This is some important advice from a man who saw the torments of hell with his own eyes. This video was originally on the channel JesusMyBeauty, owned by Bill Larkin, which unfortunately has been removed. But most of this man’s testimonial videos can be found on Youtube by searching that channel name. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning the truth about Jesus Christ, and the existence of hell as well. Shalom.



This is related material to an earlier post I wrote on blood red water.

As with the increase in blood colored water at various locations worldwide, trees that appear to bleed when cut may also be a harbinger of the approach of a massive, highly magnetic interplanetary body that is approaching our solar system in its orbital trajectory around our sun.

If this theory is true, then the increase of blood red water is caused by this planetary body’s magnetic pull, which sifts iron oxide from the soil up into the water table, and later into bodies of water on the surface. Trees would draw red water up from water tables infiltrated with iron oxide.

The Apocalypse of Ezra (Esdras) is still considered by some to be canonical, although it is no longer included in Biblical scriptures. It appears to predict a time when trees will bleed, as well as a curious mention of fish kills:

And blood shall trickle forth from wood, and the stone utter its voice: The peoples shall be in commotion, the outgoings of the stars shall change.

And one whom the dwellers on earth do not look for shall wield sovereignty, and the birds shall take to general flight.  And the sea shall cast forth its fish.

- Esdras, Chapter 5, 5-7

Below are videos about both predictions that are occurring right now – bleeding trees, and massive fish kills. One would have to be sleeping not to realize that things are becoming a bit surreal – but what these changes mean is yet left to individual interpretation.



Smoker’s Revenge

angry smoker


Have you heard the news?

Ebola is on a rampage. An outbreak! It’s setting off alarm bells. The fear mongers are having a field day!

Even the World Health Organization is getting on the bandwagon. It’s now an “international public health emergency.” Due to the marvels of modern day air travel, Ebola has purportedly set its dastardly sights on digs much bigger and more cosmopolitan than just rural West Africa.

But don’t despair. There appears to be a cure.


I’m not joking (actually, I am joking a little).

But it’s true – there’s a component within the much maligned tobacco plant that appears to kick Ebola in it’s germy teeth. A component that’s mysteriously called “plantibodies,” which is, apparently, antibodies derived from plants (oh you clever wordsmithing scientists!).

The treatment, which had been tested only in lab animals before being given to two American medical workers in Liberia, consists of proteins called monoclonal antibodies that bind to and inactivate the Ebola virus.

For decades biotech companies have produced such antibodies by growing genetically engineered mouse cells in enormous metal bioreactors. But in the case of the new Ebola treatment ZMapp, developed by Mapp Pharmaceuticals, the antibodies were produced in tobacco plants at Kentucky Bioprocessing, a unit of tobacco giant Reynolds American.

The tobacco-plant-produced monoclonals have been dubbed “plantibodies.”

- Reuters

That’s all very scientific, but this is not a scientific article. I’m zeroing in on the fact that tobacco might become a life saving medicine!

Imagine it, if you will: smokers, who have been increasingly marginalized in many first world countries over recent decades for a habit that has become about as popular as public defecation, suddenly experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Out of the blue, while lighting up outside the workplace in that lonely little area designated solely for smoking, they are suddenly surrounded by straights looking for a quick fix:

“Hey man – give me a hit off that.”

“No way dude – get outta here.”

“C’mon man, I gotta have it!”

“Dude – do you know how expensive medicine is these days?”

Now, I don’t know if smoking tobacco has this effect against Ebola, but wouldn’t it be a gas if it did? I mean, if an outbreak were really to happen, and something as simple as lighting up would provide bulletproof protection from its hideous effects, wouldn’t that be a cosmic comeuppance for all the prudes in the past that had turned up their noses and screwed up their faces at others for simply lighting up a smoke?

Yes, I know their justifications – those have been repeated ad nauseam over the years. But in every country that hasn’t become as neutered as the U.S. has, one will still find people smoking in public without the PC police raising a cacophony of insult and accusation against them. They are left alone.

And now Ebola may be poised to make smokers out of everyone.

Or not.

And in that post-Ebola, post-apocalyptic world, perhaps only the huffing, hacking, slightly yellow-of-skin smokers will be the ones left standing. Then they can shuffle weakly to their favorite pub, their place of work, the movie theater – anywhere they could never enjoy a smoke before, and light one up in blissful, elemental silence. Smokers of the world UNITE!!

Here’s the news: I am going to sue Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, manufacturers of Pall Mall cigarettes, for a billion bucks! Starting when I was only twelve years old, I have never chain-smoked anything but unfiltered Pall Malls. And for many years now, right one the package, Brown & Williamson have promised to kill me.

But I am eighty-two. Thanks a lot you dirty rats. The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the whole planet would be named Bush, Dick and Colon.

I am, of course, notoriously hooked on cigarettes. I keep hoping the things will kill me. A fire at one end and a fool at the other.

- Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without A Country


the end



One of the most talented comedians of all time breaks the spell of Hollywood, and reveals the true nature of that beast in this candid interview.

Freeman exposed what the meaning of the word “Hollywood” truly is: magicians throughout history have typically used the wood of the holly tree in fashioning their magic wands to be used in casting spells – holly/wood. And casting spells is exactly what Hollywood was created for.

I gave Harry a wand made of  holly wood back in 1990, when I first drafted chapter six of  ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’ It was not an arbitrary decision. – J.K. Rowling

In battling evil, excess is good; for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth. He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath. – Kahlil Gibran





Recently, I happened to be in Little Rock, and, upon entering a Walmart store there, an elderly gentleman seated near the entrance piped up and asked me “Young man, are you a registered voter in Arkansas?”

“No sir” I replied, amazed he had referred to me as young (I wasn’t about to correct him). “I don’t live here.”

He nodded, satisfied with my answer, then immediately turned his attention to the next patron with the same question.

He seemed to be a friendly person, and because those are fewer and fewer these days, I found myself later regretting that I didn’t meet the qualifications to speak with him. He was clearly dedicated to increasing voter registration among his native peoples, and not being one of them, I didn’t want to distract him from his mission.

walmartAs I made my way back to my vehicle across the prairie of asphalt that is every Walmart’s parking lot, I began to wonder how a conversation with this man might have gone. How would someone with my beliefs talk to someone like him who truly believes in the “System?” Someone who believes “one man, one vote” actually ever produced anything good in this world, or that any voter had ever had any effect whatsoever on government policy. Someone who believes that if just more people would vote, that would solve all our problems.

I happen to be a person who believes that voting makes no difference whatsoever, because voting is a sham, an illusion, an opinion made all the more poignant here in the old stomping grounds of Slick Willy and the Wicked Witch of Little Rock.

Slick-WillyAfter reflection, I believe the conversation would have begun with me asking him “Sir, are you a God-fearing man?”

This being the Bible Belt, I think there’s a good chance his answer would have been “Yes.”

Then I would have asked him “Who runs the world?”

Like most people, he probably would have answered “God does,” to which I would have wholeheartedly agreed, yes, God is firmly in control, from atom to acme, but could you clarify for me who it is that rules the earth at this time? Who does the Bible say sits on the throne of the earth, so to speak?

If further dead space ensued, I would have cut to the chase. “Who is the prince of this world?” Then I’m sure he would understand my point, as that is the scriptural phrase:

Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
 – John 12:31

And then he would have to answer “Satan.”

satan-enthronedAha! Now we are getting somewhere!

Satan is most definitely the current ruler of this earth because he could not otherwise have had the right to offer that rule over to Christ as a temptation.

Now the issue of who rules the earth would have been settled (if I had spoken to him, which I did not. If I had, this would all be much less confusing – my apologies).

Then I would have changed tack. I would have said something like, “Sir, if you owned a large corporation, would you hand pick the people who would fill the top levels of management?”

I imagine now a thoughtful expression come upon him, followed by a slow nod of agreement.

“Of course you would, good man! Anyone would!” Because it’s illogical to assume otherwise. When you have something very valuable at stake, something for which you are the only one who is answerable, you would not delegate the important decisions concerning that valuable thing to anyone else. That’s axiomatic.

“Therefore, sir, do you think for a second that if Satan is the prince of this world, and if he rules it with great authority given to him by God for the time being, do you think that he would not do the same? Do you think that he would not keep a tight reign on all those highest positions within his earthly administration – the top positions in the governments of this world?

satan over DC“Of course he would!

“Secondly, who are those people who get elected to fill the highest positions of government, anyway?”

More reflection, perhaps a twinge of confusion and vexation.

I would continue by answering my own question (my favorite thing to do): “People who would do his bidding without question, I’m sure. Certainly no one who would resist or fight him, you can be sure of that! Those kind get weeded out early in the campaigns. That’s called ‘vetting a candidate.’

“But furthermore, it goes much deeper than that. He doesn’t just trust anyone with those positions of power. He puts family in there!”

At this point I imagine a bark of protest from the poor, browbeaten man. “Family? What the heck do you mean, whippersnapper?!”

“Serpent seed, my good man. Serpent seed. The bloodline of the Devil himself, because, you see, the Devil is a nepotist!”

serpent seedI’m sure at this point the old man would slump down into a coma just to find relief from this conversation. I can have that kind of effect on people.

But the Devil is a stinking nepotist, and the existence of his children is the best kept secret the world has ever known. Begun in the Garden when the serpent seduced Eve – the fruit of which was Cain – then continued later in the days of Jared when the fallen descended upon Mount Hermon and bound themselves together by oath to do this vile work.

That bloodline has survived, make no mistake about it. It survived the Great Deluge, survived the genocide in Canaan, survived the efforts of peoples throughout the world to rid it of these wicked cannibals, these “men of renown,” the giants of the olden times. That bloodline survives even though giants did not – they are giants now only in wealth and power, and they continue to rule this world under their spiritual father.

Rather than picking up a pen and voting in the next election, you would do better to bend a knee and pray against “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wake up to the world as it is, and put aside childish notions about how you would prefer the world to be. That world exists only inside your imagination.

This is the spirit which went forth from Abel, whom his brother Cain slew, and he makes his suit against him till his seed is destroyed from the face of the earth, and his seed is annihilated from amongst the seed of men.  – Book of Enoch 22:7




This was re-posted here from a blog entitled Hermit’s Thatch. I was unable to find a link with which to ask permission before posting it here, but I hope that the author, Meng-hu, won’t mind me sharing it with a few more people. These are words that cut to the quick of the matter in a way that only the scriptures seem able to do. I guess that’s the mark of truth. May God have mercy on us all.


Thoughts of a homeless man

by Meng-hu

Fictional, but based on an actual conversation, with the interlocutor here speaking.

Homeless Man 1I’ve been homeless for ten years. I made some mistakes and I paid for them, but I lost all my friends, and my family refused to ever see me again. Jobs are scarce; I have no skills of value to anyone. But like Siddhartha in the Hesse novel, I can think, I can wait, I can fast. Many days I go hungry. But I have infinite patience. And I can think, but usually think myself into a self-righteous and ethical stalemate.

I decided to give up trying to make it, you know, to give up trying to be a square peg — or is it round? It was just too hard: trying to pay rent or a mortgage, trying to pay insurance and debts, trying to guess what pleases people.

I imagine average people would say that it is my fault, that I am dysfunctional. But wasn’t it Freud who said, “Who wants to be functional in a dysfunctional society?” Not just dysfunctional — modern society is basically sick. All the values are upside down. What is celebrated is greed, exploitation, violence. What is scorned is simplicity, nature, the slow, and the quiet.

homeless-man 2Being homeless, I know this firsthand. Homelessness is being criminalized. Simplicity is being criminalized. The Native people of this continent didn’t have property deeds and legal documents, so everything was stolen from them, and when they insisted that this was their home and that everybody had free access to the water, the land, the forest — well, they were pushed out of the way, or were killed outright.

Today it’s average people, the poor people. The simple people. And many just don’t see how they are being abused by society. Homeless people are society’s front line, the soldiers that were put on the front line to die first. The average people, the wage slaves that carry on, they don’t realize what society has done to them. They don’t resent or understand, they just admire those who abuse them. They want to be rich, and they think the next lotto ticket is their pass to that stairway to heaven. John Steinbeck, the writer, called them “embarrassed millionaires.” That’s what they are, still groveling for a chance to sit at the boardroom table.

Homeless_Man 3Of course, homeless people have a bad reputation. It’s true that many are alcoholics, addicts, mentally ill. They smell bad, wear ragged clothes, talk loudly to themselves. They scare me plenty of times when I’m out there. But that’s the difference: I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs. I have no behavior problems, travel with a clean kit, bathe and groom, and get clean thrift shop clothes when I need to. I stay in shelters and missions when I need to eat and rest, but I prefer being outdoors and on the road. I dumpster-dive for most food and sleep under the stars when I can, which is why I tend to stay in climates where there are beaches and woodlands. I don’t like to panhandle because then you immediately lose respect, and self-respect. I have money for small things because I will do odd jobs, though most people are suspicious of me. Many towns have centers where men gather waiting for a job. Once in a while I will get something, enough to keep me going, but I avoid groups. They can be dangerous to a peaceable person like me.

My health has been good. Maybe that’s because I eat very little, walk a lot, get fresh air. If I was religious I could be a wandering preacher. Jesus was a wandering preacher. Doesn’t the Gospel say that birds have their nests and foxes their dens but that he was homeless? Don’t people realize what that means, about God taking care of the flowers and birds? I think Jesus was homeless in every sense: no property, no relations, no friends or kin, no career. And that’s how he figured out everything, how he became wise. There isn’t any other path for a solitary.

homeless man 4You make no demands on life, if only because you aren’t around long enough to see the conclusion. Yet sometimes there is something that bubbles up inside of me, that you want to tell people, even shout to people, something like: “Don’t you know that you can be free? That if you could open up to everyone, you won’t need all this fear, this terror, insecurity. That all this control is a grand charade, a phantasmagoria to fool you into never going your own way, never daring to, never learning what life is all about. Isn’t that what Jesus might have said, and Buddha, and probably everybody else you would call wise?

So, you know, the town to where I am heading next is poor but has water and lots of trees. I’ve been there years ago. But every day is new. I feel like a deer or a bear or a turtle. Every day I have to find food, get some sleep, wash myself, protect myself. At least I don’t have anyone. It’s an odd blessing, though, or a curse of sorts: sometimes I get very lonely and wonder if it’s all wrong. Successful people don’t think that way, they just assume it’s all just right, just the way it should be, themselves, the world, the universe, it’s just dandy because they do what they want and nobody stops them, so therefore the universe favors the arrogant and the sociopath and the fittest. That’s the thinking of the mind serving the body and calling it success. But I don’t think like that. I think like the deer, and the bear, and the turtle. Life is tough but they are free.

It’s probably better not to think. Everything I know is from my intuition, my wits, my gut feeling. Not from thinking. Better not to think, really, because then what you know comes naturally, you come into knowing that is more natural instead of just assuming things because someone told you or because everybody else thinks that way, or because your life is ordered just so. In that way, my mind becomes very settled, very peaceful. It’s like finishing a journey that went well: you might remember and regret losing the good of it, but you are ready to finish and rest, satisfied weariness. That’s how I want to go, really, when that day catches up.

But no rest yet, no end yet. Say, I’d best be going on. Thanks for listening to me.


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