1. a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. – google


There are many dichotomies in this world of duality.

Night and day. Smooth and rough. Pleasure and pain.

But perhaps the most important dichotomy of all is the contrast between truth and lies, for if you cannot discern the one from the other, you will quickly become drowned in a sea of lies, for it’s lies that fill this fallen world, bottom to brim.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of color?

spectrumDo you think color is void of meaning, only useful as a tool of decoration?

Or have you considered it possible that the spectrum of visible light might be used in a language all its own, like letters in the alphabet or words in a sentence?

To some, you can be assured that colors are a language of their own, and do convey specific meanings when used as symbols of an occult and secretive language, ancient in origin but modern in use.

On the surface, color is an expression of light, and is therefore a vehicle of energy of a specific strength or vibration. As energy, color has the ability to incur a reaction in the witness. It can soothe, or excite. It can summons a base response in the viewer, or elicit an intellectual reaction. When combined with other colors, more complex effects can be achieved. Color is most definitely a tool of language, and can be used in skilled hands to convey very specific messages.

Which brings us directly to red and blue.

What is it about those colors in this land, the good ‘ole USA? Why have they become so predominate?

If we were to look at those colors, it would be quite easy to come up with a few examples of common associations they have with the natural world, and fortunately for us here, a few common associations are all we will need to recognize the intended meanings these colors have for those who use them to influence the minds of their intended (and oblivious) audience.


Common associations with the color blue: coolness, water, ice.


Common associations: heat, fire, lava.

The Four Elements

So right there, at the base level, we have what could be the original dichotomy, the first pair of two pairs of elements: fire & ice, earth & heaven (wind).

No doubt, early in human history, the battle between heat and cold must have always been heavy on our consciousness because of the central role it played in our survival. That didn’t escape the notice of the modern day sorcerers who sculpt the language that influences the masses not only in their day to day buying decisions, but in their political allegiances as well. Color is well known to be used as an influential tool in the marketing world, but widely ignored in the important role it plays in it’s association with the two party system that defines American politics.

Are You Red or Blue?

Now more than ever these two colors are being splashed across our television screens every time a major election looms. It’s almost as if each election is serving as a re-conditioning therapy for the masses, a chance for the elite to use their favorite media to ingrain and reinforce these color associations into the minds of the people – without their conscious knowledge nor approval, of course.  Blue = Democrat, Red=Republican. Get it? Got it? Good!

red-blue-republican-democratIt’s laughably simplistic, even childish, but in truth this is the mental level most Americans are operating on when they engage in this fallacious travesty of what is sold as a true choice between supposedly oppositional political parties.

I say that, because what is being sold here in American politics is not a true choice between opposites, but rather a choice between what are essentially identical outcomes – which is no choice at all.

When the media sorcerers use these colors during each major election to reinforce their associations with the two political parties, they are telling you this: “These parties are different,  they are diametrically opposed – they are as different as fire is from ice.”

And to that claim, I say “bullshit.”

These two parties are different only in the colors and symbols and window dressings they use. Red/Blue. Elephant/Donkey. Conservative/Liberal.

In practice, they are identical.

Don’t believe it?

Then how is it possible that the same agenda is moved forward regardless of which party is in control of the House, or Senate, or Executive Branch over time? What agenda am I talking about? Well, in risk of oversimplification, let’s just say the agenda of more and more political power wielded in the hands of the oligarchs, and less and less power for the people.

Proof of this can be found in the numbers and types of laws passed in recent times, but in no law can this claim be borne out as fully as the passing of the Patriot Act.

No law in recent times has done more to kill the former nature of a once-great land than the passing of this grievous and sinister body of laws. And there was virtually no debate between our supposed political guardians – the Democrats and Republicans. Oh no, they were both right on board with this new legislation, legislation which was mysteriously drafted overnight (actually 20 days – but for a document of this size – 342 pages – that’s essentially overnight). Legislation which, apparently, no one even read:

I think it is appropriate to comment on the process by which the bill is coming to us. This is not the bill that was reported and deliberated on in the Committee on the Judiciary. It came to us late on the floor. No one has really had an opportunity to look at the bill to see what is in it since we have been out of our offices. – Rep. Bobby Scott

But, regardless of having not even read it, they passed it anyway. And what effect did this Act have on our country and the balance of power between the people and the government? A monumental one.


This Law is based on the faulty assumption that safety must come at the expense of civil liberties. The USA Patriot Act gives law enforcement agencies nationwide extraordinary new powers unchecked by meaningful judicial review. – Laura W. Murphy, Director of ACLU’s Washington National Office

According to the same article cited above, the Patriot Act lead to the following troubling provisions:

• Allow for indefinite detention of non-citizens who are not terrorists on minor visa violations if they cannot be deported because they are stateless, their country of origin refuses to accept them or because they would face torture in their country of origin.
• Minimize judicial supervision of federal telephone and Internet surveillance by law enforcement authorities.
• Expand the ability of the government to conduct secret searches.
• Give the Attorney General and the Secretary of State the power to designate domestic groups as terrorist organizations and deport any non-citizen who belongs to them.
• Grant the FBI broad access to sensitive business records about individuals without having to show evidence of a crime.
• Lead to large-scale investigations of American citizens for “intelligence” purposes.

Wow – looks to me like a terrific blow to the the freedoms and liberties of all, and a huge step forward for the oligarchs in seizing dictatorial powers.

If you think that “dictatorial” is going a little too far, don’t forget that it was the Patriot Act and it’s changes that inspired Naomi Wolf to write her book, The End of America:

Wolf asserts in The End of America that democracies are overthrown by dictatorships employing a “playbook” that allows them to execute a “fascist shift” against the will of the populace. She proceeds to argue that such a “shift” is underway in America, and builds her thesis on a lengthy list of analogies between the history of fascist and totalitarian regimes and events in contemporary America. – The Atlantic

I am no political analyst, but it seems to me that if such legislation as this, which strips US citizens of much of their constitutional protections, is passed unanimously by supposedly contesting parties – both of which claim to desire to “defend” those constitutional protections, then by golly, I do believe I smell a rat in this mix.

dirty ratAnd that rat has a history that is traceable through time. It is a rat that never goes away, although it has been the subject of numerous eradication attempts. It is a rat that is always scheming and plotting over how it may gain an upper hand over those who always outnumber it. It is a rat that has come out of two main Masonic Lodges – the Red Lodge and the Blue. This is the origin, nature, and affiliation of our not-so-benevolent benefactors called the Oligarchs, or rather, the rats we smell in our pantry.

Cop-lightsAnd when you get pulled over the next time by a “law enforcer” – steadfast friend of the Oligarchs who pay his wage – flashing his hypnotic reds and blues in your eyes to disorient you, you might just want to take a moment to reflect on what the origin and meaning of those colors are, and what kind of big lie is about to be perpetrated upon you in the next few minutes, for those that serve the red and blue are not there to be of service to YOU!



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There was a time when the title of this post was not true. At that time, being a good American was synonymous with being a good Christian. These were interdependent concepts. You could not be one without being the other.

But those days are gone. Oh, how times have changed!

This new America is an upside down America. Inversion and perversion are the order of the day.

Good is now evil, and evil is good.

Therefore, to be a good American, one must be a terrible Christian by default.

For example: I’ve known  Christian Americans who will fly the American flag everyday, religiously, but who never mention the name of the Messiah, nor what he did, nor what he said.

Good Americans.

Terrible Christians.

I’ve seen Americans driving brand new SUVs pass by a homeless man standing at the terminus of an exit ramp holding a sign saying “I’m a Veteran – please help.” In fact, I sat behind 4 such vehicles in this instance in Dallas, TX, and each one passed by the man as if he wasn’t even there. Were they all Christians? Who knows, but this was Texas, after all. I’m sure at least some of them were. And you can’t tell me they lacked the means to help.

I don’t remember Christ ever saying that it was our “privilege” as Christians to turn aside the needy when they were asking for help. As far as I see it, if all wealth comes from God (and it does), and you have been blessed enough to earn money that week, you are beholden to give some of it when asked in the instance when the Lord puts a beggar in your path. That is, if you call yourself a “Christian.” Those people in front of me were not Christians, regardless of what they professed.

They were good Americans, though. Good Americans hate the homeless. To them, the homeless are lazy bums. They want to live that way. This is the land of abundance, and opportunities are equally available to all, so there’s no excuse for not being rich. Excuse me while I puke.

As Christians we are instructed to make ourselves small, meek, the least of all.

Not Americans today. Oh no.

big dealAmericans are now, as a rule, puffed up with pride. They’re all top dogs. They all come first. It’s “Me-Monsters” on parade all across this once great land (creds to Brian Regan for that moniker). “Me first!” is their battle cry as they barge out into the teaming masses. I don’t even know how it’s possible for everyone to come first, but that doesn’t stop these selfish idiots from expecting it – just watch them on the roadways sometime and you’ll catch the drift in a big hurry.

It’s no surprise this epidemic of selfishness is blighting this country. Look no further than the parents for the source.

Somewhere along the line (I would wager right around the publication of Benjamin Spock’s best-selling book) parents stopped disciplining their children, and began to tell them that they were special, that they had sunshine and rainbows shooting out of their butts, and they could do no wrong.

And the children, naturally, believed it.

Then, when they went out into the real world, the real world of course begged to differ. But that didn’t stop them from continuing in this fallacious belief – they just had to assert themselves more forcefully. Now we have the spectacle of Me-Monsters everywhere pushing and shoving each other in their futile endeavors to all be at the top of the heap. That’s what good Americans do.

DeficiencyChristians don’t spare the rod in rearing their children, for to spare the rod is to “spoil” the child. Spoil, in this context, is identical to it’s meaning regarding food. Spoiled food is useless. The same goes for spoiled children. They are no use to themselves, anyone else, or God.

To make matters worse, many parents today don’t even raise their own kids. Now nannys and schools take care of that job. Society tells parents that the both of them must work, and by golly, they do! Can’t sacrifice our standard of living to participate in the growth and rearing of our own children – we’ll farm that job out to surrogates instead! Money is our God – we’re good Americans!!

Is it any wonder that in a nation of infantile, me-first morons, competition is glorified? There can only be one winner, and everyone thinks it will be them! To the narcissist, only competition can be understood. Cooperation is inconceivable. But not to the Christian.

The early church, according to the book of Acts, shared all that each had communally and broke down all distinctions between themselves. No one was special. No one was a “cut above” anyone else. God is not a respecter of persons, nor should Christians be.

That concept will never fly with good Americans.

The path that was once shared by good Americans and Christians has become permanently split, and now each must go their separate ways – one to everlasting life, and the other to everlasting shame and contempt.





I’m posting this for those who haven’t yet heard this powerful prophecy about a soon-to-come event in Puerto Rico – an event that will reach out to affect many countries around that entire region. It’s long, but very instructive and well-delivered.

The Georgia Guidestones have recently received an addition that should be of concern to anyone who’s paying attention. Without fanfare or notification of any kind (exactly as they were planned and constructed in the first place), a new cornerstone was inserted into a notch that had already been waiting to receive it.

empty notch

empty notch

cornerstone in place

cornerstone in place

The cornerstone reads: “2014”.

The guidestones have generated quite a lot of interest, primarily due to the secrecy behind their creation, and also because of the 10 guidelines (hence “guidestones”) that are inscribed on them, particularly the first:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The current number of humanity is 7.125 billion. That would mean that 6.625 billion people would have to go in order to reach that miserly worldwide population figure. Hmmm…

A cornerstone was originally defined as the first stone laid in a masonry construction.

Over time a cornerstone became a ceremonial masonry stone, or replica, set in a prominent location on the outside of a building, with an inscription on the stone indicating the construction dates of the building and the names of architect, builder and other significant individuals. The rite of laying a cornerstone is an important cultural component of eastern architecture and metaphorically in sacred architecture generally. - wiki

Obviously, 2014 is not when these stones were erected. So why place that cornerstone at this time with that date on it?

If we read further down the wiki page on cornerstones, we find that in ancient times, an animal or human sacrifice was typically placed underneath the cornerstone when it was laid as a type of offering and effort to bless the endeavor.

Are the shadowy elite who built this thing trying to tell us something? Is this the year of the sacrifice? The sacrifice that will reduce the population by 6 billion and usher in their New World Order? Who knows – just thinking out loud here.

But one thing I do know – Jesus Christ is the true cornerstone, the one that his church is built upon, and even the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Work your darkness, scorpions. Your days are numbered.

So this is what the sovereign Lord says: ‘See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line. – Isaiah 28:16-17

Pride is at an all time high. Humility? An all time low.

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