GO HOME already?? And, no, I don’t mean the White House – that’s NOT his home. He doesn’t belong there and never has. Where his home really is, no one knows – it’s probably in Kenya.

So, with all the dignity of a whipped puppy, moody Obama reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision not to support his mass amnesty proposal. Let’s watch and listen, shall we?


james hoft


So, for Obama, there’s no such thing as “illegal” immigration. There’s just “immigration,” just as for him there’s no such thing as “radical” Islam, there’s just “Islam.” Detecting the pattern yet? The man is mentally incompetent, but then so is every other libtard in the world.

Give us what we want! Waaa!

Give us what we want! Waaa!

Have you seen the temper tantrum those House Dem babies have been throwing over the shoot down of their gun control legislation? Doing a sit down strike in protest, acting exactly the same as toddlers do when they don’t get what they want. Well Boo Hoo, babies! You can’t always get what you want, even though you’ve been getting your way now for seven and a half years. But now the tide is turning, and they can’t stand it so they’re throwing tantrums. Nothing but immature infants, I swear.

And Obummer thinks that if you deny illegal immigrants amnesty, that’s discrimination. He’s the poster child for libtards.


Zach C


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